OOP2014: Economics of Sharing Personal Information at Work


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Session slides by Christine Neidhardt and me for our OOP 2014 session.

Why are Soft Skills important? Sharing personal information, opening up, letting go of our defences is hard. Team building is hard when we show more of ourselves than we usually do. Growing into a team requires growth of each individual. Transformation begins with ourselves. What are the benefits? Why can we only become a great team if we open up? In this interactive workshop we share and elaborate in practical exercises how
- we save time
- we create more value
- we delight our clients
- we mitigate risks
when we share personal information.

Based on our work with teams we discovered patterns:
- dysfunctions of teams where team members shied away from "touchy-feely" interaction
- successes of teams who went through that stage and enjoyed stronger connections afterwards
- argumentation that helped people want to invest in personal connections and get the necessary courage
- tools and techniques that help a team starting to share personal information in an environment that naturally blocks that ("corporate culture").
We want to share our experiences, help people get started on an emotional journey with their teams, and share tools that we found to be useful.

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OOP2014: Economics of Sharing Personal Information at Work

  1. 1. Economics of Sharing Personal Information at Work Software Business S
  2. 2. Baseline Personal Interest S Check in with yourself and privately assess: S On a scale of 1-10, how curious are you to learn more personal details about the people sitting close to you? S 1 = leave me in peace, I‘m good S 10 = I can‘t think of anything more interesting than learning more about them
  3. 3. S
  4. 4. Olaf Lewitz S
  5. 5. S
  6. 6. Brainstorm in Groups S Form groups of 2-4 neighbours S Where else is personal information already used to increase business value? S Brainstorm as many examples as you can... In 3 minutes.
  7. 7. S Photo by Garret Voight - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License http://www.flickr.com/photos/23458617@N00 Created with Haiku Deck
  8. 8. S Photo by Gerard Stolk (vers la Chandeleur ) - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License http://www.flickr.com/photos/20762304@N00 Created with Haiku Deck
  9. 9. S
  10. 10. S
  11. 11. S
  12. 12. S
  13. 13. Discuss In Groups S Form groups of 4-8 people S Share more stories like we did. S Where did available personal information make an economic difference? S Where was an opportunity lost because personal information was not available?
  14. 14. S
  15. 15. S
  16. 16. S
  17. 17. S
  18. 18. S
  19. 19. S
  20. 20. S
  21. 21. S
  22. 22. S
  23. 23. S
  24. 24. Brainstorm Crazy Ideas S Form Groups of 4-8 people around you S Come up with crazy, adventurous ideas to create options for people to share personal information at work S How could we invite people to share more personal information? S Pick one you want to try out next week.
  25. 25. How Did You Change? S Check in with yourself and assess your curiosity again. S How did it change? S Did your curiosity go up? S Did your curiosity go down? Show Your Fingers
  26. 26. Economics of Sharing Personal Information at Work THANK YOU Software Business info@ecomenta.de olaf@lewitz.net S http://trusttemenos.de