New Faculty Orientation 2014 - What Faculty Can Do


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University of Southern Mississippi
New Faculty Orientation 2014

Dr. Andrew Haley

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  • Why does that matter? First, it matters because there are, just like there are for our students, financial advantages. True, in the short run, we get paid whether our students graduate or not. But in the longrun, student success is what runs the University. Meeting this year’s budget projects for the University, for example, hinges on 200-300 student who would either not come to USM attending or 200-300 students who are here staying to finish their degree. Every student matters.
  • This is especially true because the economics of public education are changing. Schools like USM once could rely on state governments to subsidize what we do because they recognized the value of education. Today, they don’t. Enrollments are up, but state appropriations are down. And not just in Mississippi. In the past year, Mississippi saw some increases compared to places like Texas or Tennessee which experienced further cuts. But we were not generously funded to begin with so it matters. And that means that USM, like many other state schools, needs tuition dollars.
  • New Faculty Orientation 2014 - What Faculty Can Do

    1. 1. What Faculty Can Do Student Success New Faculty Orientation Fall 2014
    2. 2. Here is what I tell my students on the second day of class:
    3. 3. Money and Meaning
    4. 4. Why It Matters 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Percentage of Mississippians with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 1990 2000 2007 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 1990.2000, 2007
    5. 5. Money and Meaning
    6. 6. That is what I think my students need to know. This is what I think you need to know.
    7. 7. Here is what I want to tell you before your first day of class:
    8. 8. Money and Meaning
    9. 9. Why It Matters
    10. 10. Student Success Equals
    11. 11. Money and Meaning
    12. 12. Why is retention so low at USM?
    13. 13. What We Are Doing Right?
    14. 14. USM is Taking Action  New calendar that holds students responsible for their success.  New advising procedures that invest students in their education.  Financial support to improve teaching.  Centralized resources that student can turn to for support.  Peer mentoring and peer support programs.  More financial support for students.
    15. 15. Student Success Initiative
    16. 16. Officially, my job to day was to tell you what you can do to increase student success. Thus far, I have not really answered that question.
    17. 17. No Simple Answers
    18. 18. Back to Basics
    19. 19. Communication
    20. 20. Communication  The days of the one-page syllabi are over.  Communication does not end at the classroom door.
    21. 21. Active Learning
    22. 22. Experimentation
    23. 23. Mentoring
    24. 24. Respect Your Students
    25. 25. Ownership
    26. 26. If I can ever be of help, don’t hesitate to contact me. Department of History