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Magazine analysis for attempts for front covers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Magazine analysis for attempts for front covers

  1. 1. Olivia Atkinson
  2. 2. I had the title very large and at the top to give This was my very first attempt at more effect and attract the reader straight away. making the magazine, this is from my first photo shoot, so I just wanted to have a go at making a magazine and seeing how it would be with the title and other features. As you can see I haven’t tried very hard with this and I definitely didn’t spend a lot of time on it as I moved onto my next one very quick and just kept making new magazines. I still think this helped me as I made it in the early stages of the task. All magazines must have a barcode so I inserted it as one of the things on this magazine as I didn’t add much more. I added a runner at the bottomI got the girls to pose in the position they are with information on to give theto make use of the environment around us. I reader a preview of what wouldthink I should have edited this photo to get the be in the magazine.most out of it on my next one I shall edit it.
  3. 3. I kept the title the same as my first attempt as one myfirst attempt I spent a while on Comic Life making this For my second attempt at makingtitle and I thought it would go on any front cover. my front cover I edited this picture in Picnik. I kept the runner at the bottom the same and the title style as I liked it. Again for this attempt I didn’t at stories to it as I moved quickly onto the next picture as I was always taking pictures. I didn’t want to waste my time on the magazines that I knew I wouldn’t use so I spent more time perfecting my final one. For the location I wanted the girls to be leaning on the tree to try something different, I think the image is a good one but I think for a final magazine it has to be perfect and the shine on Penny’s face was a bit to much and the image as a whole is quite dark. I liked this image to work with at the start but now I have completed my magazine I’m glad I didn’t go with it. I think I edited this photo a bit to much and Again I kept the runner and barcode as I think next time I shall try and get the just wanted to try different images and balance right. see how they would change the magazine look as a whole.
  4. 4. This was my third attempt atAgain it’s the same title and I will definitelyuse it in my final piece. making my front cover. This image is from my final photo shoot and I definitely think that I will use an image from this shoot. I think that the use of camera makes the quality far better. I edited the picture in Picnik a lot as a piece of hair was in the way. I think it was successful and professional. For the added extras, I made titles that would attract the audience. If I was to carry on with this cover then I would have added more features to it, but I soon started my final design and concentrated on it a lot more than these. I took the image in my garden of my friend Penny. I edited it in Picnik and I think that I shall use it in my final piece. I think the imageI think that for my final design I shall looks good but its not what Idefinitely use a runner at the bottom of the want as a front cover.cover and the barcode next to it as I think itworks really well. I won’t particularly usethis one but I will use something similar.
  5. 5. On the page before hand is an image of a double page spread. Thiswas my first attempt of it. I did a page full on images that were thesame instead of one image. Again I knew I wouldn’t use it as myfinal piece but I wanted it as practise. I wrote an interview fromboth Ellen and Penny and felt that I got a feel of how to write in themagazine. The images were edited in Picnik as I did try FotoFlexerbut I couldn’t use it as it never let me upload pictures to it. I editedthe picture into lots of different colours to just practise with what Ihad and what effect they would give an image. I did this in publisherand it was two pages, I found the software easy to use but a little toeasy to use. I found that the page didn’t look very professional and Icouldn’t imagine it in a magazine. I think that doing this helpedthough as I got to practise with things and get an idea of what I wantmy final to be like and not what I want it to be like. I think thatwhen it comes to making my double page spread I shan’t do thesame image and I shall be more adventurous and try new things. Idon’t think I shall edit any photos into colour as I don’t think theylook that good.