Oww 3x3 basketball rules


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Oww 3x3 basketball rules

  1. 1. ONE WORLD WEEK 3X3 BASKETBALL SHOOTOUTRules and RegulationsThe following rules have been designed to ensure fair play and security for allparticipants. Each player is expected to understand these rules prior to participationin the tournament. Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to OWW 3x3Tournament Staff.PRIOR TO THE GAMEEach team must have a minimum of three (3) players on its roster who haveregistered their team by the pre-determined entry deadline. Additions and/orchanges to any roster must be approved by OWW Basketball Tournament Staff memberand completed prior to the start of a team’s first scheduled game.The team captain will represent his/her team as a spokesperson at all times.All games must start with three players on each team, unless a team with threeplayers agrees to allow the opposing team to play with only two players.If a team with a least three players does not allow the opposing team to play withtwo players, or if the opposing team has zero or one players, that team will bepenalized one point per minute after the designated start time up to 10 points. Gameis forfeited after 10 minutes.All games are played on a half court.A coin flip prior to the start of the game will determine which team has the initialpossession.GAME PLAYDuration:Group Stages: There will be 2 halves of 5 minutes each, with 1 minute break at half time.Semi-Finals and Finals: There will be 2 halves of 7 minutes each, with 2 minutes break at half time.Length of Games:First team to score 21 points, or is ahead by at least 2 points by the end of normal playing time,whichever comes first.A game won byforfeit will result in a 21-0 victory for the team present at the court.SCORINGBaskets made from inside the two-point arc count as one (1) point. Baskets madewhen the shooter has BOTH FEET behind the two-point arc count as two (2) points.Court supervisors or referees will call "two points". If there is any doubt by the courtsupervisor or referees as to whether the made basket is worth one or two points, thebasket will count as one point.
  2. 2. Free Throws:Free throws count as one (1) point. All free throws are dead balls. The try for goalshall be made within 10 seconds after the ball has been placed at the disposal of thefree thrower. All other players will remain behind the two-point arc while the freethrow attempt is being made.1 free throw is awarded for a shooting foul within the two-point arc.2 free throws are awarded for a shooting foul committed behind the arc.However, if the shot attempt is successful while a shooting foul is committed, the basket counts andno free throw will be attempted; possession returns to defending team.BASKETBALL GOAL INFORMATIONThe ball is out of bounds if the ball:§ Passes over the top edge of the backboard or touches the back side of thebackboard§ Touches the arms attached to the back of the backboardThe ball remains in play if the ball:§ Touches the pad ("garage door") in front of the basket§ Touches the bottom edge of the backboard§ Touches one of the side edges of the backboard.§ Touches the top edge of the backboard but does not pass over the top edgeof the backboardStarting play/Resuming play/Throwing in:The ball must be checked by an opposing player and then must be thrown (notdribbled) in from outside the two-point line.First Violation: Warning from the referees or court supervisorSecond Violation: Change of possessionNo “Make It Take It”:The ball changes possession after each scored basket or free throw.Stalling:No stalling is allowed. The referee, court supervisor or Tournament Staffmember may institute a 12 second shot clock at any time. After a team has beenwarned about stalling, failure to attempt a shot within 12 seconds will result in loss ofpossession.Jump Balls:All jump balls, as determined by the officials, become the possession of the defensiveteam.
  3. 3. Taking It Back:When in play, the ball must be "taken back" on each change of possession. "Taking itback" means BOTH feet must be behind two-point arc. Failure to "take it back" is aviolation.First Violation: Warning from the referee or court supervisorEach Individual Violation: Change of PossessionFouls:Foul Limits: 4 team fouls allowed per half. Any team foul beyond this limit will be penalised with afree throw for the opposing team.There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for flagrant fouls or continuous misconduct. Atthe discretion of the referee, court supervisor or Tournament Staff member, thesetypes of behaviors will result in team forfeiture of the game in question, and theteam and/or individual be put under probation for the duration of tournament play.Further offenses will lead to team dismissal from the tournament.All flagrant fouls are called by the referee, court supervisor or TournamentStaff only. A flagrant foul may be a personal technical foul of violent or savagenature, or a technical non-contact foul which displays unacceptable conduct. It mayor may not be intentional. If personal, it involves violent contact such as striking,kneeing, etc. If technical, it involves dead ball contact or non-contact at any timewhich is extreme or persistent, vulgar, or abusive conduct.AFTER THE GAMEThe captain of the winning team must obtain the score sheet from the referee orcourt supervisor and deliver this score sheet to the scorer’s table. The officialschedule for the tournament can be found at the scorer’s table. After each game,each team must check the Scoreboard for future scheduling and information.
  4. 4. TOURNAMENT ADMINISTRATIONAny questions or disputes will be discussed only with the team spokesperson.Disputes will not be heard after the game has been completed.OWW Basketball reserves the right to reduce the number of scheduled games, or shortengames, due to unforeseen circumstances.OWW 3x3 Tournament Staff reserves the right to disqualify any team for infractionsof the following policies:Use of illegal players:The players listed on the roster at the time an entry form is submitted are the onlyplayers eligible without the consent of the OWW Basketball Tournament Staff.False information:Information provided to OWW Basketball on your entry form is the basis for divisionbreakdowns. Any false information is grounds for disqualification.Unnecessary vulgarity or abusive conduct:Good sportsmanship is expected. An OWW Basketball Tournament Staff member may assistat any time, including officiating games, immediately implementing the shooting offoul shots, terminating a game, and/or escorting the player or team from thepremises.