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Question one

  1. 1. My answer to this question analysis the code and conventions of amusic video and how we tackled/followed them. We tried to make it as original as possible however for some shots we followed some of the codes and conventions of a music video as a music video was the product we had to make. In this presentation I will be analysing and highlighting substantial shots explaining why we made certaindecisions. I will also be making textual references to the music video Runaway love by Mary J Blige & Ludacris and the artist Justin Bieber , as these represent the aspects of the codes and conventions of a music video. The genre of our artist is POP / RnB / Soul. The audience would expect to see an urban environment and a good fashion sense as our audience range is between 12-15.
  2. 2.  For our research we looked into and analysed other music Our artist was easily recognised as a pop/soul singer as videos of the same genre as our artist, Pop/Soul. The he has got a very high pitched voice and is in reason why we thought it was a good idea to look into as comparison with Justin Bieber as Leyton had also many videos as possible is to see what the typical started singing when he was young and had a lot of conventions of the particular genre and how we can use female fans than males as he is really feminine these conventions on our very own video so the audience friendly, this is portrayed in his dress sense as he is would find it easy to recognise. Andrew Goodwin’s usually in pink. This really helped us on our research as definition of a pop music video is that it should have ’either we believed that out artists main fan base would an stage perfornance or a dance routine and you should approximately be from the age range of 12-15. look at its characteristics and the relationship between the visuals and the lyrics to figure out the genre of a music As a group we had decided that we would want to have video’ . a both performance and a narrative piece for our video, although it sounds a bit complicated , my group and I were quite sure we can achieve our goal. Alongside with the codes and conventions of a standard Pop video, we had also made the narrative shots black and white so it makes it clear to the audience that it was a flashback.
  3. 3. Runaway Love - Mary Blige & Ludacris was the influence for our opening shot as you can only see the person’s feet as he iswalking before the face is shown. We challenged the codes and conventions by adding credits at the beginning of the track aswell as scenery. I thought showing the feet of the artist before the face is shown was a good way to create suspense for theaudience to guess how the artist is going to look like if they are watching the video for the first time. The footwear alsoimmediately shows the class of the artist as trainers may represent Urban culture and RnB genre and classy shoes mayrepresent pop.
  4. 4.  For the setting , we thought establishing shots would be the best for it as it captures the whole image / scenery and it would look appealing to the audience. In most music videos the setting is shown at the start with the main souvenirs so the audience would be able to recognise where it is taken place instantly. South Bank skate park was the entrance to our music video as we took shots of different angles of the place for it. We challenged the codes and conventions of a music video our video starts of really slow and gives the audience time to admire the location before the artist is introduced. In the video Never say never by Justin Bieber, the artist is shown straight away before any scenery where as in our video the scenery was introduced first.
  5. 5.  For the first 41 seconds , the artist’s face was not shown on our video. We kept his face not shown and only had his back and feet showing as this will create suspense on who he is. Stereotypically , audience would expect a Black singer to be dressed in baggy jeans and long vest tops , however we tackled the codes and conventions as Leyton was dressed up smart with a white shirt and classy footwear and got out of a fancy car. This idea also makes the audience have questions in their head such as what the artist is doing , where is he going. In most mainstream videos the artist’s face is shown first but we thought we shall tackle the convention. Cars is a main source of code and convention as in most pop/ hiphop videos as the artist usually drives through , so we thought we would maintain that. In the video Never say never, Justin Bieber’s face is immediately shown within seconds.
  6. 6.  Leyton’s face is shown as the first verse of the song starts. We shot this at a skate park with Leyton dressed classy as we wanted to show the contrast between the setting and the artist. Our aim was to portray the fact that even though the place is Urban with graffiti and hood rats, Leyton feels comfortable writing lyrics there even though there are disruptions as he was brought up there. The ‘watch’ shot symbolises the fact that he got no time to waste and he is making use of every minute possible to go somewhere in life. According to the lyrics, Leyton is an independent young man trying to become successful in life although there are many struggles he got to face such as getting bullied there by the hood rats.
  7. 7.  We grayscaled these particular shots where Leyton looks younger and at his home with his step dad to show the audience what he had to go through in the past. This is a code and convention of a music video as it clearly shows the audience that all this was in the past . After every performance shot we added a narrative shot straight after Leyton looks away or looks down to show that he is thinking back through the past . Our music video illustrates a story as in the grayscale shots we see that he was not treated well and get tortured by his father , but he had always fought back and was passionate about music / work which got him to where he is today , (this is shown as we see him get out of a nice car).
  8. 8.  We chose South Bank skate park and Leyton’s house for the locations. The reason why we chose the skate park for the performance part is to show that Leyton is not a typical teenager involved in gangs and is motivated to achieve his childhood dream. The shot of him walking slowly shows that he seems like a gentle young man , and when he looks down into the river , it highlights the fact that he is a deep thinking person. In Justin biebers video never say never, Bieber is in a recording suite with high tech equipment surrounded by him where as in our video, Leyton is sitting down at the skate park with a pen and paper writing lyrics. This shows that he is humble and even though if he goes far in life , he would like to work like he always have. We also created a binary opposition between him and the teenagers these days as the narrative location was at his very own house , we thought this was a brilliant idea as it is realistic that children get abused at home.