International Lithium Presentation December 2016


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International Lithium Presentation December 2016.

International Lithium Corp. (“ILC”) a “Clean Tech” lithium resource developer with a global portfolio of lithium assets. It is 18.7%. owned by TNR Gold Corp (TNR:TSX).

International Lithium Corp. (“ILC”) currently holds highly prospective projects in the most prolific areas of the world for lithium and rare metals. ILC has recently reinforced its relationship with strategic partner Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co Ltd, from China, through an increased equity stake of 18.1% to further advance the core ILC projects.

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International Lithium Presentation December 2016

  1. 1. P O W E R O F B L U E S K Y D I S C O V E R I E S + G R E E N T E C H N O L O G Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L L I T H I U M C O R P I L C : T S X V O T C : I L H M F F R A : I A H C O R P O R A T E P R E S E N T A T I O N D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6
  2. 2. P O W E R O F B L U E S K Y D I S C O V E R I E S + G R E E N T E C H N O L O G Y INTERNATIONAL LITHIUM CORP. I L C : T S X V O T C : I L H M F F R A : I A H C O R P O R A T E P R E S E N T A T I O N D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6
  3. 3. LITHIUM -the key to setting us on a path toward a low-carbon energy future - Seth Fetcher, May 2011 Senior Editor - Popular Science “
  4. 4. DIS CL AIMER The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this presentation. Statements in this presentation other than purely historical information including statements relating to the Company's future plans and objectives or expected results, are forward- looking statements. This presentation contains certain "Forward- Looking Statements". Forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions and are subject to all of the risks and uncertainties inherent in the Company’s business, including risks inherent in resource exploration and development. As a result, actual results might vary materially from those described in this presentation. Readers should verify any & all claims and do their due diligence before investing in any securities mentioned. Investing in securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk. D I S C L O S U R E John Harrop, PGeo, FGS, Vice President of Exploration of the Company is a "Qualified Person" as defined under NI 43-101 has reviewed and approved the technical content of this document.
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Listed May 2011: ILC:TSX.V Key Projects Worldwide: Argentina, Canada and Ireland Balanced Portfolio: Lithium-Potassium- Boron Brine & Rare Metals Pegmatites Strong Management Ownership & Expert Technical Team Strategic Partner: Ganfeng Lithium Key projects entering into development pipeline A GLOBAL EXPLORATION COMPANY SOURCING LITHIUM + RARE METALS
  6. 6. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m CORPORATE STRUCTURE shares issued: 85m fully diluted: 96.6m M A N A G E M E N T H A S S I G N I F I C A N T V E S T E D I N T E R E S T I N T H E C O M P A N Y DIRECTORS MANAGAMENT Kirill Klip, MBA – President Gary Schellenberg, B.Sc. (Geol.) – CEO Wang Xiaoshen - Director Mike Sieb, MBA , B.Sc (Geol.) – Director Wayne Spilsbury, B.Sc, M.Sc – Director Jerry Bella, CGA – CFO John Harrop, P.Geo – VP Exploration Anthony Kovacs, COO Dr. Frederick Breaks, P.Geo – Special Advisor TNR GOLD CORP. 16,000,000 18.7% GANFENG LITHIUM 15,400,000 18.1% INSIDERS/ MGMT. 12,115,000 14.2% management + insiders: ~51%
  7. 7. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m CORPORATE STRUCTURE TECHNICAL TEAM/ ADVISORS MANAGEMENT DIRECTORS Kirill Klip President Gary Schellenberg CEO Mike Sieb Managing Director Jerry Bella CFO Anthony Kovacs COO Bruno Kasper Manager, Argentina Patrick McLaughlin Project Geologist Mariana Felipe Geology/Database Chris Basil Community Relations Wayne Spilsbury John Harrop VP Exploration Caroline Klukowski Corporate Comm./IR Dr. Fred Breaks Pegmatite Projects Xiaoshen Wang
  8. 8. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m STRATEGIC PARTNERS GANFENG LITHIUM CO. LTD. PIONEER RESOURCES LIMITED  Prominent Global Lithium Product Manufacturer  Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange  18.1 % Equity Stake in ILC  Brings Significant Future Development Assistance  Active exploration company focused on key global demand-driven commodities
