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New Librarians: International Perspectives


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Also see the article, International Perspectives on the New Librarian Experience

Published in: Education
  • Presentation done for the Romanian Library Association. It includes findings of my research about the topic published on Feliciter, Canadian Library Association
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New Librarians: International Perspectives

  1. 1. New Librarians:InternationalPerspectives Loida Garcia-Febo Coordinator, Special Services Queens Library, New York IFLA/ FAIFE Secretary
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. IFLA/ New Professionals SIG Argentina • Brainstorming Session – Building of global information networks between new professionals. – Helping new professionals get the best out of the IFLA conference. – Exploring the possibility of job exchange and mentoring schemes. – Concentrating on issues of recruitment and work experience for newcomers to the profession.
  5. 5. IFLA New Professionals Oslo • Program Title: New Professionals, New Experiences, New Ways of Working – USA, UK, The Netherlands, Uganda – IFLA President, Professional Committee • Social Evening
  6. 6. IFLA/New Professionals SIG Seoul • Program Title: Dynamic Roles for New Librarians – Leonard Kniffel, Editor in Chief of American Libraries, ALA magazine – Jana Varlejs, Chair of Continuing Professional Development and Work Place Learning Section of IFLA – IFLA President
  7. 7. IFLA/New Professionals SIG Durban, South Africa Program Title: Developing Library Professionals
  8. 8. IFLA/New Professionals SIG Quebec Program Title: Mind the gap: bridging the inter- generational divide to future-proof the profession – American Library Association – Australian Library and Information Association – Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V. (DBV), – German Professional Association (BIB) – Mexican Library Association (AMBAC)
  9. 9. IFLA/New Professionals SIG Milan Satellite Meeting: Moving in, Moving up, and Moving on: Strategies for Regenerating the Library & Information Profession Bologna, Italy Program Title: Creating a Positive Environment for a Multi-generational Library and Information Workforce
  10. 10. IFLA/New Professionals SIG Gothenburg Program Title: The Global Librarian Boras, Sweden
  11. 11. New LibrariansInternational/National Association Activity and Career SurveyA total of 176 individuals responded to the questionnaire including new librarians and soon- to-graduate librarians from five continents and 12 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, and the United States.
  12. 12. Participants 64% were librarians with five or feweryears of experience. 72% were under the age of 38 32% special libraries 29% public libraries 29% academic libraries
  13. 13. Other findings• Amazons: 91% were women• Library associations: 73% members of a national library association• Dilemma: – 97% of respondents would consider pursuing a position in a library sector other than the one they belong to now. – 73% staying in the library for another 5 years
  14. 14. Great Exodus? 86%(152) mentioned that libraries are not offering leadership programs for their newly hired professionals
  15. 15. A Plan for Action Develop tools and materials to assist newlibrarians in becoming leaders within librariesand professional associations. Help to increase awareness about theinterests, skills and professionalism of newgraduates.
  16. 16. A Plan for Action• Recognize new professionals needs for appropriate pay, respect, and inclusion in strategic planning activities; many newcomers want to help drive change.• Partner with national, provincial and regional associations to offer workshops for all streams of new librarians.
  17. 17. A Plan for Action• Increase funding that enables new librarians to attend professional conferences.• Create in-house career development and leadership training programs for newcomers.
  18. 18. A Plan for Action• Promote new librarians as the future of the profession (and the workplace.• Take risks with new librarians; trust that they have the education, skills and desire necessary to successfully execute projects.
  19. 19. New Librarians Around the Globe
  20. 20. New Professionals @• Special Interest Group• Building Strong Library Associations• Presidents Working Group• FAIFE• Technology Initiatives
  21. 21. Recommendations*•Run an effective association•Give others a chance to work•Bring them in•Give support•Put them in charge – *Bob McKee, CILIP Chief Executive @ NPSIG Program in Quebec. 2008.
  22. 22. Recommendations •Dare •Partner •Brainstorm •Strategize •Take Action
  23. 23. YES! Twitter: loidagarciafebo