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ReadingSEO - 5th september 2019


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The full presentation from ReadingSEO on the 5th of September.
Talks from Nick Wilsdon, Roxana Stingu & Luci Wood.

Published in: Marketing
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ReadingSEO - 5th september 2019

  1. 1. ReadingSEO The only Reading SEO Meet-up @ReadingSEO Hosted by Blue Array Organisers: Matt Williamson (@MattWSEO) & Nicky Elson (@nickynoises) Speakers: Luci Wood (@incorgnito_mode) / Roxana Stingu (@RoxanaStingu) / Nick Wilsdon (@nickwilsdon)
  2. 2. 6:40 pm: Take your seats 6:45 pm: The rise of 'pre-search’: tips for optimising for Google Discover 7:05 pm: *Break* 7:15 pm: Product Image Optimisation 7:35 pm: *Break* 7:45 pm: Using Google Data Studio and Big Query to create your own SEO tools and reporting 8:05 pm: *Questions/Networking/Drinks/Food* Schedule: Luci Wood - SEO Director (Blue Array) @incorgnito_mode Roxana Stingu - Head of SEO (Alamy) @RoxanaStingu Nick Wilsdon - Group Search Programme - Project Lead (Vodafone) @nickwilsdon
  3. 3. Understanding the problems Special Offer: £10 discount on early bird tickets for: Website: Date: October 16th Time: 1-6pm Venue: Oxford CURZON cinema (In the Westgate) Tickets: Earlybirds are £99 ending 15th Sep, then £139 - Use discount code: READING10
  4. 4. Understanding the problems Reading SEO Up First: The rise of 'pre-search’: tips for optimising for Google Discover Luci Wood - SEO Director (Blue Array) @incorgnito_mode
  5. 5. Hi, I’m Luci Wood (and this is Milo >) @incorgnito_mode Allow: /corgis🐕 Allow: /archery🏹 Disallow: /meat🏹 SEO Director @ Blue Array
  6. 6. “I would congratulate you darling but I’ve no idea what you actually do” - My mum, 2019
  7. 7. What is Discover? Corgi illustrations by Radio
  8. 8. Google Discover uses AI to recommend content to users based on their interests and interactions.
  9. 9. Essentially Google snoops on your activity to deliver you more relevant content @incorgnito_mode
  10. 10. Where can I find Google Discover? Google homepage on mobile Google Search app
  11. 11. Sports scores Entertainment news Events Videos Brand updates Stock prices Weather & traffic info Recipes New products
  12. 12. I don’t see Discover in my Search Console… WTF?! Corgi illustrations by Radio
  13. 13. 🏎🏎 High performing content in the Discover feed ⏱️ How frequently your site appears in Discover 📊 Comparison of data from Discover to Traditional Search Results 🚦Total traffic generated from Discover
  14. 14. ‘The Discover report is shown to websites that have accumulated meaningful visibility in Discover.
  15. 15. Why should I care about Google Discover? Image by The Pawster
  16. 16. Quick show of hands... Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  17. 17. Who has bought something on Amazon this month? Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  18. 18. Who’s used Google Discover in the last month? Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  19. 19. 197 million visitors
  20. 20. 800 million Discover users
  21. 21. More than double the US population
  22. 22. With Discover, you can reach and influence potential customers before they’ve even begun searching @incorgnito_mode
  23. 23. This is a big, delicious ‘search pie’™ @incorgnito_mode
  24. 24. How in the hell do we optimise for this? Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  25. 25. “The two best ways to boost the ranking and performance of your Discover content are:
  26. 26. “1.) To post content that you think users would find interesting…”
  27. 27. “2.) To use high- quality images in your content.”
  28. 28. Cool, done. Corgi illustrations by Radio @incorgnito_mode
  29. 29. No, but really. What do we do? Corgi illustrations by Radio
  30. 30. How does Discover rank content? Content is ranked algorithmically according to what Google thinks a user would find most interesting
  31. 31. A few tips
  32. 32. Shift your mindset from keywords to people
  33. 33. Search volume is out. Relevancy is in. Keywords are out (ish). Topics and audiences are in.
  34. 34. Learn all you can about your audience’s lifestyles and preferences
  35. 35. YouGov profiler:
  36. 36. Use Google Analytics Affinity Categories Site Search
  37. 37. Creating content for Discover
  38. 38. Create both fresh and evergreen content to maximise reach
  39. 39. Understand the different stages of a customer journey to guide your content creation
  40. 40. Why? Discover can predict your level of expertise on a topic and will offer content based on this.
  41. 41. Let’s get specific The stronger the match between your article's content and your user's interests, the better your chances of ranking.
