A2 media Evaluation.


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A2 media Evaluation.

  1. 1. I am going to be discussing the ways our media product uses’ and/orchallenges’ the form and conventions of real media products.Firstly I am going to be discussing the ways in which we follow orchallenge the codes and conventions of a music video. I will be doingthis along side Chris Browns’ With You video. Here you can see a shotfrom Chris Browns’ video and shots from our video. Here we can seethat we have challenged the conventions of a typical video as you cansee that in the beginning of Browns’ video the first thing you see isChris Brown himself but in our video we have opening credits and theshots of the skate park. Also, the fact that you don’t see our artist isgiving it a mysterious feel and we don’t actually see him until 38seconds into the video.
  2. 2. Eye contact is an important convention in all music videos. It’s a type of way in which you can interact with the audience. In Browns’ video he doesn’t give eye contact to us even when the camera is faced directly at him for quite a while but then when he sings the line ‘with you’ he gives eye contact. Whereas in our video, Leyton doesn’t give eye contact throughout the whole video until the end, and we end on him looking into the camera. I think that when Leyton is looking into the camera it doesn’t give an inviting look but if Leyton was to look into the camera with a little more passion and not had such a serious face on then maybe it would have made it less intrusive.The most prop that is used in most R&B videos is cars. Cars have beenused in both our video and Browns’ video. The car in Browns’ video is abright red Mini and stands out a lot from the dark scene, whereas themotorbikes kind of blend in with the background. In our video we haveused a black BMW, therefore this shows that we have followed theconventions of a music video, the car also stands out from the lightscene. The car in our video is in nearly the whole shot and we can’t seethe driver or anyone sitting in the car creating a mysterious feel. Aconvention that we have challenged is the presence of a girl. Browns’video shows many girls. This is obviously because he’s talking aboutbeing without someone, whereas in our video we havent got any girl,obviously because the song isnt based around heartbreak or anything todo with girls.
  3. 3. For our music video we decided that we wanted a narrative and aperformance. The narrative is in black and white whereas theperformance is in colour. We decided that they were going to bedifferent so the audience can distinguish between them. We havefollowed the codes and conventions of a typical music video. Eventhough Chris Browns’ video has a performance throughout the wholevideo, there are clips that are slowed down which shows us thatthose clips have importance in the video. In our video we have shownthe importance by making the relevant scenes black and white.
  4. 4. Mise-en-scene means ‘everything within the frame’. I think the key aspects are: setting, costume, figure behaviour and lighting. Our music video was shot in South Bank Skate Park and in a house in Greenford, whereas Browns’ video is shot in Los Angeles, California. The main difference between both videos is that one is shot in the day and the other in the evening. Another difference is that our video was shot in two different places. We have extended our control by using two locations to give meaning to our narrative and performance. We have used props in the video e.g. iron, TV, teddy, white board, pen, headphones etc. In Browns’ video they have used the bus, guitar, motorbikes and cars for their props.I think costume plays a big part in the music video. Leytons’ genre ofmusic is R&B and soul, and although the codes and conventions of theway a R&B artist should dress is in baggy clothes and hoodies (like inChris Browns’ video), we told Leyton to wear smart shoes, jeans andshirt because he is a soul artist as well and therefore the clothes he iswearing fits into both genres. Leyton has two looks in the video, theother look is when he is dressed in a simple T-Shirt and a normal pairof jeans. We told him to dress a certain way because we wereshooting the narrative which was to show abuse from his step-father.Chris Brown also wears two different costumes, both costumes wereused for both the performance and the narrative.
  5. 5. I think lighting can play a important role in a music video. Too much or too little can make your video unwatchable and/or boring. By manipulating the quality and the direction of the light you can change the quality of the scene. Different lighting setting can mean different moods in scenes for example, high level of light mean happiness whereas low level of lighting can mean sadness/grief. When shooting our video we had all natural lighting because we were filming outside for the performance and there was enough light in the house when we were doing the narrative. When we were filming the scene at south bank we had shadows forming. If we compare this to Chris Browns video, we can see that they may have used artificial lighting because it was shot in the dark, but there was some light coming from the street lamps but we don’t know whether they were real or artificial.Framing also plays an important role in the video because it showsthings that scenes that go with the music. We used many shotdistances such as close ups, long shots and medium shots. A closeup is a s hot of his face and shoulders. Both our video and ChrisBrowns’ have close ups. Close ups may shoe facial expression andhow or what they are feeling. We have also used long shots for theshots for the shots of the skate park and when Leyton is lookingout to the sea.
