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Bringing Your SaaS Apps to Market


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Get tips on how to bring your analytics app to market -- including ways to find and monetize users in a SaaS world and best practices for choosing a pricing model for your business.

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Bringing Your SaaS Apps to Market

  1. 1. Bringing Your SaaS Apps to Market Josh Martin
  2. 2. #Logi16 Josh Martin Product Marketing Manager Logi Analytics “I cannot name a single song by Taylor Swift.” ABOUT ME 2 @TheRogueAnalyst
  3. 3. #Logi16 • “What an Amazing Presentation” • “It hasn’t even started yet and my app is already 40% better” • “A conference session for the ages” Some Social Suggestions… @TheRogueAnalyst3
  4. 4. #Logi16 The impact of SaaS Finding & Winning Users Why Poor Planning Leads to Failure Conclusions What You Are Going to Learn Today @TheRogueAnalyst4
  5. 5. YOUR CHALLENGE SaaS has changed expectations— making it harder to win, retain, and monetize customers
  6. 6. #Logi16 SaaS Impact on Software Companies 6 @TheRogueAnalyst Abundant Free Trials Short/No Contracts Low PricesFree Upgrades
  7. 7. #Logi16 The 5 Essentials for Success 7 1. Spend ad dollars in the right channels 2. Optimize landing pages for rapid conversion 3. Clearly define tiers of service (and value) 4. Develop a funnel strategy for trials 5. Mix and match business models @TheRogueAnalyst
  8. 8. #Logi16 Attention spans are shortening…. 8 Leanplum; Hubspot Blog 2014; MarketingLand Blog 2015 15 Seconds Before Abandoning 30 Seconds Before Abandoning .1% Engagement Rate on @TheRogueAnalyst
  9. 9. Finding & Monetizing Users in a SaaS World “The harder I work, the luckier I become.” - Samuel Goldwyn
  10. 10. #Logi16 Spending Priority Step 1: Advertise in the Right Channel 10 You need a media strategy that mixes paid advertising with free brand-building channels Finding the right leads Finding engaged users Finding the right personas Brand building @TheRogueAnalyst
  11. 11. #Logi16 Step 2: Get the Download 11 Optimize Landing Pages Match Copy to Your Ad Offer Social Proof @TheRogueAnalyst
  12. 12. #Logi16 Step 3: Price & Package Clearly 12 • Avoid multiple pricing options – Bundle features/services/benefits into tiers – Simplify choices for mass audience – Limit number of tiers – One or two major reasons for upsell • Entry tier must be more than viable – Basic/trial: entice user to purchase – Freemium: drive usage for vast majority • Requires that you really understand distinct needs of customer segments @TheRogueAnalyst
  13. 13. #Logi16 Step 4: Offer an Easily Accessible Trial 13 Unlimited Trial Type Trial Payment Trial Access Limited Yes, Sales Contact No, Simple Download Users get feel for the service User pain fuels upsell opportunity Move to auto bill post trial Increase potential downloaders Develop a relationship More non- serious downloaders Trial is too overwhelming Users deem service not good enough Limit potential downloaders No way to transition to paid service Severely inhibit number of downloaders Less serious downloaders Credit Card No Credit Card Unlimited No Credit Card No, Simple Download @TheRogueAnalyst
  14. 14. #Logi16 Step 5: Mix & Match Business Models 14 Subscription Business Model Pros: Recurring revenue stream Cons: Churn risk, Continuous marketing Upgraded Tiers Pros • Unlimited upside • Product extensions Cons • Requires ongoing development • Must master marketing Transactions Pros • Guaranteed revenue • Low churn risk Cons • One-time revenue • Need to offer ongoing support Services Pros • Unlimited upside • Expanded target market Cons • Invest in resources • Not enough users could result in loss Advertising Pros • Unlimited upside • Allows for freemium tier of service Cons • Risk alienating users • Complicated to set up and run @TheRogueAnalyst
  15. 15. Great Examples to Emulate “Give a man a fire and he's warm for the day. But set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life.” - Terry Pratchett
  16. 16. #Logi16 Ads to Emulate: Twitter, Google, LinkedIn 16 @TheRogueAnalyst
  17. 17. #Logi16 Trials to Emulate: Mozenda – Web Scraping 17 Free Trial featured on home page Usage-Based Trial Full Access No CC Required @TheRogueAnalyst
  18. 18. #Logi16 Trial/Pricing to Emulate: Wishpond – Landing Pages 18 Free Trial featured on home page Clearly defined tiers Time-based trial Explicit Pricing @TheRogueAnalyst
  19. 19. #Logi16 Pricing to Emulate: Google Drive - Storage 19 Robust Free Tier Clearly defined tiers Explicit Pricing @TheRogueAnalyst
  20. 20. #Logi16 Business Models to Emulate: LinkedIn 20 Subscription Business Model Upgraded Tiers Transactions Services Advertising @TheRogueAnalyst
  21. 21. A Cautionary Tale “Always remember that the crowd that applauds your coronation is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.” - Terry Pratchett
  22. 22. #Logi16 Warning: Your Conversion Rate will Stink 22 “We have about 80 million users globally, and that’s a combined number for free and paid. Our conversion rate increases linearly with cohort age, so the longer you use Evernote, the more likely you are to convert to premium” - Evernote CEO Phil Libin • Slack is reported to have a 30% conversion rate • Dropbox has a 4% conversion rate • Google Drive is .5% Source: @TheRogueAnalyst
  23. 23. #Logi16 How Did Evernote Do? 23 Trial PricingAds Business Models Get the Download @TheRogueAnalyst
  24. 24. #Logi16 1. Product Extensions Failed – Clearly, Skitch, Food 2. Partnerships failed to deliver – Lifestyle product store closed in February (Notebooks, bags, etc.) 3. Didn’t stay ahead of the competition – Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Apple Notes 4. Failed to better differentiate its service tiers – Poor conversion rates from free to paid – Failed to understand what would drive usage – No other business model to monetize free users 5. New Pricing Hurt Highest Value Customers Most What Else Happened to Evernote? 24 @TheRogueAnalyst
  25. 25. #Logi16 Some Headlines 25 @TheRogueAnalyst
  26. 26. #Logi16 Key Takeaways 26  Create a checklist to review your current customer acquisition strategies  Focus on consumer-style trial, adoption, pricing packages, and behavioral analysis  Consider what features might allow for the creation of new service tiers @TheRogueAnalyst
  27. 27. Learn more with the Business Intelligence Buyer’s Guide