  42. 42. Look at the SERPs 📝 Featured snippets 🏹 PAAs 🔎 Search intent 💬 Auto suggest
  43. 43. Useful content tools
  44. 44. Optimising for click through rate @incorgnito_mode
  45. 45. Optimising for CTR (the good) ● Concise headline ● Clearly outlines article content ● Eye-catching images
  46. 46. Optimising for CTR (the good) ● Very closely aligned to the user’s interests and what’s important to them 😱
  47. 47. Optimising for CTR (the bad) ● Headlines which are too long and wordy (or vice versa!) ● Potentially sensitive or alienating
  48. 48. Optimising for CTR (the downright illegal-ish) ● Fake news ● Sensationalist or misleading headlines ● Clickbait
  49. 49. This is not cool people...
  50. 50. What the fluffing heck hooman?! DON’T THROW CORGIS OUT OF PLANES!
  51. 51. Oh, iz snow. Thank furk for that! ...OR USE CLICKBAIT!
  52. 52. Trustworthy, original, authoritative content only. By order of Her Maj 👑 #UltimateCorgiLady
  53. 53. The visual side of things
  54. 54. Images should be at least 1,200 px wide
  55. 55. Why? When Discover cards feature large images instead of thumbnail images...
  56. 56. Large image Thumbnail
  57. 57. 🏎🏎5% increase in click through rate
  58. 58. 🏎🏎5% increase in click through rate ⌛ 3% increase in time spent on page
  59. 59. 🏎🏎5% increase in click through rate ⌛ 3% increase in time spent on page 👍 3% increase in user satisfaction
  60. 60. Happy meals all round.
  61. 61. You’ll need to either use AMP or complete an opt-in form to give Google the rights to display your hi-res images.
  62. 62. Engagement
  63. 63. Sites with content that users have liked, shared and interacted with before are first in line for visibility on Discover. Engage your users
  64. 64. Great user experience Valuable content How to build loyalty
  65. 65. How to build loyalty Rewards & points schemes VIP exclusivity Gamification
  66. 66. Let’s get (a bit) technical Satellite receivers Chicken drummies Shnack detector
  67. 67. Mobile friendly site
  68. 68. Pages are indexed by Google (and meet Google News content policies)
  69. 69. No need for structured data markup
  70. 70. AMP is not required (but it definitely helps!)
  71. 71. AMP Stories Visually-driven, fast-loading, immersive content, designed for mobile (and ideal for Discover!) Example: How to create AMP Stories:
  72. 72. Final tip: Review your Discovery ads for performance insights.
  73. 73. tl;dr Let’s recap
  74. 74. 800 million Discover users
  75. 75. Rip up your keyword planner, Discover’s all about audiences and relevancy It was the cat
  76. 76. Personalisation is at the heart of Google Discover
  77. 77. Understand your audience and their individual journeys, challenges and values Are we there yet?
  78. 78. 800 million Discover usersWrite content that’s new, and new for users (trending, seasonal, evergreen) Can dogs eat pumpkin?!
  79. 79. 800 million Discover usersClear, concise headlines, authoritative content and no clickbait
  80. 80. 800 million Discover usersSpeedy site that offers users a great experience on mobile Fast & Fur- ious
  81. 81. 800 million Discover usersHopefully with these tips, you can go forth and discover!
  82. 82. That’s it from me Read the blog: Tweet: @incorgnito_mode Work with me:
  83. 83. Thank you! P.S. - You can also follow Milo on Instagram (@the_corgasaur)
  84. 84. Understanding the problems 5 Minute Break Up Next: Product Image Optimisation Roxana Stingu - Head of SEO (Alamy) @RoxanaStingu
  85. 85. PRODUCT Image Optimisation ROXANA Stingu @RoxanaStingu
  86. 86. @RoxanaStingu
  87. 87. @RoxanaStingu
  88. 88. @RoxanaStingu
  89. 89. @RoxanaStingu
  90. 90. @RoxanaStingu
  91. 91. @RoxanaStingu
  92. 92. @RoxanaStinguTimeline created with
  93. 93. @RoxanaStingu
  94. 94. @RoxanaStingu Before After
  95. 95. @RoxanaStingu
  96. 96. @RoxanaStingu
  97. 97. @RoxanaStingu
  98. 98. @RoxanaStingu
  99. 99. @RoxanaStingu
  100. 100. @RoxanaStingu Shoppable ads Showcase Shopping ads
  101. 101. @RoxanaStingu
  102. 102. @RoxanaStingu
  103. 103. @RoxanaStingu
  104. 104. @RoxanaStingu IMAGES
  105. 105. @RoxanaStingu How Google understands the subject matter of an image Computer Vision Algos Contents on the page ALT tag
  106. 106. @RoxanaStingu Computer Vision
