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Types of Music Videos


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Types of Music Videos

  1. 1. Research On Types Of Music Videos I am not sure as to what type of music video I would like to create so to get a better understanding I researched the different types of music videos out there to help me decide which kind would be the most suitable.
  2. 2. Nikki Minaj Pound the Alarm – Pop MusicSetting & Lighting: The setting of the video is Spain and Videos Pconstantly reminds you of this throughout by repeatingclips of the singer in front of a view of the city, with bright oblue skies. The lighting of this music video is extremely pcolourful and vivid, little of the music video features anddim lighting.Costume: The costumes featured in the music video very Mmuch fit in with the lighting and setting of the video, everyactor in the video is seen in bright, multi-coloured clothing. uProps: There are various props used in this video like fire sand fireworks, this helps tie in with the feel of the video asbeing a party atmosphere and very upbeat. iPace: The overall pace of the music video is upbeat cthroughout, with various part of the music video reflectingthe pace of the song and lyrics, for example the verses arerelatively fast but as the chorus approaches the paceincreases. The clips shown rarely last more than a single Vsecond or two. iThe Artist: The artist of the song is very much shown dthroughout the video, ranging from clips of her alone toclips with her surrounded by other people. eOverall Story: There is very little story in this video we are oaware that some kind of festival or carnival is taking place,however the is no clear story, the video very much reflects sthe song itself and simply a feel good upbeat pop song.
  3. 3. Rita Ora How We Do – Pop MusicSetting & Lighting: The setting of this video is Videos Psome kind of party, although much darker than theprevious video there are occasional clips shown overy bright and vivid, generally when the chorus pstarts these clips are shown to reflect the upbeatchorus. Much of the lighting in this video isdirected at the singer in many of the clips, thebackground is very faint with the artist being the Mprominent person in the clip. uCostume: Because the setting of the video is aparty many of the actors are seen in slightly scasual but still very glamorous clothing, the artist iis also shown in glamorous but casual clothingsuch as jeans, shorts, hats as opposed to a cglamorous dress as that would not fit the scene ofthe video.The Artist: Similar to the Nikki minaj video the Vartist if featured throughout the video there are ibarely any clips that she is not shown in, the clipsonce again range from shots of her alone in dvarious settings, to her amongst other people. eOverall Story: Once again there is little to suggestan in-depth storyline, the majority of the clips are oof a party atmosphere, giving the audience a verypositive feeling when watching it. s
  4. 4. Poets of the Fall Dreaming Wide Awake – AAlternative/Indie l t Music Videos Setting & Lighting: The settings in this video vary from a snowy arctic setting in he present, to the hustle and e bustle of a town in the past tense clips, the artist is r shown in various settings from the arctic scene to the n town. a t Costume: The costume in this video is very basic i everyday clothing; the characters are shown in very vintage old winter clothing to reflect the norm of their v lives. e / Props: The props used in this video range from old I photographs to broken lights, very drastically different props used in pop videos, these are very everyday n objects, that relate to the video and are used to show d how the character in the video is feeling for example a i smashing light reflects he anger of the character. e Pace: The pace is relatively slow to fit in with the narrative of the song, the content of the clips tend to M become more rapid during certain points of the song for u example the chorus, as the verses begin again the s videos pace slows to reflect the pace of the song. i The Artist: The Artist is only featured in the video at c certain points often singing along to the song, the majority of the video features actors for the narrative. V i Overall Story: For this video it is clear there is some kind d of narrative, it is unclear what the story is at the beginning of the video and as the song progresses the e story slowly unravels. The video is constantly shifting o from the past to present in order to reveal the narrative s
  5. 5. Ed Sheeran The A Team – A Alternative/Indie l tSetting & Lighting: In regards to lighting this video is shot entirely inblack and white, this could be to reflect the dullness of the characters Music Videos elife, there is little lighting throughout most of the video, a lot of the rclips are very dark with little light reflect off the characters face. The nsetting of this video is a rundown town as to show how much the acharacter is struggling, it is set on the street most of the time, and tthere are no glamorous settings throughout this video. iCostume: As the character in the videos is supposed to be struggling vshe is shown in rather run down clothes, with her make up very ewashed out, her costume is very stereotypically a prostitute’s clothes /hair and makeup. IProps: One of the main props in this video is the characters sleeping nbag which she is shown wrapped in throughout a lot of the video, this dis to add to the effect of her being very poor and not having very imuch, her sleeping bag in this looks to be one of her only major epossessions, the sleeping bag is a prop strongly associated with thehomeless. MPace: The pace is similar to the pace of the song is rather slow and ucalm throughout, this is to fit with the song and possibly to reflect the scharacters simply and life who feels she is not living and not makinganything of herself. i cThe Artist: The Artist is slightly included in the video but only asanother actor in order to interact with the other characters. VOverall Story: The opening of the video is set in the present showing ithe main character dead, but the video then begins to show you the dpast and her life before she died to show us how or why this did ehappen. Once the opening present scene is shown the clips follow in oa chronological order it does not flip from past to present throughout. s
  6. 6. RockMusic Videos R Slipknot – Psychosocial o c Setting & Lighting: The setting of this video seems to be a k corn field however some clips are shot at night and some in the day. Some clips clearly show images of the setting. Fire is used in the night scenes as an element of lighting. M Costume: The most obvious point to make about their u costumes is that they are costumes, the wear masks throughout this video, these have become almost a trademark s of the band and they are well known for them, the fact they are i used in the videos is maybe because they fit in with the overall setting and feel of the video or they reflect the message of the c song. Pace: The pace of this video is very rapid and almost hectic no clips last longer than a second and each clips appears to be V filmed using a handheld camera very hap hazard and jumpy. There are a few clips shown in slow motion ad almost work in i contrast with the actual pace of the song. d The Artist: The band is shown constantly whether it is of the singer the whole band or a shot of another member, the band e is the main focus. o Overall Story: The band is used in this video to tell the story, there is no acting from other characters and even the s band but the way they perform there song they show body language of desperation or anger.
  7. 7. Rock Music Videos R oGood Charlotte – The River cSetting & Lighting: The video appears to be set in this one setting a ksewage draining system, a setting although not glamorous veryrecognisable to many people. The setting of the video could bebecause of the link with message of the song, the lyrics say “ on Mmy own” the band behind situated all alone in a deserted place of awaste line could be to reflect the lyrics. u sCostume: The band is wearing all black in this video, along withblack hats black scarves and even black instruments making them iappear very clearly and vividly against the pale setting they are in.This could be to show the element or rock behind the bands image. cRock is stereotypically dark and black.Symbol: I did notice a small river being shown in some shots Vrunning through, as the name of the song is river I thought thiscould have been strategically used to back up the meaning of the isong. dThe Artist: The band is shot throughout the video, they are verymuch featured in it similar to the pop videos however the way they epreset themselves almost gives off some kind of narrative. oOverall Story: There doesn’t appear to be a clear narrative in thisvideo like the Indie/Alternative videos as the band is just shown sperforming throughout however the way they perform providesclues to the nature of the song.