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Fraud warning - Wiseway Global Education china job scam


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WiseWay Global Education is now a China Job Scam after being bought out by Russian scam artist Yuri Khlystov in 2016. It is now the same China Job & Internship Scam with expanded services of study-abroad counseling. BEWARE!

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Fraud warning - Wiseway Global Education china job scam

  1. 1. WiseWay Global Education is A China Job Scam – Part of Russian Gi2C Crime Syndicate in China… Now that Gi2c has been exposed as a total sham, the owners Yuri and Svetlana and Ben have begun shifting their marketing operations through two other scam shell companies called WiseWay Global Education and Loawai Career Center. Same scam, same Zhongguancun call center in Beijing but now they simply use a different script and focus on teaching internships and jobs. Don't be fooled, however, As I just found out the hard way, it is the very same bait and switch bullshit, and no, you will not earn even $25,000 a year in ay job they find for you. You can do much better yourself for free. Check out and the huge China Liars List at CKLIST SEARCH FOR YOUR SELF “Gi2c”, “scam” at these websites and if you wonder why most of this crap is hidden by Google, red this here: oogle-and-duckduckgocom-china-job-scam-or-legit (Internet Scams Section)