  9. 9. DEVELOPMENT • ILC has secured the means to advance the exploration on the properties now co-owned with GFL • We have aligned ILC with a company that has the capabilities and technologies to extract and process Lithium into a high value product that is in high demand • This will provide significant savings through the feasibility and project CAPEX phases, essentially relieving ILC of significant process metallurgy costs, external consulting fees and market studies See NR Apr 17, 2014 for more information
  10. 10. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH GANFENG LITHIUM • 80% GFL : 20% ILC • GFL committed to $10M expenditures • ILC retains 10% back-in right • $2M loan to ILC can be repaid through production revenues or royalties from project • Current budget 2016-2017; US $15M M A R I A N A P R O J E C T , A R G E N T I N A AVALONIA PROJECT, IRELAND • 55% GFL : 45% ILC • GFL has option to acquire an additional 24% upon completion of $10M expenditures or producing a feasibility study. • Average annual budget ≈ US $1M
  11. 11. B U S I N E S S M O D E L
  12. 12. OPERATIONS ON THREE CONTINENTS Diversified Operations Lithium Brines + Spodumene Pegmatites
  13. 13. ILC Mariana (Brine) Avalonia (Pegmatite) Mavis/Raleigh (Pegmatite) Pioneer Resources Ganfeng Lithium Canada (Pegmatite) Argentina (Brine/Pegmatite) Europe (Pegmatite/REE) Litio Minera Argentina Blackstairs Lithium Limited 100% 100%100% 80% 20% 55% 45% 49% 51% Forgan (Pegmatite) 100% PROJECT OWNERSHIP
  14. 14. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART FOR SALTA OPERATIONS Anthony Kovacs (COO) John Harrop (Technical Leader) Hector Saravia Jorge Arias (Legal and Admin) Bruno Kasper (Project Manager) Fernando Villarroel (Process Eng.) Carlos Juarez (EIA Reporting) Andong (Lab/Reporting) Mike Rosko (Hydrologist) Claudio Zalewski (Pond Constr.) Saxum (Feasibility/Engineering) Chris Basil (Community) Ezequiel Castellanos (Accounting-TP) Lyle Sawyer (Resource QP) Francisco Ramos (Data Manager) Salta based operations Geologists Camp and Logistics Simulation (Process Design)
  16. 16. CORPORATE STRATEGY Modular Approach Reduces Capital Needs Spodumene concentrator plants in combination Centralized processing facility optional and can be built with strategic partners Low CAPEX economic model Advance Exploration and Broaden Basket of Projects Through Partnerships Proximity to Infrastructure is Essential Low Cost Rail and Seaborne Transport Network Power and Personnel Manufacturing and Industrial Centers Advance Complementary Projects Acquire lithium projects in a “GOOD” location Resource Acquisition, Consolidation and Development Initiative
  17. 17. CANADIAN OPERATIONS MAVIS Historic Resource High grade lithium intercepts in past drilling Potential for expansion of shallow deposits along strike RALEIGH High grade intercepts for lithium, tantalum, cesium + rubidium Shallow dipping pegmatites (beneficial to resource development) Potential for rapid definition of maiden resource through drilling FORGAN High grade surface showings on 6 pegmatites Extensive soil geochemical signature + Drill ready targets Historic drilling reports excellent continuity
  18. 18. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH PIONEER RESOURCES Pioneer has the option to earn an initial 51% in each Project by expending $1.5 million on each Project. International Lithium Corp. have entered into option agreements on the Mavis and Raleigh Lake pegmatite projects to an established Australian exploration company.
  19. 19. MAVIS AND RALEIGH – OUTSTANDING LOCATION • 10 kilometers from Trans-Canada Highway • 300km to Thunder Bay, Ontario • Major Rail Network • Electric Power Grid • Skilled Labor Force
  21. 21. EXPLORATION OBJECTIVE THE OBJECTIVE IS TO DISCOVER AND DEFINE PEGMATITES WITH SUITABLE LITHIUM GRADE, CHEMISTRY AND THICKNESS; NEAR SURFACE AND PROXIMAL TO GOOD INFRASTRUCTURE; TO SUPPORT A VIABLE MINING OPERATION. The Mavis and Raleigh Pegmatites exhibit: 1.) Good grade and chemistry; and 2.) Are well situated relative to infrastructure providing logistical advantages. The objective of the current exploration programs are to discover a pegmatite of suitable volume to be mined economically. Rather than a single large 'standalone' pegmatite, smaller multiple pegmatites can be combined into a unified mine plan.
