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TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership


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A presentation outlining how I run/host "Certified Agile Leadership" courses/programs. Target Audience: Leaders and decision makers in organisations who are curious about how this CAL is different from other offerings in the market.

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TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership

  1. 1. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International @OlafLewitz TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  2. 2. agreement does not provide energy if you love what you do it becomes bigger than you. Dominique Macri
  3. 3. @OlafLewitz
  4. 4. @OlafLewitz Olaf Lewitz Trust Artist Agile Veteran of 20 years Certified Enterprise Coach
  5. 5. nothing new ever was discovered in a comfort zone
  6. 6. leadership is making a difference 
 with intention TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  7. 7. as a leader, I want to understand and improve: •the difference I am making •the difference I want to make •and how to close the gap with an established, regular feedback cycle, this is agile leadership. TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  8. 8. CAL1 kick-start 2-3 days CAL2 ongoing journey TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  9. 9. how is our CAL different? •little theory, a lot of practice •you learn how to improve how you lead rather than how to lead •more leading, less talking about leading •90% is practicing tools that you can use tomorrow to make things better TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  10. 10. CAL1 Day 1: identify your personal growth challenge Day 2: create a credible plan to overcome your challenge Day 3: align and agree your shared impact in the organisation TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  11. 11. CAL1 grow our awareness learn to focus attention develop relationships take responsibility reflect, reflect, reflect TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  12. 12. CAL1 practice over a dozen tools that students frequently use in their day-to-day leadership to improve agility in their organisations immediately after the course TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  13. 13. Leading in a Changing System Identity Intention Develop Relationships Manage Contexts Nurture Growth Focus your Attention TrustTemenos Leadership Wheel what do leaders do?
  14. 14. CAL2 ongoing journey •peer work •learning deep dive •validated practice TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  15. 15. CAL2 peer work •leaders work together •giving and taking feedback •supporting each other •reflect (with) each other •leadership journal TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  16. 16. CAL2 learning deep dive •off-site together •exploring and leading together •topic of your choice, i.e. •identity and intention •organisational transformation •shared leadership vision TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  17. 17. CAL2 validated practice •individual leadership challenge: •how will I change? •how will we notice? •what impact does that make? •how will we notice? •personal and organisational change 3D accountability TrustTemenos Certified Agile Leadership
  18. 18. background information
  19. 19. Leading in a Changing System why did we design our course this way? what problem is this addressing?
  20. 20. What can we build and thrive on when everything changes?
  21. 21. It’s all about Relationships
  22. 22. RELATIONSHIPcc: Michael Sarver -
  23. 23. We need new Kinds of Relationships
  24. 24. We want productive Relationships with Trust - Help - Co-Creation
  25. 25. Successful Leaders go first in developing these Relationships
  26. 26. when you are Leading at your best that’s like… What?
  27. 27. Books: Leading with Intention Leading with/in tension
  28. 28. •Books on leanpub: 
 Showing Up – Leading with Intention •Certified Agile Leadership Courses (CAL1 + CAL2)
 TrustTemenos Leadership Academy •School of Coaching Witchcraft and Wizardry (COWW) •Coaching & Mentoring