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  1. 1. Are you looking for a car rental for your next holiday? Ifyou are planning a trip to Israel then you will be glad toknow that renting a car in this region can become quite simple and convenient. You simply need to follow certain tips that will surely guide you through most of the expected pitfalls that you need to be aware of aswell as those that might have never crossed your mind. They are outlined below:
  2. 2. Opt for Advance Booking In order to avail the best car rental Israel, it isrecommended that you book a car well in advance during the summer seasonand holidays It would be very useful if you could book even a few months inadvance
  3. 3. During these months, car rental companies are usually busy and it is possiblethat they may not have any cars in their stock Thus, renting a car mightbecome impossible in such situations
  4. 4. Check your Driving License's Validity Before you arrive in Israel, do notforget to check whether your driving license is still valid or not This will ensurethat your car rental does not go waste if you have booked and paid for it inadvance
  5. 5. Hence, a valid driving license becomes essential for renting a car in IsraelAbout Driving with Children in Israel If you have decided to drive in Israel withyour children then you should be made aware that here there are special lawswith regard to the ages according to which they are supposed to be seated inthe car with a child safety device
  6. 6. If you think you will need such a device, then you must ensure to order it wellin advance while renting a car in this region A Weekly Rental is MoreEconomical than a Daily Based One It will be more beneficial if you think of renting a car on a weekly basis ratherthan one that is daily based
  7. 7. A cheap car rental will therefore be one that provides weekly rates of hiringWeekly rates are generally much cheaper and if you rent a car for a week, itwill be more economical than if you rent it for five days
  8. 8. You can also opt for a monthly rate if that meets your requirement in case youare planning a longer stay in Israel Insurance Cover and Returning the Car Itis very essential to check well in advance what all the insurance covers foryour rented car and also know about the maximum financial liability for thedamage of the car if there is an occurrence of an accident
  9. 9. Moreover, when you are returning the car, you must ensure that you are ontime since any delay will automatically make you liable to pay for a period of anextra 24 hours of rent Therefore, you must bear all these things in mind whilerenting a car in the Israeli nation
  10. 10.