  22. 22. NOVEMBER 2016 PLANNED EXPLORATION Pioneer Resources to fund a 1,500 metre diamond drill program Pegmatite 18 MAVIS
  23. 23. RALEIGH Pioneer Resources to fund a 1,500 metre diamond drill program WINTER 2017 PLANNED EXPLORATION
  24. 24. SPODUMENE CONCENTRATOR (Example*) A Spodumene pegmatite is basically a coarse grained granite with environmentally neutral attributes. A processing facility to produce spodumene concentrate from pegmatite is relatively simple and significantly less environmentally impactful with smaller zones of disturbance than other types of mining operations. The concentrate is shipped to a processing facility off site for further refinement or sold as a final product into the market. * The projects presented herein have had NO economic analysis or report performed on them and NO development is planned or supported at this time.
  26. 26. MARIANA PROJECT – ARGENTINA ONE OF THE MOST PROMINENT SALARS IN A WORLD CLASS REGION Unique Strategic Advantage Expansive 160 km2 Claims Encompass Entire Salar • Approximately 16,000 hectares • One of the Highest Potassium Grades Reported in an Argentine Salar • Grades from 2015 pump test program reveal:* 300-341 mg/L Li 8739-10,655 mg/L K 554-770 mg/L B *News Release dated August 11, 2015 Near Surface Brine Level
  27. 27. MARIANA - LOCATION Olaroz Mariana This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Taca Taca The Mariana Project is located close to the border with Chile along the Salta –Antofagasta Railway
  28. 28. AREA OF NEAR-FUTURE MINE DEVELOPMENT Taca Taca Lindero Mariana Only 1 affected community in the region Taca Taca project nearby Lindero Gold Project nearby Socompa border crossing (road and rail) close by Salta-Antofagasta railway operational, close by
  29. 29. 100% OWNERSHIP OF SALAR 13 Minas currently owned 100% by Litio Minera Argentina S.A. (80% GFL, 20% ILC) 1 Mina (purple) was acquired in 2016 to complete the ownership of the entire salar This Mina (purple) was previously owned by Orocobre Current land package includes gold and copper targets as well
  30. 30. MARIANA - 2016 DEVELOPMENT WORK • 2016 Resource estimate underway • Brine aquifers continuous from surface to 170m deep • 2016 target resource area approximately 3,600 hectares (36 km2) • Geophysical surveys used to help characterize basin, map stratigraphy, and interpolate brine between drill holes  high resolution seismic refraction  transient electromagnetic  gravity profiling
  31. 31. MARIANA 2016 Resource Estimate in Progress Evaporation Field Tests underway – Pond Construction Feasibility Studies (Engineering to begin Q1 2017) US $12 million budget to fast track pilot plant permitting Budget extends to December 2017 PEA completion anticipated during pilot plant design phase Feasibility study budgeting in progress
  33. 33. AVALONIA LITHIUM PEGMATITE PROJECT, IRELAND The Company is working with GFL to secure an effective long-term plan for the development of Avalonia. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH GANFENG LITHIUM (GFL) • Current Ownership: 55% GFL / 45% ILC; • GFL has option to acquire an additional 24% upon completion of $10M expenditures or producing a feasibility study; and • $2.5M spent to date by GFL.
  34. 34. 8 Prospecting Licenses (totalling 292 km2 ) 19 Significant Lithium Pegmatite Occurrences Discovered in 70's 50 km Pegmatite Belt Underexplored CURRENTLY 23 MAJOR TARGET AREAS IDENTIFIED
  35. 35. LEINSTER LITHIUM BELT – OUTSTANDING LOCATION Seskinnamadra Aclare Moylisha Lisheen Galmoy Dublin Infrastructure
  36. 36. ACLARE • ILC Drilling extends strike length of Aclare Pegmatite to 550m • Pegmatite intersection of 2.23% Li2O over 23.3m including 3.43% Li2O over 6.0m drill width (true thickness is yet unknown) reported. * The historical resource estimate was completed prior to the implementation of NI43-101 and does not conform to any resource category as defined by the CIM Standards and Definitions for mineral resources and reserve estimates. A Qualified Person has not done sufficient work to verify the information regarding the historical resource estimate and therefore the issuer is not treating the historical estimate as current mineral resources and the historical estimate should not be relied upon. Details regarding the historical estimate can be found in the issuer’s news release dated January 31, 2012. 20 metre wide pegmatite delineated at Aclare with a historical resource estimate of 570,000 tonnes grading 1.5% Li2O reported by previous operators.* Property Wide Drill History: • 69 drill holes for 4,493m at Aclare • 32 drill holes for 1,481m all other areas Highlights Avalonia Project significantly under-explored
