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  1. 1. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time for a bride and groom. Imagine having to organize everything from the church and reception, the photographers and videographers, the clothes and the caterers - in fact, you can probably imagine this all too well!diaper cake
  2. 2. Aside from everything mentioned, the wedding cake is one of the mostimportant items in the event Thats because the cutting and feeding of thecake by the bride and groom signifies their first meal together as a marriedcouple As it becomes the focus of attention at some point during the weddingaffair, many couples want their cake to be just perfect
  3. 3. To help couples choose what style of cake is stylish and suits them best, hereare five fabulous new trends in wedding cakes to choose from Black andWhite This style of cake has become popular in 2009 and is set to continuethat way for the year ahead This style diaper cake is inspired by the fashionrunways, with their current fondness for monochromatics and black Spanishlace
  4. 4. You can have your wedding cake designed in this classic color scheme, usingwhite fondant icing and black or dark brown accents This design workswonderfully if the design coordinates with the wedding dress or thebridesmaids gowns Hexagonal or square shapes The typical heart or circularshaped wedding cakes have now become too conventional for many couples
  5. 5. So, cube-layered or hexagonal layered cakes have recently become anemerging trend These angular cakes can also double as lovely centerpiecesduring the reception, especially if they sport geometric accents in their designsBlue is the hue The color blue in wedding cakes has also become popular oflate with soon-to-be-married couples
  6. 6. Shades of blue, sometimes meshed with green like aquamarine or turquoise,have made an appearance with couples who prefer a colorful cakeIncorporating this cake trend with a tropical wedding theme will workfabulously, especially if you use sky blue, aquamarine and turquoise as thebase colors of your cake icing Decorating the cake with white, silver, lilac orlight grey accents will liven up your overall cake design
  7. 7. Think pink The color pink is projected to be used even more in 2010 as awedding motif So its only natural to draw on pink for the wedding cake,coordinating with your bridesmaids dresses and bridal gown accents Tryusing pink as the base color of your cake icing and decorating it with white,silver or pink embellishments and flowers
  8. 8. But if thats too much pink for your liking, try white as the cake base icing, andpink for the accents, like fresh roses Square cupcakes Using a tower ofcupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake was also a huge trend in 2009
  9. 9. Its become fashionable to use cupcakes, which conveniently eliminates theneed for a skilled and designated cake cutter In this way, the guests eachenjoy an individual treat of their own, with ease
  10. 10. Because its practical, cute and inexpensive, its expected that this trend willcontinue throughout the year, but with a twist: 2010s cupcakes will oftenactually be square-shaped mini-cakes, while still reflecting the years mostpopular colors and designs
  11. 11. diaper cake