  6. 6. These are our final digi-pack.We decided to choose Kavitha’spack because we thought itcreated synergy and thereforeit would be easier to tell that itwas from the same artist. Eventhough there is a littledifference between the insideand outside of the CD we canstill clearly see that it’s fromthe same artist because theresa picture of Leyton on all of thepages.
  7. 7. I think that there is synergy between all our products. An example of synergy is Disney.They have a Disney channel then Disney movies and then Disney DVD’s and thendifferent merchandises such as t-shirts, mugs and toys. This is where everything within afranchise promotes everything else. Our video was set half in a skate park and half in ahouse. The main theme was to show the struggles of Leyton growing up, being familyproblems and the place where he grew up. We decided that we wanted to use a skatepark because it represents the area in which he grew up. There is synergy between thevideo, CD and the advert because Leyton is in/on each thing. While shooting the video atthe skate park we did a photo shoot from we used picture in the advert and the CD cover.There was a certain way we wanted Leyton to look on the day (smart), we did this toshow that not everyone from a rough area wears hoodies and baggy trousers, also bydoing this we have challenged the codes/conventions of a typical R&B artist. BecauseLeyton was wearing the same thing in the video as he is in the advert and CD cover, itmake it easier for the audience to spot e.g. when looking for the album or single. When Itook the pictures I realised that the pictures of Leyton looking away from the cameraworked better rather than the photos of him giving eye contact, although eye contact isimportant because it helps you interact with the audience I thought looking away almostmake the audience ask themselves ‘why isnt he giving eye contact?’. Another way toidentify the synergy between the products is the font that has ben used. The font is thesame on the CD cover and the advert again making to recognisable and the audience willinstantly be able to tell that this is Leytons album. Andrew Goodwin has said that inmusic videos there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. I think this appliesto our video because we have used the lyrics in the song to create a narrative and I thinkthat narrative and performance work together to make it easier for the audience towatch it over and over again without losing interest. Because Leyton is the narrator andthe victim in the narrative it make the video more authentic and the audience need tosee it as being real.
  8. 8. For our audience feedback I made a questionnaire and distributed them to the target audience which is 12-15 year old females, also as agroup we uploaded the music video on to YouTube. I showed the target audience the video and then told them to fill out thequestionnaire. I sampled 15 people for the questionnaire. I asked 5 questions (4 closed questions and 1 open question) and the resultswere as follows: After watching the first part of the video, did it make you want to carry on My first question was ‘After watching the first part of the watching the video? video, did it make you want to carry on watching the video?’. The pie chart shows that 33% felt that the video didn’t draw 33% Yes them in, but 67% said they wanted to carry on watching the video. They may not have been drawn in because of the 67% No quality of filming which we could have improved by maybe using a tripod when doing steady shots. On the other hand they may be drawn in because we followed some codes/conventions of a R&B/soul music video.
  9. 9. 12 Did you like10 the video? The second question was whether they liked the video. 73%8 liked the video and 27% didn’t. They may have not like the Yes video because of the quality of the video or they may have6 No liked it because of the narrative and performance in the 73% video, but we asked the audience to write any comments4 they had about the video in another question.2 27%0 After watching this Yes No video, would you go and buy the single?My third question was if after watching the video wouldthey go and buy the single. 53% said they wouldn’t buy thesingle whereas 47% said they would go and buy the single. I 53% 47%got mixed responses as some said they wouldn’t buy it Yesbecause they didn’t like the singing but others enjoyed it Noand they said they would and the video helps encouragepeople to go and buy the single.
