CAPTAIN’S ROLEAs the team captain you are agreeing to take responsibility of the team and to be the primary contactfor the...
8. ABANDONED GAMES8.1 In all cases where Pitch Invasion is satisfied that a game has been abandoned through the fault ofon...
it can be returned into the area for the keeper to pick up.12.7 Penalty for infringements of the rules above is a free kic...
MISCONDUCT DEALT WITH BY THE SANCTIONING COUNTY FA All other red card offences shall be dealt with by Pitch Invasion and t...
PARTICIPATION & LEAVING23. LENGTH OF PARTICIPATION23.1 When a team joins a Pitch Invasion league they are committing to th...
• Win or lose with dignity. Shake hands with the opposing team and the referee at the end of everygame I understand that i...
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Captain’s role


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Captain’s role

  1. 1. CAPTAIN’S ROLEAs the team captain you are agreeing to take responsibility of the team and to be the primary contactfor the team and all players involved. By allowing a player to take part in a club’s match, you areconfirming that a player is aware of and will abide by these rules.1. PLAYER REGISTRATION & ELIGIBILITY1.1 All clubs shall be given a Team Registration Form prior to the first match of the league. Themaximum number of players per team is 10 and the minimum is 5 players per team. Team Registrationforms cannot be submitted after the event.1.2 The captain must ensure that all players wanting to play for their desired team must be enrolled inthe Team Registration Form and have the completed form being handed in to a BOSS representative,or submitted it via the website.1.3 Players may only be registered for one club.1.4 Players can join the team at any point throughout a season. To register the player either give thedetails to the BOSS representative or submit the details via the website.1.5 If a player wishes to transfer to another club, they must first resign from their first club and re-register for the new club using the above procedures.2. MATCH FEESLEAGUE STRUCTURE4.FORMAT4.1 The competition shall be played on a league basis.4.2 Teams shall play each other once or twice over a period of several weeks. Three points shall beawarded for a win, one point for a draw and zero for a loss.4.3 In the event of two or more teams being equal on points, in first position, the team with the bestgoal difference will win the league. If goal difference is equal, the two teams will play against eachother. (Normal time played then straight to penalties if a draw after full normal time.)5.6 BOSS reserve the right to amend the league structure and format including promotions andrelegations.6. FIXTURES6.1 Fixtures shall be created by BOSS and when possible, teams shall be given the full range of thefixture list.6.3 Once fixtures have been created these shall not be amended or re-arranged unless determined byBOSS if it benefits the league.7. ABSENT TEAMS & UNFULFILLED FIXTURES7.1 If a team is absent for a fixture without giving proper notice (2 days before the day of the fixture)the opposition shall be awarded the game.7.2 If a team is absent for 2 fixtures during the competition, BOSS reserve the right to deduct points.7.4 If a team is late by more than 5 minutes or do not have enough players that are deemed to beabsent.7.5 If a team is absent, no supply or sale is made. However, the team hereby agrees that it will paycompensation for breach of this agreement. This sum will be the match fee plus £5.00. This is payableby noon the following day. Failure to pay will result in the attendance deposit or nominated credit cardbeing charged.7.6 If a team gives proper notice, it is agreed that the compensation payment will be reduced by £15.Proper notice requires a team to inform the Organisers of their forthcoming absence before NOON onthe day of the fixture, over the phone or website. This must be accompanied by payment ofcompensation at the DISCOUNTED rate. This discount reflects the benefits to the Organisers of beinginformed of absences in advance.
