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Chapter 3 (science form 1)


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Chapter 3 (science form 1)

  1. 1.  Everything (living or non-living things) which has mass and occupies space.
  2. 2.  Non-matter do not have mass and do not occupy space.
  3. 3.   Matter is made up of many fine and tiny discrete particles. We may determine the state of matter by their arrangement of particles.
  4. 4. Blue in colour • A copper sulphate crystal is dropped to the clear water. • The clear water soon becomes blue in colour. • The particles of blue crystal separate and mix in between the spaces of water particles.
  5. 5. After three days…… Before After Few days later the balloon becomes smaller. Because air is made up of many fine particles thus allowed it to Why? diffuse through the tiny pores of the balloon’s wall.
  6. 6. Video 2: