Main task evaluation


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Main task evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation
  3. 3. Front Cover
  4. 4. I used an unusual font style for I have used a header to attract my masthead to make it stand outI have based my front the audience and also to give an and also so that it can be easily idea of what else in in the cover around the magazine. recognised as a lot of magazines do. magazine VIBE I have used a dominating medium close up main image .I put cover lines on my front cover The image takes up most of the to attract the audience and show page what is in the magazine I have included artists that my target audience said that they liked and others on my front cover again to show what isI made the font size bigger for the included inside the magazine. main article and also I made it stand out by use FX effects on it (bevel boss) I tried to use colours that would attract both males and females. I changed my colours once while construction however I still feel IThe barcode has been placed on the could have use better colours. bottom left hand corner to keep it out of the way. I have included the date and issue number as all magazines do. The background to my cover is plain and simple as VIBE For my cover lines, I used drop magazines has them. I used a shadow to make them stand out gradient background so that it and make them important. isnt completely plain and boring
  5. 5. Contents Page and DPS
  6. 6. My article is around and NME Like my front cover I have used I included the masthead on both Like the Dizzee Rascal article, I used article that featured Dizzee Rascal. Iplain background (gradient) to stop the contents page and DPS to link a bold title heading which stands used a mid shot of my artist for my the attention directing away from them together. Also I put the date out from the page. Also I used a main image. However I used a plain the main focus of the page. and issue number on it. short description of the article. background rather than a busy one. I have use different colours the I based my contents page on a mix on contents page which I thought NME article to match the genre and I used a Q&A for my DPS whichwould suit my genre. I used the idea of a editors letters from NME which colour scheme of my magazine. I makes it more informal and give the makes the magazine for friendly. Also I used the idea of having the haven’t used a very small text size reader more insight. I used 3masthead down the side of the magazine from an XXL magazine which had as it can put the readers off by columns to clearly format the text quote instead. I used colours that would attract both males and females. making it seem like there is a lot of text.
  7. 7. 2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  8. 8. Do you represent a sub-culturee.g. ‘emos,’ ‘goths,’ ‘hoodies’?I don’t think that my magazine represents acertain subculture however I think that it wouldattract the subculture of ‘hoodies’ which mostpeople would associate with the genre Hip Hopand R‘n’B.
  9. 9. Do you deal with issues ofrace, ethnicity, gender, age, soci al class or disability? I feel that my magazine may have to deal with issues of age as it have to attract male and female teenagers between ages 16 – 19. Sothose above the ages would be unfamiliar withthe artists in the magazine. I have tried to dealwith gender by making the colours and images appropriate for both.
  10. 10. 3) What kind of mediainstitution might distribute your media product and why?
  11. 11. Which companies might distribute your magazine e.g. IPC, Emap or Bauer?Do they already distribute magazine of a similar genre? I think that companies such as Prometheus Global Media or Harris Publications would be suitable for my magazine as they already publish magazines such as Billboard and XXL. My magazine is of the same genres as these magazine but also their magazines aretargeted towards men mainly whereas mine is for both which would fill the gap in their business.
  12. 12. 4) Who would the audience be for your media product?
  13. 13. Define your target audience in terms or age, social class, gender, ethnicity and psychographic profile? The audience for my magazine is mainly males however also targeted at females. Theage range of my magazine is 16 – 19 though that is just my main focus. The social class of my magazine is class C1 (working class) however it may attract other classes too. The ethnicity of my audience is any however is mainly based around Afro Caribbean and Asians. In terms of a psychographic profile, the person would be someone whoenjoys listening to music, going to gigs and is generally an outgoing person. The moodof the genre varies depending on the song. Though the mood is commonly moody and quite harsh.