  2. 2. 8. ABANDONED GAMES8.1 In all cases where Pitch Invasion is satisfied that a game has been abandoned through the fault ofone of the teams, the match shall be awarded to their opponents.8.2 A maximum of 3 points may be deducted from the total gained by any club found responsible forcausing the match to be abandoned as a result of the conduct of its players/officials.8.3 In the event of a game being abandoned through any extreme cause which is beyond the control ofboth teams, one point shall be awarded to each team. However, where it is considered the outcomewould be fairer, the Organisers may order the score at the time of the abandonment to be recorded asthe result.9. NUMBER OF PLAYERS9.1 The number of players is limited to either 5, 6, or 7-side (depending on your league) with a furthermaximum of 3 substitutes.9.2 The number of players allowed in your squad is unlimited, however all players must be registeredto your team before they play.9.3 If a team is reduced by 2 players or more either through absence, injury or suspension the gameshall be abandoned and awarded to the opposition.PLAYING RULES10. DURATION10.1 All matches consist of 2 halves, usually of 14 or 18 minutes (check with Pitch Invasion forspecific durations).10.2 The half time interval shall be a maximum of 1 minute duration. Half time may be dispensed withat the Organiser’s discretion.11. START OF PLAY and BREAKS IN PLAY11.1 At the beginning of the game the choice of ends is decided by the match official. Where there isno half-time choice of ends shall rest with the first named team on the fixture list.11.2 If a ball crosses the side line or it hits the fence above a kick board, a throw in is awarded to theopposing team.11.3 To return the ball into play the player must deliver the ball underarm and under knee height.The ball must go in a horizontal or downward direction.11.4 A foul throw shall be called if the ball reaches above knee height or is not underarm.11.5 If a ball crosses the goal line by the opposition where it is not a goal, a corner kick shallawarded. If the ball crosses the goal line by the attacking team, a Goal Kick shall be awarded.11.6 The opposition must be a minimum of 1m from a throw in or a corner kick.11.7 There is no offside. Players may place themselves in any part of the playing area without anyrestriction, including the goal areas.11.8 When a player is taking a free kick, the opposition shall be a minimum distance of TWOMETRES from the ball until it is in play.11.9 All free kicks that happen around the goal area must be a minimum distance of 1m from the goalarea.11.0 A penalty kick shall be taken from the penalty mark or from the edge of the area directly in linewith the centre of the goal.11.01 A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw in.11.02 There are no restrictions on players entering the goal areas.12. THE GOAL KEEPER12.1 The goal keeper is allowed out of his goal area. Once he has crossed onto the outfield, he shall betreated as a normal player.12.2 The goal keeper cannot take the ball back into his area from the outfield.12.3 There is no restriction on the goalkeeper using feet in the area during active play. This includesreturning the ball into play using a kick.12.4 If the goalkeeper chooses to return the ball using a throw, it must be thrown underarm and underknee height in a horizontal or downward direction.12.5 For a Goal Kick, the goalkeeper must return the ball into play using one kick from anywhere onhis goal line. They may not return the ball using a throw.12.6 If a goal keeper passes the ball to his own player the ball must be played to another player before
  3. 3. it can be returned into the area for the keeper to pick up.12.7 Penalty for infringements of the rules above is a free kick to the opposition 1m from the goal area.13. PLAYERS EQUIPMENT13.1 All players MUST wear shin pads. This is compulsory and failure to do so may result in thatplayer being excluded from play.13.2 Permitted footwear on sand dressed turf is astroturf boots or trainers. Permitted footwear onrubber crumb turf is astroturf boots, trainers, or football boots with non-metal blades or non-metalstuds. Failure to wear the appropriate footwear may result in that player being excluded at the refereesdiscretion.14. SUBSTITUTES14.1 Three (3) substitutes per team shall be permitted during a game.14.2 These substitutes may be pooled from the team’s registered players but must be nominated at thestart of the match.14.3 The rules of the competition allow unlimited rolling substitutions.14.4 The conditions for making a substitution are: The referee must be informed before a substitutioncan be made. The player leaving the field shall do so from their own goal line. The player entering thefield must do so from their own goal line but not until the other player has left the field.14.5 Any player may change with the goal keeper, provided that the referee is informed of the changeand it is done so in a stoppage of