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Part 1 i pad basics_slaughter


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Part 1 i pad basics_slaughter

  1. 1. The  iPad  in  EDUCATION SLaughter  PD  |  September  14,  2011  |  MISD
  2. 2. PART  1:   iPad  Basicsh"p://
  3. 3.                                  Wireless  Set  up • Click  on  Se0ngs  (Screen  1). • Click  on  Wi-­‐Fi  (at  the  top). • Wait  for  the  system  to  find  wireless  networks.   Then  select:  MISDWIFI • Enter  your  Munis  ID  and  Password • Wait  for  it  to  be  checked. • Now  you’re  live!
  4. 4. iPad  1  BuDonsThe  Screen  Rota0on  Lock  was  eliminated  as  a  switch  in  the  last  so<ware  update.  The  most  recent  update  allows  you  to  customize  this  bu"on.
  5. 5. iPad  2  Available  in  White  or  BlackFront  Camera Home
  6. 6. iPad  2  Bu=ons Back  CameraSilent/  Screen  RotaQon  Lock Volume
  7. 7. Safari • A  Web  Clip  is  an  icon  you  can  add  to  your  Home   screen  as  a  shortcut  to  a  website.  With  one  tap,  Safari   will  open  to  the  Web  Clips  page.   – To  make  a  Web  Clip,  simply   open  the  page  in  Safari.   – Tap  the  Plus  sign  at  the   boUom  of  the  screen.   – Tap  Add  to  Home  Screen  and   edit  the  Qtle  (if  you  want).   – Tap  Add  and,  presto,  a  new   icon  is  added  to  your  Home   Screen!
  8. 8. Email  Setup Se0ng  up  your  e-­‐mail  is  very  simple.   1.  Press  your  se0ngs  icon  on  your  home   page. 2.  Then  press  Mail,  Contacts  and   Calendars.   3.  The  box  similar  to  the  one  on  the  leZ   appears.  Fill  in  the  box  with  your   informaQon  as  seen  on  the  leZ  and  click   next.   4.  The  correct  server  will  show  up  on  the   next  screen.  Press  next  again  and  adjust   your  se0ngs  and  then  you  are  complete.   Note:  If  it  asks  you  to  delete  or  merge  your   contacts,  merge  them  so  that  you  don’t   lose  your  current  ones. 8
  9. 9. iTunes• Download the latest version of iTunes from onto your PC or Macbook.• Using the USB cord in your box, plug in your ipad to your computer.• Download the latest update for your ipad. It is suggested to download only and then update your device later. This allows you to keep working with your ipad while the software downloads to your machine in the background.• Always go to “My Computer” find your device and copy your pictures to your hard drive before updating.• In addition, always click on File> Transfer Purchases to copy your new purchases to your machine before updating to the latest version. Both of these steps ( this and the bullet point above) are important to avoid frustration and disappointment later. 9• To save information and have the ability to update on multiple computers, go to Store> Authorize This Computer. You can share your device with 5 computers.• To share your iTunes Music library and other purchases between computers go to Advanced > Home Sharing and put in your iTunes registration information.
  10. 10. Crea?ng  an  iTunes  Account 3. 1. 4. 10 2. 5.
  11. 11. iPad  Basics Take  a  screen  shot  (a  picture  of  what  you  are   seeing  on  the  screen):   • Hold  down  home  buUon  and  click  the  on/off   buUon  quickly  and  then  release  both.  You  will   see  the  screen  flash  white  and  you  will  hear   the  sound  of  a  picture  being  taken. • Find  your  screen  shot  in  the  Photo  App
  12. 12. SimilariQes  to  the  iPhone/iPod  Touch • Uses  same  cord  for  synching  and  charging • Mul@-­‐touch • Same  basic  apps  included  (Calendar,  Contacts,  Notes,   Maps,  Videos,  YouTube,  iTunes,  App  Store) • Same  apps  in  dock  (Safari,  Mail,  Photos,  iPod) • Built-­‐in  microphone  (Voice  Memos  App),   accelerometer    (New  York  App),  and  digital  compass   (Toy  Story  or  New  York  Apps) • Runs  all  iPhone/iPod  touch  appsAccelerometer  An  accelerometer  is  a  device  that  measures  proper  accelera0on,  the  accelera0on  experienced  rela0ve  to  freefall.Mainly  gaming  Flick  Fishing  (wrist  ac0on)  or  driving  games,  compass,  probeware
  13. 13. Differences  from  an  iPhone/iPod  Touch • Higher  resoluQon  screen • Larger  virtual  keyboard • iPad-­‐specific  apps • Larger  screen  area  with   more  viewing  opQons • Faster
  14. 14. Differences  to  the  iPhone/iPod  touch • MulQ-­‐column  email  in  Mail • Separate  iTunes  video  (Videos)  and  music   (iPod) • Redesigned  Calendar • Up  to  six  apps  in  the  Dock  instead  of  four • Animated  photo  frame
  15. 15. More  Differences: • iWorks  apps  (Words,   Keynote,  Numbers)  for   iPad  only – View  documents – Create  documents – Edit  documents – $9.99  each
  16. 16. iPad  Basics • iPad  comes  with  a  screen  reader,  support  for   playback  of  closed-­‐capQoned  content,  and   other  innovaQve  universal  access  features  —   right  out  of  the  box.Apps  that  act  as  screen  readers:1-­‐Voice  Memo2-­‐Speak  It
  17. 17. iPad  Basics • Like  iPhone  and  iPod  touch,  iPad  includes   VoiceOver,  the  world’s  first  gesture-­‐based   screen  reader  for  the  blind.   – Instead  of  memorizing  keyboard  commands  or   pressing  @ny  arrow  keys,  you  simply  touch  the   screen  to  hear  a  descrip@on  of  the  item  under  your   finger,  then  double-­‐tap,  drag,  or  flick  to  control   iPad.   – VoiceOver  speaks  21  languages  and  works  with  all   of  the  applica@ons  built  into  iPad.  
