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MAC 2013: Using Podcasts to Reach Patrons


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Sound of the Archive's presentation at the Midwest Archives Conference, 2013.

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MAC 2013: Using Podcasts to Reach Patrons

  1. 1. Sound of the ArchivesMidwest Archives ConferencePrairie HadyLaura M. FarleyDana E. GerberApril 20, 2013
  2. 2. RICK PIFER’S INTRODUCTIONPresenter biographiesThe role of social media in archives
  4. 4. A clip, from us to you 7th episode World War II Love letters Jim and Ruthie
  5. 5. The Vision...• Share in an accessible, fun and thoughtful way:1. Knowledge and experience of practitioners2. Insights and inspirations of students3. Perspectives and ideas of archives users• Foster a greater understanding of how archivesfunction within society in hopes that it would inspirean appreciation for true value of the materials thatarchives hold.
  6. 6. The Mission...• Produce a forum for discussion about theoryand practice in the archival profession• Change peoples’ perception of archives
  7. 7. The First Episode:Prairie, Laura and Dana Recording "Social Justice in the Archives"
  8. 8. Challenges• Resource Allocation• Committed Collaboration
  9. 9. Overcoming Challenges• Utilizing the input of others• Delegating tasks• Working with what we were interestedin or familiar with
  10. 10. At Your Institution• Incorporating work already being done on adaily basis• Re-using previously created materials• Creativity, flexibility, passion, drive
  11. 11. Reaching a Broad Audience• Start Smallo Relativeso Friendso Co-Workerso Classmates• Maintain a Core Following• Use that Foundation to Build a Solid SupportNetwork• Expand Audience...Slowly, but Surely
  12. 12. The Future of Sound of theArchives• Physically separatedafter graduating inMay• Opportunity tobroaden our reachand expand ouraudience• Ability to maintaincommunicationCopyright © 1999-2012, USA Corporate Services Inc.
  13. 13. WHY PODCASTS MATTERLaura Farley
  14. 14. Using Podcasts to Increase Visibility• Direct Ways to Increase Institutional Visibility:– Website, iTunes, and Social Media
  15. 15. Using Podcasts to Increase Visibility:iTunes Store“history” 100s of podcasts “Minnesota history” 22 podcasts
  16. 16. Using Podcasts to Increase Visibility:• Link to your podcast in:– Finding aids– Staff email signatures– Related Wikipedia articles
  17. 17. Using Podcasts to Increase Visibility:Indirect Exposure through CollaborationLinks to archival institutions discussed in the episode:Archives as… Irish For a Day: March 17, 2012
  18. 18. Using Podcasts to Increase Visibility:Increased SearchabilitySearch terms used to find Sound of the Archives taken fromour WordPress Dashboard statistics:
  19. 19. Positive Outcomes of Collaboration• Increased institutional visibility andsearchability• Honor the story of your donors and patrons• Partner with institutions near or far toincrease awareness of collections
  20. 20. Engage Patrons in a New Way• Who is alienated by blogs and social media?– Visually impaired– Patrons with low literacy levels and learningdisabilities– Children– Those without a reliable internet connection– Anyone without time to dedicate to reading
  21. 21. Engage Patrons in a New Way• Edutainment: providing education in anentertaining format
  22. 22. Engage Patrons in a New Way• Institutional Episodes: podcasts that informpatrons about the policies, services, and staffat your archive– What is a finding aid?– How do you search the archive catalog?– How should you prepare for a visit to the archive?– What projects are staff working on?
  23. 23. Why Your Archive Can Create aSuccessful Podcast• 45% of Americans Are Familiar With Podcasts• 25% of Americans Listen to Podcasts on aRegular Basis
  24. 24. Why Your Archive Can Create aSuccessful Podcast Fire on• Capitalizeon mobiletechnology• Meet yourpatronswherethey’realready at
  25. 25. This American Life access on ThisAmerican Life’s websitePodcast access on iTunes
  26. 26. Stuff You Missed in History Class access on theHow Stuff WorkswebsitePodcast access on iTunes
  27. 27. Documents that Changed the World access on the Universityof Washington InformationSchool websitePodcast access on iTunes
  28. 28. Characteristics of Successful Podcasts• Podcast and episode themes• Storytelling to convey information• iTunes
  30. 30. How Much Time Does Creating aPodcast Take?Four parts of producing a podcast:1. Research and writing2. Recording3. Editing4. Marketing
  31. 31. Saving Time• Recording for efficient editing
  32. 32. Equipment
  33. 33. Open Source Editing: Audacity
  34. 34. Audacity: Amplify
  35. 35. Audacity: Timeshift• Brian Miller and Chris Wright Interview
  36. 36. Free Music Archive
  37. 37. Audacity: Fade In and Out
  38. 38. Liberated Syndication
  39. 39. Hootsuite
  40. 40. THANK YOUPrairie Hadyphady@wisc.eduLaura M. Farleylaura.marie.farley@gmail.comDana E.