  37. 37. AVALONIA LITHIUM PROJECT - MOYLISHA PROSPECT HIGH GRADE BOULDER FIELD DISCOVERY *Grab samples are by definition selective and are unlikely to represent average grades on the property.  4.59%, 3.45% and 3.27% Li2O grab samples* The high grade lithium and extensive boulder occurrence within such a small area represents a highly prospective zone along strike from a previously identified pegmatite indicating a potentially sizable, yet to be discovered buried pegmatite. THE UNDER-EXPLORED NATURE AND PROSPECTIVITY READILY TRANSLATES TO THE ENTIRE PROPERTY
  38. 38. AVALONIA PLANNED EXPLORATION PROGRAM US$ 1M anticipated 12 month budget by strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium to continue to define and develop prospects project wide Primary focus in 2017 is to trench high priority areas at Moylisha followed up by drilling. Additional work to include:  Quantify and prioritize potential of other occurrences along 50km trend;  Further develop Aclare; and  Test and determine efficacy of new exploration techniques. Large Spodumene Crystal in Boulder
  39. 39. CONTACT INFORMATION Phone: 604.687.7551 Fax: 604.687.4670 Toll Free: 1.800.667.4470
  41. 41. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m DIRECTORS Kirill Klip, MBA - DIRECTOR/ PRESIDENT Mr. Klip graduated with a degree in management from St. Petersburg State University of Railways then later obtained a degree in economics from the International Business School in Moscow, and a finance degree in MBA from both the International Business School in Moscow and Guildhall University in London. He has extensive expertise in banking, transportation, mining, telecommunications and Internet industries. Mr. Klip served as the first vice- president and member of the board of TransCreditBank (Moscow), a member of the board of TransTeleCom (Moscow) and a member of the board of Dry Bulk Terminal (Tallinn). He also acted as the adviser on finance for the minister of Russian Railway System (Moscow).
  42. 42. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m DIRECTORS Gary Schellenberg - CEO/ CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Mr. Schellenberg has managed and financed public and private resource based companies for the past 28 years. He is currently a director of five publicly trading resource companies of which he holds senior management positions in TNR Gold Corp. as president and International Lithium Corp. as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Schellenberg is also the President and Cofounder of Coast Mountain Geological, a worldwide resource exploration company which he navigated through several discoveries and acquisitions such as the buyout of Winspear Resources by diamond giant De Beers. Gary holds a Geology degree from the University of British Columbia; his technical expertise and strong business sense bring a solid balance and leadership to International Lithium Corp.
  43. 43. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m DIRECTORS Mike Sieb, MBA, B.Sc. - MANAGING DIRECTOR / CDN. OPERATIONS Mr. Mr. Sieb brings 25 years of strong corporate growth and project management experience in international mining and exploration. Prior to joining TNR Gold Corp., Mr. Sieb was president of Brilliant Mining Ltd. which was named to the TSX50 “Top 10 Mining Companies on the TSX:V” for two consecutive years during his tenure. Mr. Sieb is recognized as a committed executive with an exceptional array of skills essential for operating and developing a premier mining company. Mike has earned an MBA at the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology at Concordia University
  44. 44. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m DIRECTORS Wayne Spilsbury, B.Sc., M.Sc - DIRECTOR Mr. Spilsbury brings 35 years of extensive management and executive level experience in the mining industry including 27 years with Teck Cominco Ltd. Mr. Spilsbury’s executive roles include General Manager, Exploration-Asia Pacific and Regional Vice-President-Asia for Teck Cominco Ltd, Vice-President, Exploration for PacMin Mining Corp. and Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development for Ivanhoe Mines. Wayne earned his Masters of Science Degree in Applied Geology at Queen’s University and Bachelor of Science Degree in Honours Geology at the University of British Columbia.
  45. 45. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m DIRECTORS Xiaoshen Wang, MBA - DIRECTOR Mr. Wang graduated in 1990 with University of North Technology in Beijing, and subsequently established himself in the lithium sector with China State-Owned Enterprises (SOE). Also graduated with an executive MBA from the China Europe International Business School in 2002. Mr. Wang possesses an in-depth understanding of the lithium industry and market through his lengthy experience in sales and marketing of lithium products in China and around the world. He was integral to the formation of Ganfeng Lithium and has been instrumental to its growth as the managing director since 2006. Mr. Wang is currently vice- chairman and executive vice-president of Ganfeng Lithium.