  18. 18. iPad  Basics • Double  tap  the  home  buWon.  That  should  pull  up  a   list  of  recently  used  applica@on  (this  is  for  fast   switching  between  apps).  You  can  swipe  leX  to  see   even  older  apps,  or  swipe  right  to  get  a  liWle  control   panel.   • On  the  leX  is  the  orienta@on  lock/unlock  buWon,  and   theres  also  easy  access  to  brightness  and  iPod   controls.
  19. 19. iPad  Basics • The  icons  in  the  status  bar  at  the  top  of  the  screen   give  informa@on  about  the  device: – Wi-­‐Fi:    Shows  that  the  iPad  is  connected  to  the   Internet  over  a  Wi-­‐Fi  network.  The  more  bars,   the  stronger  the  connec@on. – Lock:    Shows  that  iPhone  is  locked.   – Play:    Shows  that  a  song,  audio  book,  or   podcast  is  playing.  
  20. 20. iPad  Basics -­‐Bluetooth:     – Blue  or  white  icon:    Bluetooth  is  on  and  a   device,  such  as  a  headset  or  car  kit,  is   connected.   – Gray  icon:    Bluetooth  is  on,  but  no  device  is   connected.   – No  icon:    Bluetooth  is  turned  off.   – Ba=ery:    Shows  baWery  level  or  charging   status.  In  your  Sengs  you  can  also  add  the   percent  to  help  you  beWer  understand  your   @me  leX.
  21. 21. iPad  Basics Maximize  Ba=ery  Life • Turn  down  the  LCD  (Sengs  >>  Brightness). • Turn  Wi-­‐Fi  new  network  scanning  off  or  Wi-­‐Fi  off   (Sengs  >>  Wi-­‐Fi). • Set  the  Autolock  to  1-­‐minute  (Sengs  >>  General  >>   Autolock). • Turn  Bluetooth  off. • Close  apps  not  being  used.  (To  see  live  apps,  double   click  the  home  buWon.  A  menu  of  open  apps  will   appear  at  the  boWom  of  the  screen.  Hold  down  one   to  see  the  minus  sign  that  allows  you  to  turn  off  the   app.
  22. 22. Safari        In  Safari,  double  tap  to   zoom  in.  You  can  also   “pinch”  (pung  your   thumb  and  index  finger  on   the  screen  and  pinching  in   and  out)  to  zoom  in  Safari   and  in  Pictures.
  23. 23. Safari Get  a  Bigger  Keyboard  in  Safari • Before  you  begin  browsing,  rotate  the  iPad   horizontally.   • Now  tap  the  address  bar  and  you’ll  get  a  wider   keyboard.  
  24. 24. Safari • Ever  scroll  preWy  far  down  a  web  page,  only  to   find  that  the  address  bar  has  disappeared?  No   need  to  scroll  back.  Instead,  double-­‐tap  the  white   bar  (or  the  @me)  along  the  top  of  the  screen  to   jump  right  to  the  top  of  the  page. • The  address  bar  will  reappear,  regardless  of   where  you  are  on  the  actual  web  page.  
  25. 25. Safari Get  Access  to  Other  Domains • Hold  your  ".com"  buWon  for  a   second  in  a  web  address. • Youll  be  presented  with  a  list  of   alternate  domain  endings,  such   as  .net,  .edu,  and  .org.
  26. 26. Safari Save  Images  in  Safari/Mail • Just  touch  and  hold  an  image   in  Safari  or  Mail. • An  ac@on  sheet  will  be   presented  to  enable  you  to   save  the  image.   • The  image  will  get  stored  in   the  “Saved  Photos”  library  of   the  Photos  app.Go  to  Google  Images  and  search  for  ‘student’
  27. 27. Safari MulQple  Pages  Open  in   Safari:  Up  to  nine  pages   can  be  open  at  any  one   Qme.
