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International Lithium Presentation September 2014


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International Lithium Presentation. J/V with Strategic Partner from China Ganfeng Lithium. Mariana Lithium Potash Project in Argentina. Avalonia Lithium Project in Ireland. Mavis Lake Lithium Tantalum Project in Canada.

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International Lithium Presentation September 2014

  1. 1. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) International Lithium Corp.
  2. 2. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 2 The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this presentation. Statements in this presentation other than purely historical information including statements relating to the Company’s future plans and objectives or expected results, are forward-looking statements. This presentation contains certain "Forward-Looking Statements" within the meaning of Section 21E of the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Forward- looking statements are based on numerous assumptions and are subject to all of the risks and uncertainties inherent in the Company’s business, including risks inherent in resource exploration and development. As a result, actual results might vary materially from those described in this presentation. Readers should verify any & all claims and do their due diligence before investing in any securities mentioned. Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Disclosure: John Harrop, PGeo, FGS, Vice President of Exploration of the Company is a "Qualified Person" as defined under NI 43-101 has reviewed and approved the technical content of this document. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Disclaimer
  3. 3. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 3 “lithium—the key to setting us on a path toward a low-carbon energy future.” -Seth Fetcher, May 2011 Senior Editor /Popular Science
  4. 4. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 4 Executive Summary Listed May 2011: ILC:TSX.V Key Projects Worldwide: Argentina, Canada and Ireland Balanced Portfolio: Lithium-Potassium-Boron Brine & Rare Metals Pegmatites Strong Management Ownership and Expert Technical Team Strategic Partner: Ganfeng Lithium Key projects entering into development pipeline A Global Exploration Company sourcing Lithium and Rare Metals
  5. 5. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Corporate Structure ILC: TSX.V Page 5 Directors Kirill Klip, MBA – President Gary Schellenberg, B.Sc. (Geol.) - CEO Mike Sieb, MBA , B.Sc (Geol.) – Director Wayne Spilsbury, B.Sc, M.Sc – Director Wang Xiaoshen - Director Management Jerry Bella, CGA – CFO John Harrop, P.Geo – VP Exploration Anthony Kovacs, COO Dr. Frederick Breaks, P.Geo – Special Advisor  Shares issued: 77.1M  Fully diluted: 81.8M  Management + Insiders: ~58% Management has Significant Vested Interest in the Company.
  6. 6. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) San Juan Property Location Map Page 6 LEGEND Li - Brine Li - Pegmatite Office Vancouver Mavis Lake Ontario Mariana Argentina Avalonia, Ireland
  7. 7. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Property Ownership Mariana Project, Argentina -80% GFL : 20% ILC -GFL committed to $10M expenditures -ILC retains 10% back-in right -$2M loan to ILC can be repaid through production revenues or royalties from project Avalonia Project, Ireland -51% GFL : 49% ILC -GFL has option to acquire an additional 24% upon completion of $10M expenditures or producing a feasibility study Page 7 Strategic Partnership with Ganfeng Lithium (GFL)
  8. 8. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Recent Advances ILC has secured the means to advance the exploration on the properties now co-owned with GFL We have aligned ILC with a company that has the capabilities and technologies to extract and process Lithium into a high value product that is in high demand This will provide significant savings through the feasibility and project CAPEX phases, essentially relieving ILC of significant process metallurgy costs, external consulting fees and market studies See NR Apr 17, 2014 for more information 8
  9. 9. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 9 Mariana Salar – Argentina Approximately 16,000 hectares One of the Highest Potassium Grades Reported in Argentine Salar Average grades from delineation drill program reveal:* 255-670 mg/L Li 9389-11292mg/L K 510-714 mg/L B Surface Unique Strategic Advantage Expansive 160 km2 Claims Encompass Entire Salar One of the Most Prominent Salars In a World Class Region Brine *News Release dated April 24, 2012.
  10. 10. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Potassium Value Page 10 Value added commodity to ILC •World-wide market with continued upward trending demand •Strategic way to invest in horticulture •Necessary agricultural fertilizer (plant nutrient) •Demand for domestic Argentine suppliers •Few producers account for the majority of global production •Highest potassium values reported in an Argentine salar •No existing substitutes for potassium as nutrient Potassium Fertilizer
  11. 11. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 11 Potassium in Argentine Salars
  12. 12. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Lithium Belt – South America Page 12
