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  1. 1. There are a lot of basketball shoes on the market right now. In fact there are a lot of Nike basketball shoes on the market right now. As a consumer of Nike basketball shoes, it has never been a better time to be a sneakerhead. That is because there has never been so many different models of Nike basketball shoes available. Additionally, there hasnever been so many different colorways in which tobuy a pair of Nike shoes for basketball. A few yearsback Nike rolled out its "Hyper" series of basketballshoes. The Nike Hyperdunk is one of the shoes that was part of that shoes
  2. 2. Every basketball fan knows who the up and coming Los Angeles Clippersuperstar Blake Griffin is Do you remember Griffins performance in the2011 NBA All-Star dunk contest? nike shoes One of the dunks heperformed in that contest will be remembered for quite some time Griffinjumped over an automobile and dunked a ball that was lobbed by histeammate Baron Davis who was inside the car at the time Hesuccessfully performed this unbelievable dunk in a pair of NikeHyperdunks The Hyperdunk was originally made famous by one KobeBryant
  3. 3. Kobe was the first player to were the Hyperdunk, a shoe that now hasbecome one of the best shoes in the Nike Hyper signature sneaker lineFor the past 4 years the Hyperdunk has continued to increase inpopularity It has also continued to increase in performance The 2011Hyperdunk has pushed the performance technology in which it is made,to a higher level This years edition continues the integration of theFlywire into the upper and provides ultimate stability without being heavy
  4. 4. Flywire has been a staple of this shoe from the very beginning ThisFlywire technology is also the reason the Hyperdunk is such a lightweight shoe Phylon is used in the midsole and provides a verycushioned and supportive landing In addition there is a strong midfootshank plate that holds the foot in place It is all here
  5. 5. Excellent stability, maximum cushioning, and lightweight performanceThe 2011 Hyperdunk continues to impress with its performance-based,versatility This shoe has been praised for its low weight and breathabilityon the court Overshadowed by the Kobe Bryant signature sneaker linefor the last 3 years, this shoe truly delivers for each and every type ofbasketball player Additionally, there is a colorway for every type of player
  6. 6. The 2011 edition of the Hyperdunk has released in 25 differentcolorways so far You can trust in the fact that there are more on the wayRegardless of how many different basketball sneaker shoe lines areavailable to sneakerheads, the Nike Hyperdunk will always be a verypopular shoe
  7. 7. nike shoes