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Ipad after ios update and adding casper


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After loading iOS5 onto your device, use this quick tutorial to learn how to get the device ready to use. After you are through setting it up, follow the steps to add Casper to your device. Just remember, you have to be on an MISD campus to add Casper... AKA Self Service.

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Ipad after ios update and adding casper

  1. 1. Step-By-Step Updating to iOS 5on a New Device and Adding Casper
  2. 2. Join a Networkuse your Munis ID and Password or Username: casper Password: ipads99
  3. 3. Go to Safari and go to the above website.Please note the .com shortcut button that will speed up your typing.
  4. 4. enroll
  5. 5. Now Press the Home Button.
  6. 6. If you see this, you were successful!
  7. 7. Now Press the Home Button You’re Done!You may Turn the Device Off.