  13. 13. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Lithium Belt – Comparables Page 13 Salar Size Grade Production Hombre Muerto 22,500 hectares 744 mg/L Li 7,440 mg/L K 17,500 tpa Li2CO3 (1) Salar de Olaroz 21,000 hectares 800 mg/L Li 6,600 mg/L K Expected 2012 +/- 15,000 tpa Li2CO3 +/- 36,000 tpa Potash (2) Salar de Atacama 140,000 hectares 1,800 mg/L Li 22,200 mg/L K 40,000 tpa Li2CO3 (3) 860,000 tpa Potash (4) >33,000 tpa Li2CO3 (5) >5,000 tpa LiOH Mariana 16,000 hectares 225-670 mg/L Li 9,389-11,292 mg/L K Average from delineation drill program(6) (1) BNP Paribas Fortis Materials report – Aug 2009; Industrial Minerals estimate – 2009 (2) Orocobre October 2010 presentation (3) SQM presentation March 2010 (4) USGS 2008 Minerals Yearbook – Chile (5) Chemetall presentation Jan. 2011 (6) News Release dated April 24,2012 SALAR DEL HOMBRE MUERTO SALAR DE OLAROZ
  14. 14. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Mariana Li-K-B-Mg Salar Page 14 Rail and Road Access Taca Taca
  15. 15. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Mariana Salar - Infrastructure Page 15 Rail and Road Access Mariana Taca Taca (Lumina Copper) Indicated Sulphide Resource 2,165Mt grading 0.44% Cu, 0.08g/t Au and 0.013% Mo giving: • 21.15 billion lbs copper • 5.56 million oz gold • 615 million lbs molybdenum Inferred Sulphide Resource 921Mt grading 0.37% Cu, 0.05g/t Au and 0.012% Mo giving: • 7.55 billion lbs copper • 1.57 million oz gold • 283.4 million lbs molybdenum Infrastructure development at no cost to ILC will benefit Mariana Project • Gas pipeline • Powerline • Upgraded railroad
  16. 16. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 16 Program - Mariana 2012 Phase 1 Resource Delineation Reverse Circulation Drill 4 Wide Spaced (~5kms) Holes 444 metres Different Domains Tested Brine Samples Every 6 metres
  17. 17. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Mavis Lake - Rare Metals Project Page 18 •Located 15km from Dryden, Ont.; excellent infrastructure + hydro power + 5km from the Trans Canada Highway 1 Hard Rock Pegmatite
  18. 18. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Mavis Lake - Rare Metals Project Mavis Lake exhibits high grade lithium and tantalum zonation in accordance with significant cesium and rubidium on surface *2012, 19 Hole Drill Program Highlights: 1.51% Li2O over 21.40m (incl.2.37% Li2O over 9.2m) intersected in drill hole MF12-24 1.51% Li2O over 6.20m intersected in drill hole MF12-25 2.53% Li2O over 6.0m occurring at surface in drill hole MF12-28 1.34% Li2O over 8.50m intersected in MF-12-33 1.05% Li2O over 10.85m intersected in MF-12-34 1.06% Li2O over 10.75m intersected in MF-12-36 *News Releases dated Feb 19, 2013 and April3_2013NR Page 19 Recent Drill Area Area of Historical Focus
  19. 19. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 20 New Occurrence 78 metre Pegmatite Intersection** -1.86% Li2O over 26.25m, 1.22% Li2O over 28.45m and 1,924 ppm Rb2O% over 78m intersected in drill hole MF11-12; -2.58% Li2O over 7.80m intersected in drill hole MF11-09; Mavis Lake - Rare Metals Project Rubidium is used in photo cells and fibre optic applications. Night vision and medical imaging devices are some products utilizing the photoemissive properties of rubidium. Prices for pure rubidium range between $1000 -$1200 per 100g. ** News Release dated January 12, 2012. The true width of the pegmatite intersection has not been determined and no inference to that effect has been made.
  20. 20. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 21 Avalonia Rare Metal Project 8 Prospecting Licenses (totalling 292 km2 ) 19 significant lithium pegmatite occurrences discovered in the 1970’s. 20 metre wide pegmatite delineated at Aclare House and a historical resource estimate of 570,000 tonnes grading 1.5% Li2O was reported by previous operators in the 1970’s.*** *** The historical resource estimate was completed prior to the implementation of NI43-101 and does not conform to any resource category as defined by the CIM Standards and Definitions for mineral resources and reserve estimates. A Qualified Person has not done sufficient work to verify the information regarding the historical resource estimate and therefore the issuer is not treating the historical estimate as current mineral resources and the historical estimate should not be relied upon. Details regarding the historical estimate can be found in the issuer’s news release dated January 31, 2012.
  21. 21. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 23 Avalonia Rare Metal Project *Moylisha 2013 Drilling Confirmed Historical Results and Identified Unexposed Mineralization *News Release dated June 25, 2013. •Pegmatite intersected at Aclare containing 2.23% Li2O over 23.3m including 3.43% Li2O over 6.0m drill width (true thickness is yet unknown). •Multiple pegmatite dyke intersections and 1.50% Li2O over 5.60m at Moylisha are consistent with historical results and confirm the prospectivity of the area. •Step out drilling, 500m south of historical work at Moylisha, intersected lithium and other rare element mineralization within multiple, closely spaced, parallel pegmatites.
  22. 22. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Strategic Investor Support Page 25 •Prominent Global Lithium Product Manufacturer •Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange •17.41 % Equity Stake in ILC •Brings Significant Future Development Assistance Strategic Relationship Agreement
  23. 23. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Summary Page 26 Project Advancement Value Increase Active 2014 Plan Strategic Partner Mariana Salar: Potash-Lithium-Boron Brine Salar In Prominent World Class Region Mavis Lake:  Drill Results Exceeded Expectations  High Grade + Extensive Pegmatite Intersection
  24. 24. international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V) Page 27 Contact Information P.O. Box 11604 Suite 620 - 650 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6B 4N9, Canada Phone: 604.687.7551 Fax: 604.687.4670 Toll Free: 1.800.667.4470 international lithium corp. (ILC: TSX.V)