New Librarians Worldwide: Mapping out the future


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Keynote presented at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress
78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Helsinki, Finland. August 2012.

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  • Robin Questionnaire piloted Distributed via social media, listservs, librarians also distributed to their contacts Data analyzed using SurveyMonkey generated reports. Open questions analyzed using key words and codifying answers
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  • Robin From the survey and identified, several in NYC Some are global, and don’t have a country on the map
  • Robin *Online communities not mentioned by surveyed individuals, but identified through listservs, blogs, and social media sites
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  • New Librarians Worldwide: Mapping out the future

    1. 1. NEW LIBRARIANSWORLDWIDE: MAPPING OUT THE FUTURE LOIDA GARCIA-FEBO (Queens Library, New York, USA) ROBIN KEAR (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA) IFLA Session 95Management of Library Associations with the New Professionals Special Interest Group August 13, 2012
    2. 2. Global Survey 488 participants 49 countries 6 continents
    3. 3. Results• 78% members of national library associations• 49% didnt know how their library association included new librarians• 54% were 35 years old and younger• 65% had 1-6 years of experience as librarians
    4. 4. Key ResultDo you participate in initiatives for newlibrarians developed by groups outside library associations? YES
    5. 5. Where are they doing this?
    6. 6. Name of Group Country Online ToolALA Think Tank USA FacebookFinnish young librarian Finland Ningmovement*Hack Library School USA Facebook, Twitter, WordPressHawaii-Pacific Law Hawaii GoogleLibrary InitiativeIFLA New Professionals Global Facebook, Twitter,SIG WordPress,YouTubeLIS New Professionals England-based. Open WordPressNetwork worldwide.*New Academic Global LinkedInLibrariansNew Federals Librarians USA FacebookGroup*The New York Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Goodreads,Librarians Meetup USA LibraryThing, LinkedIn, Meetup Blog, Twitter, YouTube*Urban Librarians Unite USA Facebook, Twitter WordPress
    7. 7. New Librarians Use of Social Technologies developing online share establish working communities to news relationships with network, other librarians brainstorm and nationally and collaborate internationally announce events andpost blog entries contests discuss issues and about issues of motivate those that interest find difficult to break into a libraryplan professional and social association events
    8. 8. Plan Discuss Advocacy Motivate Collaborate BrainstormSkillsSharing Announce Events Contests KnowledgeNews National Sharing Publish Network Social Professional International Development
    9. 9. Many avenues HobbiesOnlinecommunities Social Action Library Associations Library Schools Non- Library
    10. 10. New Librarians Are:• Creating change inside and outside of traditional professional associations.
    11. 11. New LibrariansBy connecting online,new professionalscreate their ownopportunities anddevelop their ownprojects Example: Buy India a Library
    12. 12. New Librarians Are:• Rejuvenating our profession through new ways of connecting and maintaining relationships.
    13. 13. New Librarians Are:• Making continued progress in our professional core values of information access, intellectual sharing, and readership by their creative efforts and inspiring projects.
    14. 14. Where are they doing thiswithin Library Associations?
    15. 15. Name of Group CountryALIA New Generation Advisory Committee AustraliaALIA New Graduates GroupCLA New Librarians and Information Professionals Interest Group Canada(former group)YEP! Young European Professionals (LIBER) EuropeLIS Corner GermanyLIS New Professionals GermanyLLA Section of New Professionals LatviaUP Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines PhilippinesNew Librarians from Romania RomaniaRLA Young Librarians Section Russia*ARA Section for New Professionals UK & IrelandCILIP Career Development GroupALA Young Professionals Working GroupMusic Library Student Group (affiliated with the Music Library USAAssociation)
    16. 16. Life Issues Family Finances Identity CrisisProfessional Development
    17. 17. Growing Leaders Awesome Current Actions: Events for new professionals Publications Awards Mentoring Knowledge sharing
    18. 18. Growing Leaders We can do more!Needed: communication from lib assoc, among librarians Revolutionazed Mentoring Crowd-type projects Knowledge sharing Empower, Inspire Transform, Renew, Engage, Create Opportunities
    19. 19. TransforEmpower Create OpportunitiesInspire Engage
    20. 20. New Professionals: Want to Work + Say YES! =AWESOME Measurable Results!
    21. 21. Make It Happen!
    22. 22. Thank You! Loida Information New Wave USA Robin Kear University of Pittsburgh USA