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Task 3

  1. 1. ‘’An unsigned band is a band that has not beensigned to a record label. Bands that releasetheir own material on self-published CDs canalso be considered unsigned bands. Oftenunsigned bands primarily exist to perform atconcerts.’’- Google web definitions.
  2. 2. The venues within Norwich that seem most popular for unsigned bands areplacessuch as the B2 on Sprowston Road, and the Brickmakers pub. To get to play inthe venues includes emailing and phoning the place and trying to get a sessionwithin that venue. I also found that sessions can be advertised on Facebook, forexample...
  3. 3. To get signed the person must show themselves to be a good investment to theagency, as they are looking for talent, and a person that will be able to sell theirmusic well. Some places may also need some extra favours, such as offering todo some graphic designs, or remixing other artists work free of charge, thereforemaking you sound willing, and also giving them a good bonus!Most unsigned bands that are looking to become signed will search aroundagencies and send demo’s of their music to the company. However, this takes alot of hard work, and the Artist would really have to impress and have experiencein selling their stuff to become signed. Which is why there is still many bandsthat are unable to get signed.
  4. 4. I got in touch with a local unsigned band from Norwich called Laps around the lake to ask them about ups and downs of being an unsigned band... its really hard to find shows I wont lie, like we have to email so many people about getting on shows and probably about 2 out of 20 of them reply what we do is we literally look through all the local shows that are going on around Norwich and we email the people putting it on and we nine times out of ten they usually just say no we don’t have any room on the bill but if you get the right people theyll have space on the bill for youwe dont as a band because most of the showswe play are for free but we play for free so wecan get ourselves out there
  5. 5. were sending in demos to numerous differentlabels but nobodies getting back to us!Its really hard, but our guitarist Jack hasgot us on this compilation of local Norwichbands for this label called NR1 recordsand out of it hopefully will come a dealwe hope! I suppose we get to control what we do recording wise like some contracts take away your copyright rights when you sign so you wont get any money if theyre played on the radio and stuff so I guess its good that we get to control everything I think that’s what wed like if we were signed, like to be able to control what we like but yeah being signed wouldn’t really do much for us really all they do is sell your music and promote you
  6. 6. Because this band is mainly promoting themselves through socialmedia, such as Facebook and YouTube I think that they would probablybe best to either act as their own agent and sign to a independentrecord company that’s regional, or just act as the distributor and try tosell to shops so that their stuff will reach out further than just small gigsand online promotion. They could also try for Airtime of public radiostations, which then means more people would be likely to want todownload their music.
  7. 7. Getting members of the band Thinking of names Putting together the songsBecome Finding Making it downloadable Advertisinrecognizable venues gGetting in contact with record labels Being approved Signed The red boxes are what the band still has to do Using this same flow chart for my own band, I would say that becoming signed would be tricky as many bands are unable to find record labels, however this band intend on finding someone who wouldn’t interfere much, or just becoming distributers themselves, whereas our band would want to be signed to an independent company as it wouldn’t be successful enough to become in the major labels such as Sony.