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Using Github to Share Talk Ideas


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This is a lightning talk I did at the Philly 'burbs WordPress Meetup group.

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Using Github to Share Talk Ideas

  1. 1. Using GitHub to Share Talk Ideas Lauren Pittenger
  2. 2. Online at
  3. 3. Two Repos 1. 2. Main Presentations Five Minute Presentations
  4. 4. Issues Each repository has an "issues" section One talk idea per issue Main Presentations Issues
  5. 5. Issues Issues are GitHub's feature for keeping track of bugs in a software project. Mastering GitHub Issues
  6. 6. Submitting a Talk Idea
  7. 7. Click "New Issue"
  8. 8. Sign In or Sign Up
  9. 9. Title & Comment
  10. 10. Watch and/or Star
  11. 11. Notifications Participating Notifications Someone mentions you or a team you are a member of Someone comments on a conversation you are subscribed to Someone makes a commit to a pull request you are subscribed to You are assigned to an issue Watching Notifications Opened issues & their comments Opened pull requests & their comments Comments on any commits Published releases
  12. 12. Managing Notifications Receive notifications via email or only on Change your preferences by following instructions at notification-delivery-methods/
  13. 13. Thanks! @laurenpittenger Slides: /github-phillyburbs-talk-ideas/