  10. 10. 14 Do you think 12 that the video fits the The fourth question was whether they thought the video fit into a10 codes and pop/soul video. 80% thought so and 30% thought it didn’t fit the conventions codes/conventions of a pop/soul artist. There are certain places 8 of a pop/soul where we have challenged the conventions of a typical music 6 artist? video such as not have a girl in the video, or not wearing typical 80% clothes of a R&B artists would. These issues may have made the 4 Yes audience think that it wasn’t a typical R&B music video. On the 2 No other hand, 80% said that the video fit into the convention/codes 20% of a R&B artist. They may have said this because of the ‘flashy’ car 0 in the video as there are many R&B music video where there are Yes No cars as such.The last question was to write any other comments that they sayabout the video. The one comment that people mostly wrote wasabout the length of the video, saying it was ‘too long’. The originalsong was 4:52 minutes long, and we had to cut he song down to 3:28minutes. I think the audience thought it was too long was becausemusic videos now a days have cut down to 2:30-3:00 minuteslong, but there are some pop music videos such as Lady GaGa’s musicvideos which sometimes run for 10-12 minutes. There were alsonegative comments on the artists singing and when looking at thequestionnaire the people who said that were people that said theywouldn’t buy the single (question 3).
  11. 11. This feedback is from ‘YouTube’. We posted our video on the 19 th January2012 an up until now the video has got 432 views. We have commentsthat are positive and negative. There is a comments stating that ‘the videoisn’t doing it’. This maybe the quality of the video, one way we couldveimproved it was by adding more cuts where there are longer shots. Therewere also a few negative comments about the artist. We obviouslycouldn’t do anything about that. I also looked at the statistics for the videoand it shows that the video is most popular with males aged 13-17 andfemales aged 18-24. This audience is completely different to what ourtarget audience was which was females aged 12-15. the statistics alsoshows where in the world the video has been watched in this case in theUK and in the USA. The fact that the video was played in USA broadens thetarget audience even more because we thought that the video was goingto be watched in the UK.
  12. 12. During our research, planning, construction and evaluation stages I have used software, hardware and different types of research. Theredifferent softwares we used which are: InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint andWordpress. We used different hardware’s which are: Video Camera, SLR Camera and a Computer. For our research we used:Google, Phones, YouTube and Social networking sites. To gain most of my research I used Google to research the artist I also used it toresearch comparable artists such as Chris Brown and Amy Winehouse. I used Google to also look for CD covers and magazine adverts to helpgive ma an idea of what the codes and conventions of a soul/R&B artist is. We used YouTube to listen to the artists other songs whichhelped us to determine what the target audience was and we used YouTube to put up the final video and we got responses from userswhich helped us to learn about what we did good and what we could improve on. YouTube provided us with statistics on who was watchingthe video and where in the world they were watching. Social networking sites helped us put our product out to get people to watch thevideo. As our artist has a Facebook account, the video being put out on Facebook will help him build a bigger fan base. I used my phone tohelp me contact my group for meetings or shootings and I used to record what some of the target audience thought of the video and ifthere was anything we could improve on.
  13. 13. To take pictures of our artist we used a Sony SLR camera. The settings were an issue because I didn’t change them when I needed towhich meant that I had to Photoshop to change the picture to what I wanted it to be. To film the video we used a video camera, whichwe borrowed from the college. To get used to using the video camera we made a chase sequence to help us improve our skills and helpus film properly. A final piece of hardware we used was the computer, we used this in our research; to help us research comparableartists, planning; used software’s to write up our treatment and to write down any research we did and we used it to edit our video andcreate the digi pack, and evaluation stages; where I am writing up the how and why we made the video the way we did and analysingthe feedback we got.
  14. 14. I have used many software’s throughout theresearch, planning, construction and evaluation stages of making thevideo and the digi pack. I have used Microsoft Word when doingresearch to write down everything I research and when writing thetreatment for the video as part of the construction. I have usedMicrosoft Excel to draw up the bar charts and pie charts to help meanalyse the findings on my questionnaire this makes it easier to analyse.I have used Microsoft PowerPoint to write up my evaluation which tellsyou what we had to do create a music video and a digi pack. It also tellsyou what we could have improved on and what worked well. Final CutPro was used to edit the final music video. Initially we had difficultiesusing the programme but then we got used to it and Kavitha had usedthe programme previously therefore it helped us when we were editing.I used Photoshop to edit some pictures we took of the artist. There weretimes when it got difficult to use but I kept on practising with photos andtherefore getting better at Photoshop. I used InDesign to create the digipack which consists of a CD cover, CD booklet and a magazine advert forthe artist. One problem I had when using InDesign was the sizing of theCD cover, sometimes the cover was too big sometimes they were tosmall. Wordpress is a online blog and we had to put everything weresearched, planned, constructed and evaluated on the blog. Puttingthings onto the blog helped because it was easier to see what we haddone and learnt from the beginning of the year.