Professional Services Fact Sheet (Digital Marketing) by WSI Online


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WSI Online ( has made market research to find out Digital Marketing Facts in Professional Services Industry.
This report includes following:
- Industry Overview
- Business Challenges
- Industry Opportunities
- DIgital Marketing Trends
- Search Advertising Spending
- Social Media Usage
- Digital Marketing Opportunities

Read it and use it in to make good Internet Marketing strategy for your services!

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Professional Services Fact Sheet (Digital Marketing) by WSI Online

  1. 1. Professional Services INDUSTRY FACTSHEETIndustry OverviewProfessional services are defined as infrequent, technical or unique functions performed by independent contractorswhose occupations are based on rendering these services. Professional services often involve providing expert advice(such as consulting), but also include routine operations, transactions processing, design work and project supervision.This industry includes specialties such as: accounting, advertising and marketing, architectural, consulting, engineering,IT, legal and scientific research services. Other examples of professional services contracts are: public relationsprofessionals, recruiters, copywriters, translators, value-added resellers and web designers.Business Challenges Impacted by Economy: During times of economic challenge, many corporate customers minimize outside expenses or delay moving forward with certain projects. This could mean limiting the usage of professional service firms, thus impacting the firm’s revenue. Greater Liability: Since professional service individuals are heavily involved in the operations of their corporate customers, they are faced with a great risk of blame or liability if their advice doesnt produce the desired results. Success Relies Heavily on Credibility: Those within the professional services industry strongly rely on name recognition and reputation, especially in highly competitive sectors. Damage to a firm or individual’s reputation could result in loss of business and hinder client retention. Not to mention, reputation damage to a professional services firm can be challenging to repair.Industry Opportunities Companies Outsource Services: Due to the need to drive greater efficiency, corporate outsourcing is increasing as companies move away from maintaining a large internal staff of professionals. In other words, companies are practicing a management model where in-house staff coordinates work with outside vendors, such as professional services firms. Greater Need for Expert Advice: As technology, trends and regulations evolve, corporate operations become more complex leading companies to seek expert advice outside their organization. In many cases, professional services firms are called upon to assist, rather than training existing employees on new technologies or regulations. International Expansion: Many professional services can be easily delivered to clients outside the country in which the firm resides. With the use of Internet technology and international conferencing tools, firms can expand the reach of their services outside national borders. Copyright © 2011 by Research and Management. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Professional Services INDUSTRY FACTSHEET Providing Multi-Service Solutions: Some professional services are similar in nature, such as marketing and advertising; graphic design and web design; architecture and engineering; or management and IT consulting. This opens the door for firms to offer multi-service solutions.Digital Marketing TrendsSearch Advertising SpendingWhen evaluating search advertising of the professional servicesindustry in the US, we see that attorneys and legal services spentan average of $2,560 on search advertising during Q3 2009,targeting approximately 105 keywords. Meanwhile, dentiststargeted an average of 74 keywords and spent $2,004 on searchadvertising during that period. Approximately $1,666 was spenton search advertising by those who work in air conditioningservices (55 keywords).Physicians and surgeons spent $1,728 on search advertisingbased on about 57 keywords. During the third quarter of 2009,plumbing contractors targeted about 74 keywords and invested$1,904 advertising on search engines. Meanwhile, constructioncontractors spent about $1,428 on search advertising andtargeted 40 keywords. Meanwhile, those who offer landscapingservices invested $815 on search advertising and targeted 33keywords while doing so. Other professional services mentionedin the eMarketer study include: pest control companies, autorepair and service companies, chiropractors, movers, electriccontractors and more (see the chart on the right).Social Media UsageIn the chart below, we can see the social media uses of companies within various industries including those in theprofessional services industry. Specifically, this chart illustrates the percentage of those currently using social media,planning to use social media and not currently using social media or have no plans of using it. When evaluating theservices industry, we see that 66% currently use social media as part of their marketing strategy, while 21% have plansto start integrating social media in their marketing mix. Only 11% of respondents from the services industry said they arenot using social media or have no plans of using it. Copyright © 2011 by Research and Management. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Professional Services INDUSTRY FACTSHEET Other services mentioned in the study include communications companies in which 71% stated they currently use social media; 16% indicated they are planning to use it; and only 9% said they are not currently leveraging social media or have no plans on using it. Digital Marketing Opportunities Immediate Areas of Focus for Social and Mobile When we look at the latest digital marketing opportunities of social media and mobile for the professional services sector, their main considerations and focus should be on how they can use these technologies to ensure the expertise of their company is effectively communicated by their experts on staff and their overall brand reputation is positively maintained. Some Professional Service companies have jumped onto the social and mobile train sooner than others. But for the most part, when it comes to what social technologies and mobile marketing strategies they should focus on, below is where we see the majority starting from a strategy standpoint. Social TechnologiesBlog Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube News Feeds/ Social Forums Review Social Alerts Bookmarking Sites Mobile Marketing Mobile Mobile Local Mobile Mobile Site Search Ads/ Text Apps Copyright © 2011 by Research and Management. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Professional Services INDUSTRY FACTSHEETAdditional Considerations for Social Media Primary Uses for Social Media Biggest Concerns for Social Media Recommendations for Social Media Intelligence gathering and Potential reputational risk When promoting experts using prospecting to improve A lack of control of both the social media, select candidates competitive advantage message and the medium carefully Increased visibility through The internal resources required Ensure experts have a good increased web traffic or for engagement balance between their personal enhanced Google search page brand and the brand/reputation rankings of the firm itself Enhanced reputation and sales Focus on quality of content and effectiveness conversation, rather than quantity Potential for greater client Establish guidelines to ensure satisfaction and/or consistent presentation of the communications firm and its brandPopular Pay-Per-Click Keywords Keyword Advertiser Global Monthly Estimated Cost Competition Searches per Click professional services 0.14 6600 $4.69 canon professional services 0.04 1600 $1.62 professional services council 0.05 1000 $6.43 msa professional services 0.04 720 $0.60 professional services agreement 0.23 590 $1.45 it professional services 0.77 590 $9.07 professional services marketing 0.35 590 $3.07 professional services group 0.02 390 $9.61 professional services contract 0.36 320 $0.64 professional it services 0.85 260 $9.44 professional business services 0.14 260 $5.22 professional services industries 0.05 210 $2.07 selling professional services 0.13 170 $2.32 services professional 0.09 140 $0.10 professional services management 0.35 110 $12.04 business professional services 0.2 73 $4.55 professional services online 0.18 58 $0.10 professional services business 0.15 58 $16.46 professional services it 0.54 36 $8.86 professional services guideline 0 22 $0.10 Copyright © 2011 by Research and Management. All rights reserved.