  46. 46. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m MANAGEMENT Jerry Bella, CGA - CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Mr. Bella is a Certified General Accountant with over 20 years experience as a director and CFO of various companies trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. He oversees all the financial affairs of the Company on a day to day basis and works closely with other senior management members in meeting ILC's goals and objectives. Anthony Kovacs - CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER Mr. Kovacs has over 22 years experience in mineral exploration and development. Before joining ILC he held senior management roles developing iron ore and industrial minerals projects, including the early stage development of the Lac Otelnuk Iron Ore project in Quebec, Canada and the Mustavaara Vanadium Mine in Finland. Prior to that Mr. Kovacs worked for Anglo American focusing on Ni-Cu-PGE and IOCG projects and was directly involved in several new discoveries internationally. Mr. Kovacs has significant experience with industrial minerals, ferrous metals, non- ferrous metals and precious metals projects throughout Canada, Europe, Mexico and Africa.
  47. 47. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m MANAGEMENT John Harrop PGeo, FGS, Pgeo - VICE PRESIDENT, EXPLORATION Mr. Harrop has been involved with gold and base metal exploration since 1979. He has been with International Lithium since its formation and involved with lithium and rare metal projects for nearly a decade. He has international field experience in Europe, North America, Central and South America. Mr. Harrop holds a Geology degree from the University of British Columbia and has substantial experience developing and implementing new technology, such as GIS and 3D geophysics. Roberto Lara - PRESIDENT, LITIO MINERA ARGENTINA S.A. Mr. Lara graduated from Universidad Nacional de San Juan in geology and has been involved in the mining industry in South America since 1988, mainly in the province of San Juan, Argentina. He previously was chief geologist from Crown Resources USA and consulted to numerous resource companies. Presently Mr. Lara is Vice president of Compañia Minera Solitario Argentina S.A., TNR Gold's 100% subsidiary.
  48. 48. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m TECHNICAL TEAM & ADVISORS Bruno Kasper, B.Sc. - PROJECT MANAGER, ARGENTINA Bruno Kasper has over 25 years experience in mining and exploration. Mr. Kasper was involved from discovery to resource definition of the Homestake deposit in British Columbia (> 1Moz Au averaging 6 g/t Au). He also spent considerable time in Mexico, Ecuador, and Venezuela running gold and lead-zinc exploration projects and has developed a high level of expertise in Latin American operations. Mariana Felipe, MA, B.Sc., Geology - GEOLOGIST, DATABASE SPECIALIST Mariana has 10 years working experience in the mineral exploration industry. She has worked with junior and major multinational mining companies across Canada and Brazil. She specializes in database management and holds a Masters of Arts degree from Kings College London (UK) with a focus on sustainability in mining.
  49. 49. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m TECHNICAL TEAM & ADVISORS Chris Basil - COMMUNITY RELATIONS, ARGENTINA Mr. Basil is the Co-founder of Coast Mountain Geological and brings over 35 years of global mineral exploration experience to International Lithium. His expertise in project management and community relations and experience in expediting projects in challenging environments worldwide have given CMG the foundation to explore beyond the boundaries. Mr. Basil is a specialist in Mineral Exploration Program design, management and implementation. He has decades experience in challenging logistics and is an advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility, demonstrated through years of First Nations and Community negotiations and consultations. Patrick McLaughlin, B.Sc., P.Geo - PROJECT GEOLOGIST, N. AMERICA & EUROPE Mr. McLaughlin is a registered Professional Geologist with over ten years of experience in mineral exploration and development with an early career focusing on base and precious metals internationally and across Canada. The past 4 years he has managed Lithium and rare-metal exploration projects and developed expertise through valuable field experience on several Lithium and rare-metal projects in both Canada and Ireland.
  50. 50. w w w . i n t e r n a t i o n a l l i t h i u m . c o m TECHNICAL TEAM & ADVISORS Dr. Frederick B. Breaks, PhD, Pgeo - SPECIAL ADVISOR, PEGMATITE PROJECTS Dr. Breaks earned a Ph.D. with a dissertation on pegmatites at Mavis Lake and is a Professional Geoscientist who is well known as a lithium and rare earth elements (REE) expert in Canada. A proven explorer, he discovered two significant lithium-rich deposits: Avalon Venture Ltd’s Big Whopper pegmatite near Kenora, Ontario and Houston Lake Mining Inc’s Pakeagama Lake pegmatite in the North Spirit Lake area of Northwestern Ontario. His ability to create genetic and exploration models of lithium-rich, pegmatite deposits was developed during his career at Ontario Geological Survey where he authored and coauthored over 120 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Caroline Klukowski, BA, BS Journalism - MNGR. CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS/ IR Caroline has been in the corporate communications field for over 16 years. She specializes in online media marketing and analytics as well as traditional public relations. Caroline has worked with private and public sectors in mining, biotech and environmental technologies. Having developed multiple international campaigns she has the unique ability to position companies and products on a cross-cultural market.