play.DISCIPLINARY15. MISCONDUCT15.1 Pitch Invasion operates its competition under strict guidelines with regards to discipline andmisconduct. Please see If in the opinion of Pitch Invasion the conduct of any club or player brings the competition intodisrepute, Pitch Invasion reserve the right to report the player and club to the sanctioning associationfor disciplinary action in pursuance of rule 25 or any successor provision.15.3 Pitch Invasion also reserve the right to prohibit the player or club from taking any further part inPitch Invasion competitions.15.4 During a game the referee may award a blue or red card depending on the severity of misconduct.16. BLUE CARDS16.1 If a blue card is awarded the player shall be temporarily suspended from play.16.2 During the suspension a player must stay off the field of play behind his own goal, this shall bedeemed as the ‘sin bin’.16.3 The referee shall inform the player when the suspension is over.16.4 The period of suspension shall be 5 minutes unless the match length is under 30 minutes durationwhen the suspension shall be 4 minutes.16.5 If a player receives 2 blue cards in the same game he shall not take any further part in the game.17. RED CARDS17.1 If a red card is awarded the offending player shall not be allowed to take further part in the matchand shall be suspended from Pitch Invasion for a minimum of 1 match.17.2 There are various red card offences which carry heavier suspensions from the Pitch Invasioncompetition: MISCONDUCT DEALT WITH BY PITCH INVASION ONLY Receiving a 2nd blue card. 1 match ban Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity by physical means or by deliberately handling the ball. 1 match ban Use of offensive or insulting or abusive language / gestures, not to a match official. 1 match ban
  4. 4. MISCONDUCT DEALT WITH BY THE SANCTIONING COUNTY FA All other red card offences shall be dealt with by Pitch Invasion and the sanctioning County FA.17.3 Any suspension awarded by Pitch Invasion shall affect this competition only. 17.4 Anysuspensions awarded by the sanctioning County FA shall affect all football competitions includingPitch Invasion.17.5 County FA suspensions may or may not run at the same time as Pitch Invasion suspensions.17.6 Players and officials are reminded that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and the sanctioningCounty FA allow for fines to be imposed as a result of misconduct.17.7 Players should refer to the rules of The FA for a full explanation of all playing rules.18. SLIDING TACKLES18.1 Please note particularly that charging / sliding tackles are forbidden and shall be penalised by theawarding of a free kick.18.2 Persistent charging / sliding tackles shall result in a blue card.SANCTION & AFFILIATION19. NAME & DURATION OF THE COMPETITION19.1 The competition shall be called the Pitch Invasion league.19.2 The competition shall run between July 1st and June 30th of each year.20. ORGANISING & SANCTIONING20.1 The competition organiser shall be Pitch Invasion Ltd, Unit 6, Ringwood Trading Est, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3BB.20.2 The competition shall be governed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of The FA andthe relevant sanctioning County FA.20.3 Matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Small Sided Football as laid down byThe FA and set out within these rules/provided alongside them.20.4 The relevant County FA shall sanction the competition.20.5 The competition, all clubs, players and other associated persons shall be subject to the Rules andRegulations of The FA and the sanctioning County FA.20.6 The relevant sanctioning County FA shall deal in accordance with breaches of the Laws of theGame/Laws for Small Sided Football and the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association.20.7 The Organiser may amend these rules at any time giving seven days notice via email or letter tothe team captain.20.8 A person who is not a referee (as recognised by the Football Association) may carry out theduties of a Match Official in a specific match where a qualified referee cannot be found.21. AFFILIATED TEAMS21.1 Pitch Invasion shall affiliate with the sanctioning County FA a number of ‘team slots’ on anannual basis.21.2 The number of ‘team slots’ affiliated shall equate to the number of teams participating in acompetition.21.3 Pitch Invasion can change the teams participating in a competition but shall always stay withinthe actual number of ‘team slots’ affiliated to the sanctioning County FA.21.4 We may need to make available your team and player contact details to the Football Associationor other third parties to aid in the smooth running of the league. By agreeing to these terms andconditions, you willingly agree that we are permitted to pass this information on.22. RIGHT OF APPEAL22.1 Any appeal against a decision of Pitch Invasion must be made to the sanctioning County FA inaccordance with the appropriate rules of the association. An appeal fee may apply.
