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Tips for optimising for Google Discover

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This talk covers the latest developments in Google Discover and provides you with actionable tips to improve your chances of being visible in this rising new vertical of search. Delivered at BrightonSEO, BristolSEO and ReadingSEO 2019.

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Tips for optimising for Google Discover

  1. 1. Optimising for Google Discover Luci Wood // Blue Array Ltd @INCORGNITO_MODE
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Luci Wood (and this is Milo >) @incorgnito_mode Allow: /corgis🐕 Allow: /archery🏹 Disallow: /meat🥩 SEO Director @ Blue Array
  3. 3. “I would congratulate you darling but I’ve no idea what you actually do” - My mum, 2019
  4. 4. What is Discover? Corgi illustrations by Radio
  5. 5. Google Discover uses AI to recommend content to users based on their interests and interactions.
  6. 6. Essentially Google snoops on your activity to deliver you more relevant content @incorgnito_mode
  7. 7. Where can I find Google Discover? Google homepage on mobile Google Search app
  8. 8. Sports scores Entertainment news Events Videos Brand updates Stock prices Weather & traffic info Recipes New products
  9. 9. I don’t see Discover in my Search Console… WTF?! Corgi illustrations by Radio
  10. 10. 🏎 High performing content in the Discover feed ⏱ How frequently your site appears in Discover 📊 Comparison of data from Discover to Traditional Search Results 🚦Total traffic generated from Discover
  11. 11. ‘The Discover report is shown to websites that have accumulated meaningful visibility in Discover.
  12. 12. Why should I care about Google Discover? Image by The Pawster
  13. 13. Quick show of hands... Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  14. 14. Who has bought something on Amazon this month? Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  15. 15. Who’s used Google Discover in the last month? Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  16. 16. 197 million visitors
  17. 17. 800 million Discover users
  18. 18. More than double the US population
  19. 19. With Discover, you can reach and influence potential customers before they’ve even begun searching @incorgnito_mode
  20. 20. This is a big, delicious ‘search pie’™ @incorgnito_mode
  21. 21. How in the hell do we optimise for this? Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  22. 22. “The two best ways to boost the ranking and performance of your Discover content are:
  23. 23. “1.) To post content that you think users would find interesting…”
  24. 24. “2.) To use high-quality images in your content.”
  25. 25. Cool, done. Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode #BrightonSEO
  26. 26. No, but really. What do we do? Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode #BrightonSEO
  27. 27. How does Discover rank content? Content is ranked algorithmically according to what Google thinks a user would find most interesting
  28. 28. A few tips
  29. 29. Shift your mindset from keywords to people
  30. 30. Search volume is out. Relevancy is in. Keywords are out (ish). Topics and audiences are in.
  31. 31. Learn all you can about your audience’s lifestyles and preferences
  32. 32. YouGov profiler:
  33. 33. Use Google Analytics Affinity Categories Site Search
  34. 34. Creating content for Discover
  35. 35. Create both fresh and evergreen content to maximise reach
  36. 36. Understand the different stages of a customer journey to guide your content creation
  37. 37. Why? Discover can predict your level of expertise on a topic and will offer content based on this.
  38. 38. Let’s get specific The stronger the match between your article's content and your user's interests, the better your chances of ranking.
  39. 39. Look at the SERPs 📝 Featured snippets 🤔 PAAs 🔎 Search intent 💬 Auto suggest
  40. 40. Useful content tools
  41. 41. Optimising for click through rate @incorgnito_mode
  42. 42. Optimising for CTR (the good) ● Concise headline ● Clearly outlines article content ● Eye-catching images
  43. 43. Optimising for CTR (the good) ● Very closely aligned to the user’s interests and what’s important to them ��
  44. 44. Optimising for CTR (the bad) ● Headlines which are too long and wordy (or vice versa!) ● Potentially sensitive or alienating
  45. 45. Optimising for CTR (the downright illegal-ish) ● Fake news ● Sensationalist or misleading headlines ● Clickbait
  46. 46. This is not cool people...
  47. 47. What the fluffing heck hooman?! DON’T THROW CORGIS OUT OF PLANES!
  48. 48. Oh, iz snow. Thank furk for that! ...OR USE CLICKBAIT!
  49. 49. Trustworthy, original, authoritative content only. By order of Her Maj 👑 #UltimateCorgiLady
  50. 50. The visual side of things
  51. 51. Images should be at least 1,200 px wide
  52. 52. Why? When Discover cards feature large images instead of thumbnail images...
  53. 53. Large image Thumbnail
  54. 54. 🖱5% increase in click through rate
  55. 55. 🖱5% increase in click through rate ⌛ 3% increase in time spent on page
  56. 56. 🖱5% increase in click through rate ⌛ 3% increase in time spent on page 👍 3% increase in user satisfaction
  57. 57. Happy meals all round.
  58. 58. You’ll need to either use AMP or complete an opt-in form to give Google the rights to display your hi-res images.
  59. 59. Engagement
  60. 60. Sites with content that users have liked, shared and interacted with before are first in line for visibility on Discover. Engage your users
  61. 61. Great user experience Valuable content How to build loyalty
  62. 62. How to build loyalty Rewards & points schemes VIP exclusivity Gamification
  63. 63. Let’s get (a bit) technical Satellite receivers Chicken drummies Shnack detector
  64. 64. Mobile friendly site
  65. 65. Pages are indexed by Google (and meet Google News content policies)
  66. 66. No need for structured data markup
  67. 67. AMP is not required (but it definitely helps!)
  68. 68. AMP Stories Visually-driven, fast-loading, immersive content, designed for mobile (and ideal for Discover!) Example: How to create AMP Stories:
  69. 69. Final tip: Review your Discovery ads for performance insights.
  70. 70. tl;dr Let’s recap @incorgnito_mode #BrightonSEO
  71. 71. 800 million Discover users
  72. 72. Rip up your keyword planner, Discover’s all about audiences and relevancy It was the cat
  73. 73. Personalisation is at the heart of Google Discover
  74. 74. Understand your audience and their individual journeys, challenges and values Are we there yet?
  75. 75. 800 million Discover usersWrite content that’s new, and new for users (trending, seasonal, evergreen) Can dogs eat pumpkin?!
  76. 76. 800 million Discover usersClear, concise headlines, authoritative content and no clickbait
  77. 77. 800 million Discover usersSpeedy site that offers users a great experience on mobile Fast & Fur-ious
  78. 78. 800 million Discover usersHopefully with these tips, you can go forth and discover! @incorgnito_mode #BrightonSEO
  79. 79. That’s it from me Read the blog: Tweet: @incorgnito_mode Work with me:
  80. 80. Thank you! P.S. - You can also follow Milo on Instagram (@the_corgasaur)
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This talk covers the latest developments in Google Discover and provides you with actionable tips to improve your chances of being visible in this rising new vertical of search. Delivered at BrightonSEO, BristolSEO and ReadingSEO 2019.


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