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Final magazine review


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Final magazine review

  1. 1. Olivia Atkinson
  2. 2. I used black and white images for added effect and to make them stand I painted Penny’s nails in out more. I thought on Picnik and I really think that as they were it links in with the colour having free posters theme well. It adds that they should get a extra bit of detail. preview of them.As said before I kept thetitle the same as I think it I made this box to go withworks better. The only my colour scheme, Ithing I changed with it couldn’t make a black linewas the shadowing as it on Comic Life so I made itlooked better without. on fireworks, I also wanted a white dotted border andOdd quotes attract the had to make that fromreader as they are slightly individual circles onmisleading, as when you fireworks as that you’d think it wasvery serious, but when you The colour blue on theread the article you realise title of Penny and sizeits not such a big deal but it of the font makes itreals the audience in. more focused on.On my practise’s I included arunner on the bottom of every I had to include storiesone as I liked the idea of it. On on the front cover asmy final design I included it but I they attract people todidn’t have a background on it the magazine, I didas I thought it looked better originally have anotherwithout. one on the page but it looked to cluttered.
  3. 3. I thought it was important to have the date, the issue number, and a I made up a website as it is a widerAs it was a contents range of, its an insightto what the rest ofthe magazine has to I had titles ‘NEWS’offer, therefore I ‘EXCLUSIVE’ andintroduced it. ‘FEATURES’ as from research I thought that they were keyI divided the titles to a musiccontents page magazine.stories by a line thatis black and white, Ithink this works welland I think that thelayout of text andthe page number For specific stories I hadlooks effective. pictures instead of just having the whole page full of writing. For the bottom two I used different font stories I wrote a little bit as on this story as I a teaser to the audience so thought it would they know what is expected make it stand out in the magazine. Some times more and show a in a shop I’ll flick through a different side to the magazine and which ever magazine. looks best then I buy, so having a contents that gives just enough away for you to buy it is key.
  4. 4. I included this picture of Penny asAgain I did an I thought it wasintroduction as I appropriate for thethought that interview with her.people should know I edited it in Picnika bit about her as there was abefore reading the piece of hair overarticle. her face which looked very unprofessional.I used a font thatlooked like handwriting to make itlook like I hadwritten it, I added a quote to make peopletherefore more read the article. I added picturespersonal and less of a night out to so that thefromal. audience could see what it was like. A lot of double page spreads have a whole picture as on the one page and then text on the other. Instead of having just one image I had 4 images and text as well.
  5. 5. For my interview, I asked thequestions in black and Penny’sresponse was in white. There’s notmuch I can say about this page as thelayout of text is very simple. I didhave the text just on the pagewithout a frame on but adding theframe made it more separate and Ithink it looked better. I kept thispage very simple as there was morefocus on the text itself. I also had animage of penny with the name of heralbum and a little bit of informationon it. For the text I used exclamationmarks and very informal text like‘lurvee’ instead of love as the wordlove was very serious for this contextso I tried to make it as personal as Icould.