  28. 28. Organize  Your  Apps• An  easy  way  to  organize   the  order  of  the  Apps  on   your  device  is  to  select   the  “ApplicaQons”  tab   within  the  iPad  Screen   when  connected  to   iTunes.  • When  selecQng  the   applicaQons  to  sync  (on   the  leZ  hand  side),  you   can  change  the   arrangement  on  the   right  side  (for    iTunes  9   and  above  only).
  29. 29. Organize  Your  Apps – AlphabeQcally – Most  used – By  categories  (news,  media,  educaQon,  etc.) • To  move  an  app,  hold  your  finger  on  top  of  the  app  un@l  it   starts  to  wiggle.  Then  just  slide  it  where  you  want  it. • To  delete  an  app  from  your  device,  hold  your  finger  on   the  app  and  then  tap  the  X  to  delete.  (An  X  only  appears   on  items  that  you  can  delete.) • To  stop  the  wiggling,  press  the  Home  buWon.
  30. 30. Organize  Your  Apps Want  Things  in  Alphabe?cal  Order?        Reset  your  iPod  touch  home  screen  and  re-­‐ arrange  all  of  your  Apps  into  alphabeQc  order:                            SeXngs>  General>  Reset>  Reset  home  screen  layout
  31. 31. Organize  Your  Apps The  Search  Screen  (Spotlight) Searches  apps,  as  well  as  Mail  messages,  music,   contacts,  and  calendar  events
  32. 32. Keyboard Punctua?on  and  Capitaliza?on • Double-­‐tapping  the  space  bar  aZer  a  leUer  or   word  inserts  a  period  and  a  space.  The  next   word  will  be  capitalized.   • iPad,  iPod  Touch  and  iPhone  automaQcally   capitalize  certain  words  like  “I”  and  “iPod.”   • Also,  they  add  apostrophes  to  many  words  like   “youre”  and  “Im.”
  33. 33. Keyboard Typos • Want  to  undo  typing??  Just  shake  your  device. • Made  a  typo?  Press  and  hold  the  word  you   spelled  wrong  and  a  magnifying  glass  will   appear.   • Slide  your  finger  back  and  forth  to  move  the   cursor.
  34. 34. Keyboard Access  Special  Characters • Holding  down  leUers  on   the  keyboard  will  pop  up   the  accents/symbols   associated  with  those   leUers.  Once  it  pops  up,   slide  your  finger  over  to   the  accent/symbol  you   like.
  35. 35. Updates:        Updates  may  have  become  available  for  the  apps   on  your  iPad  since  you  last  used  them.          Check  for  updates:          1-­‐Go  to  the  App  Store  in  the  boWom  right-­‐hand   corner  of  the  touch  screen.          2-­‐Click  on  Updates  in  the  boWom  right.            It  will  check  to  see  if  there  are  any  available.  If  there  are,  they  will   show  on  the  screen.  You  may  update  them  using  your  password.
  36. 36. Updates:  iOS  4.3
  37. 37. iOS  4.3 • AirPlay – The  wireless  technology   that  lets  you  stream   content  (movies,  music,   and  photos)  from  your   iPhone,  iPad,  or  iPod   touch  to  your  HDTV  via   Apple  TV.
  38. 38. Updates:  iOS  4.3 iTunes  Home  Sharing – Designed  to  let  you  stream  and   transfer  music,  videos,  and   more  with  up  to  five  other   computers  on  your  local   network. – You  must  turn  Home  Sharing  on   in  iTunes.
  39. 39. Updates:  iOS  4.3Customize  side  switch  (mute  or  screen  rota@on  lock).   • Go  to  Sengs  –  General  –  Lock  Rota@on.
  40. 40. Managing  the  iPad  for  your  StudentsIf  Needed,  You  Have  Control… • You  can  hide  applicaQons  on   the  iPad  (Safari,  YouTube,   iTunes,  locaQon  noQficaQon). • You  can  limit/control   download  capabiliQes. • Nothing  can  be  added  or   removed  without  teacher   approval. • You  can  limit  TV  shows,   movies,  podcasts  and  apps  by   raQng  or  explicit  content   warning.
  41. 41. Managing  the  iPad:  SeXng  Student  Access Sengs  >  General  >  Restric@ons
  42. 42. Managing  the  iPad:  SeXng  Student  Access Password  Control  for  Student  Access
  43. 43. Managing  the  iPad:  SeXng  Student  Access PrevenQng  App  DeleQon • To  prevent  students  from  dele@ng  apps,  you  must   have  installed  iOS  4.2.1. • Go  to  the  Sengs  app,  tap  General,  tap  Restric@ons,   tap  Enable  Restric@ons,  choose  a  password,  and   switch  Dele@ng  Apps  to  off.
  44. 44. Learning  Opportuni?es1. Ipads in Schools2. iPads in Administration3. Learning with the iPads4. Administrators with the iPads5. iTunes University6. 50 iPads Tips and Tricks7. Schrocks iPad 44