  107. 107. @RoxanaStingu Good UX Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. Good context Optimise placement Don’t embed text in images Create informative and quality sites Create device- friendly sites Create good URL structure for your images
  108. 108. @RoxanaStingu Content on the page Title & Description Place near relevant text on relevant pages Add a caption or image title Use descriptive file names
  109. 109. @RoxanaStingu ALT tags Use descriptive ALT text Used as anchor text Useful, information-rich Uses keywords appropriately In context with the content of the page Avoid keyword stuffing
  110. 110. @RoxanaStingu ALT tags for products SKUs ISBNs Model numbers
  111. 111. @RoxanaStingu SPEED
  112. 112. @RoxanaStingu Shamelessly stolen from QUOTE: “2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.” Maile Ohye, from Google
  113. 113. @RoxanaStingu
  114. 114. @RoxanaStingu
  115. 115. @RoxanaStingu https://www.thinkwithgoogl United Kingdom on 4G networks
  116. 116. @RoxanaStingu Eliminate images that are not needed CSS effects Web fonts
  117. 117. @RoxanaStingu Choose the right image format
  118. 118. @RoxanaStingu Remove unnecessary image metadata Geo information Camera information
  119. 119. @RoxanaStingu Image compression LOSSY Eliminates some pixel data LOSSLESS Compresses the pixel data
  120. 120. @RoxanaStingu Delivering scaled image assets Don’t resize in CSS and HTML Resize on the server
  121. 121. @RoxanaStingu Use a CDN No canonicalisation
  122. 122. @RoxanaStingu Lazy Loading
  123. 123. @RoxanaStingu Progressive JPEG and WebP
  124. 124. @RoxanaStingu Responsive Images
  125. 125. @RoxanaStingu AMP-img
  126. 126. @RoxanaStingu Structured Data for Products
  127. 127. @RoxanaStingu Image Sitemaps Each <url> tag can contain up to 1,000 <image:image>tags. <image:loc> Can be from different domains as long as both domains are verified in Search Console. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="" xmlns:image=""> <url> <loc></loc> <image:image> <image:loc></image:loc> </image:image> <image:image> <image:loc></image:loc> </image:image> </url> </urlset>
  128. 128. @RoxanaStingu Image and Web search indexation Images added via an img tag using a src attribute get indexed in both CSS background images get indexed in Web search only
  129. 129. @RoxanaStingu Images and Local SEO 580,853 images 15,191 Google My Business listings
  130. 130. @RoxanaStingu IMAGE Search WEB Search ≠
  131. 131. @RoxanaStingu IMAGE Search WEB Search ≈
  132. 132. @RoxanaStingu Thank You! optimization
  133. 133. Understanding the problems 10 Minute Break Up Next: Using Google Data Studio and Big Query to create your own SEO tools and reporting Nick Wilsdon - Group Search Programme - Project Lead (Vodafone) @nickwilsdon
  134. 134. Dashboard Strategy Presented by Nick Wilsdon 24th April 2019
  135. 135. Insert Confidentiality Level in slide footer 139 * Why should you listen to me? Search Product Owner Vodafone Group Manages SEO programme deployment across 22 international markets to 516m mobile customers
  136. 136. 5 Challenges we faced
  137. 137. *141 1. Needed a single report for multiple stake-holders
  138. 138. Malta Spain Germany Netherlands Greece Hungary Turkey Ireland UK Italy Romania Czech Republic India Qatar Egypt South Africa Australia New Zealand Ghana Europe Asia Africa Oceania Portugal Kenya 2. Needed to standardise SEO reporting across multiple OpCos
  139. 139. *143 3. Need to be data-driven and automated
  140. 140. *144 4. Lack of internal, specialist resource to deploy
  141. 141. *145 5. Budget needs to be spent creatively and efficiently
  142. 142. So what did we do?
  143. 143. Insert Confidentiality Level in slide footer 147 * Why we decided on Google Data Studio Common data sources could be added, such as Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Sheets DS comes with many pre-made connectors to pipe data into reports, there are native connectors for GSC and Google Sheets Are reusable and sharable so building data pipelining would win us support with other teams on same platform Reports are easy to build, this approach would not require data specialists or developers (initially). Plus the platform is free!