  5. 5. PARTICIPATION & LEAVING23. LENGTH OF PARTICIPATION23.1 When a team joins a Pitch Invasion league they are committing to the duration of one entireseason, or a period of 10 weeks, whichever is longer.23.2 A team shall always be automatically entered into the next season unless formal notice ofwithdrawal has been served by the team captain.24. LEAVING PROCEDURE24.1 A team can only leave at the end of a season.24.2 To withdraw from the league the team captain MUST give at least two (2) weeks notice beforethe end of that current season.24.3 The team must then fulfil the remainder of that season’s fixtures, and shall be withdrawn beforethe new season commences.24.4 The team can only give notice by telephoning 0844 745 2020 so that their position can bediscussed and agreed. Notice cannot be submitted via email or at an event.24.5 Any team that leaves the league without the two (2) weeks notice or before the end of a season,shall forfeit their team deposit. The two weeks fees remain payable in full. If a team is removed fordisciplinary reasons or bad behaviour, the deposit is strictly non-returnable.24.6 Any team that leaves with monies owed greater than the original team deposit, shall have thosearrears collected by Pitch Invasion or an appointed agency and may also be banned from all sanctionedfootball by the sanctioning County FA. The registered captain at the time of the team withdrawal shallbe wholly responsible for these monies.24.7 The team captain consents that if outstanding monies for the team remain unpaid fourteen daysafter leaving the league, Pitch Invasion have permission to collect the fees from the credit card detailsheld on file from previous transactions with Pitch Invasion.24.8 If a team leaves the league following the correct procedures as stated above, the deposit, (minusany match fee underpayments deducted, if applicable), shall be returned via a cheque.This does notinclude match fees paid in advance which are non-returnable.24.9 The cheque shall be made out to the registered team captain at the time of withdrawal and sent tothe address as per the records held by Pitch Invasion.CODE OF CONDUCT & RESPECT25. RESPECT25.1 Respect is the FA’s response to a clear message from throughout the game that the health offootball depends upon high standards of behaviour on and off the pitch. • Respect is a behavioural code for Football • Respect is about recognising that the integrity of the game is more important than the result of thematch • Respect is about creating an understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour inFootball • Respect is about those involved taking responsibility for the consequences of their own actions • Respect is about supporting match officials to do their job. Without them we don’t have a game • Respect is not a slogan. It is a collective responsibility of those involved in football to create a fair,safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place26. PLAYERS CODE OF CONDUCT26.1 On and off the field, I and all my players will: • Adhere to the Laws of The Game • Display and promote high standards of behaviour • Promote Fair Play • Always respect the match officials’ decisions • Never engage in public criticism of the match officials • Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour • Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment • Speak to my team-mates, the opposition and my coach/manager with respect • Remember we all make mistakes
  6. 6. • Win or lose with dignity. Shake hands with the opposing team and the referee at the end of everygame I understand that if I do not follow the Code, any/all of the following actions may be taken by theOrganiser, County FA of The FA: • Be required to apologise to team-mates, the other team, referee or team manager • Receive a warning from the league • Be required to attend an FA education course • Be dropped or substituted • Be suspended from league games • Not be selected for the team • Be required to serve a suspension • Be fined • Be required to leave the league In addition: • The FA/County FA could impose a fine and/or suspension on the clubAll participants entering into sporting activities do so entirely at their own risk and the organisers, theirservants or agents do not accept liability for any personal injury or loss/damage to property howsoevercaused. A copy of these rules shall be given to all participating clubs and are binding on the clubs andplayers taking part. A copy of these rules are available on request from Pitch Invasion and a copy ofThe Laws of Small Sided Football are available from the relevant sanctioning County FA or