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Media pitch


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Media pitch

  1. 1. Olivia Atkinson
  2. 2. My teaser trailer (potential film) includes thefollowing plot: old pictures of childhood A hospital Gravestone of dad She made a promise to him before he died Searching for clues
  3. 3. The style of the teaser trailer is a mixture of: Vintage (old photos) Sadness (grief) Excitement/Realisation (searching for clues) Relationships (between whole family) Emotions (grief)
  4. 4. The main location will be at my house butother locations are needed to make the trailerinteresting and also allows me to get a varietyof shots in. A hospital The crematorium My house Countryside nearby my house ( for example somebody on a walk)
  5. 5.  Main character will be me My sisters will also be involved My mum may also be in the trailer And obviously my dad is the main subject of the trailer
  6. 6. As I was originally going to do the trailer on mysisters, I found ‘In her Shoes’ and ‘My Sisterskeeper’ good research as they are the onlyfilms I found orientated around sisters.
  7. 7. But as I am now making the film about my DadI researched into films that don’t have parentsor only have one and the majority were allDisney children films, as they didn’t want tomake all of there films have a stereotypicalfamily because it’s common to have a singleparent now.
  8. 8. The audience for the film isn’t particular, forexample aimed at a certain age group but I dothink it won’t appeal to a young age group, so Iwould say 15 and above. There is no particulargender as it would appeal to both sex’s. I thinkthat some people will be attracted to it morethan others if they have any similarities, forexample if this film was real then I would beinterested in it and go and see it at the cinemaas it appeals to me due to the situation.
  9. 9.  Old pictures (add effect) Old baby videos if I can Old baby things (clues) My sisters locket from my dad (use as a clue) Any letters he wrote to us (as a clue) His tree at the crematorium