  144. 144. Visualisation Data Data Pipelining
  145. 145. Your first data set - Google Search Console (GSC)
  146. 146. *150 Why GSC first? Free, accessible data Poor native UI New domain properties
  147. 147. *151*Data from domain Sam Marsden –
  148. 148. *152 Sam Marsden – *Data from domain
  149. 149. *153 Sam Marsden – *Data from domain
  150. 150. *154
  151. 151. *155 Add and blending more data sources Data can be pulled into GDS via 3rd party tool (no programming required)
  152. 152. Reporting structure and strategy
  153. 153. Clear reporting sections across each GDS report *157 Control Action Performance Planning
  154. 154. *158 Traffic Orders Revenue CPA Ambition for reporting KPIs
  155. 155. *159 Must align with current team reporting KPIs to ensure report adoption
  156. 156. How do current KPIs fit into our reporting structure? *160 Control Action Performance Planning
  157. 157. Performance *161 Examples: •Traffic •Orders •Activations •Revenue •Sales •CPA (SEO CPA) •Call centre deflection savings •Conversion rate (CVR) •Rankings (reluctantly!) What should go in these sections Lag metrics that track performance against targets to: •Shown against time, so we can correlate positive SEO activity to commercial lead metrics •Aligned to commercial objectives •Only contain metrics that are not subject to interpretation by SEO specialists These sections should be for senior stakeholders to support internal reporting
  158. 158. *162 Performance - sample Performance Changing our dashboards into an application
  159. 159. Planning *163 Examples: •SEO Forecasting •SEO Development queue •Key upcoming events (migrations/launches) •Team holidays (tip picked up from previous ReadingSEO! Thx Daniel Cartland) •Google Trends •CPSV data What should go in these sections Planning shows how the team is thinking ahead and matching resources and activity to meet the challenges within the program •Forecast work •Planned activity These sections should be for team leaders
  160. 160. Control *164 Examples: •Little Warden Alerts •GSC alerts (new API 🤞) •SEO tool alerts What should go in these sections Metrics that require technical SEO governance to allow the team to be more effective •Process confirmations •Technical checks •Automated metrics These sections should be for technical practitioners only
  161. 161. Action *165 • Various data mash-ups that provide insight to SEO teams and allow them to perform their job more effectively What should go in these sections This section is a repository for actionable data to address specific SEO challenges •Charts containing data that can be downloaded and worked on •Lead metrics that are measuring progress on resolving these outputs, i.e. reducing number of thin content pages over time These sections should be for technical practitioners only
  162. 162. *166 Sam Marsden – *Data from domain
  163. 163. *167 Action – sample report
  164. 164. Using CrUX API to assess page speed against competitors *168 Icon shows the intention and audience for each report. Action reports are for technical practitioners COMPETITOR AVODAFONE SITE crux-report
  165. 165. And remember, all DS charts can be downloaded to excel/csv *169 Allows our DS report to become an actionable toolset
  166. 166. Taking GDS to the next level 170 *
  167. 167. Visualisation Data Data Pipelining
  168. 168. Data Storage Visualisation Data Data Pipelining
  169. 169. 173 * Why do we need to use data storage? Bringing data into our data storage layer allows us to develop a more mature, robust data management solution. Some use cases included: •Solving data storage restrictions of original sources, i.e. 16 months of viewable data from GSC •Allowing us to aggregate data from multiple sources. Combining data to create useful visualisations and output •Supporting custom attribution models and funnels, outside the scope of individual platforms or data sources •Building our SEO data lake Data Storage Visualisation Data
  170. 170. How did we deliver on our 5 challenges? 174 *
  171. 171. *175 1. Needed a single report for multiple stake-holders Application rather than a report gives us a roadmap and adoption
  172. 172. Malta Spain Germany Netherlands Greece Hungary Turkey Ireland UK Italy Romania Czech Republic India Qatar Egypt South Africa Australia New Zealand Ghana Europe Asia Africa Oceania Portugal Kenya 2. Needed to standardise SEO reporting across multiple OpCos Framework has allowed us to standardise reporting and raise reporting standards
  173. 173. *177 3. Need to be data-driven and automated Data now available and process/business case in place to drive automation and pipelining
  174. 174. 178 4. Lack of internal, specialist resource to deploy Community-driven data analysis and mashups w/ DS cookbook
  175. 175. *179 5. Budget needs to be spent creatively and efficiently Data-first approach to SEO tools has reduced costs & increased usage
  176. 176. Where do we go next? 180 *
  177. 177. 181 Data ecosystem between group and opco’s SEO becomes a use case for data pipelining around the organisation
  178. 178. 182 * Data pipelining and portability between teams Sharing footfall, Cost per store visit (CPSV), internal search and Google Ads data
  179. 179. 183 * We’ve only just begun
  180. 180. Thank You 184 *
  181. 181. Understanding the problems Final Questions? Luci Wood - The rise of 'pre-search’: tips for optimising for Google Discover Roxana Stingu - Product Image Optimisation Nick Wilsdon - Using Google Data Studio and Big Query to create your own SEO tools and reporting Luci Wood - SEO Director (Blue Array) @incorgnito_mode Roxana Stingu - Head of SEO (Alamy) @RoxanaStingu Nick Wilsdon - Group Search Programme - Project Lead (Vodafone) @nickwilsdon
  182. 182. Understanding the problems Stay Up-to Date @MattWSEO Matt Williamson @nickynoises Nicky Elson Website Coming Soon! @ReadingSEO