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Get to Know Your Holiday Customers


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The holiday shopping season will be here before you know it. Are you doing everything you can to reach new customers during the holiday shopping season?

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Get to Know Your Holiday Customers

  1. 1. Getting To Know Your Holiday Customers 2015
  2. 2. The holidays may still be a few months away, but consumers are already gearing up for the year’s biggest shopping season. They’re searching for deals and checking them twice across a variety of screens (mobile, increasingly). Given that the holiday shopping season kicks off earlier every year, here are some seasonal highlights from last year. 'Tis the season... to shop
  3. 3. ON THE RIGHT COURSE FOR A STRONG 2015 HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON NRF forecasts Holiday retail sales to increase 4.1% Source: NRF
  4. 4. All OF Q4 IMPACTS HOLIDAY SALES Source: NRF In 2013, October thru December delivered similar levels of sales. In 2014, November was a strongest driver for sales activity. Predicting the best sales month may be difficult for 2015, so a continual advertising presence starting in October would be the optimal course of action.
  5. 5. Start early 2015 HOLIDAY SHOPPERS WILL… Use mobile more frequently to help them shop online Half of shoppers will research purchases before Thanksgiving weekend 52% of online smartphone shoppers used their phones throughout the shopping process Source: Google Holiday survey Consult more sources before making decision 12 sources consulted... nearly tripled from 2010
  6. 6. 15% 5% 9% 19% 48% I've already started before Labor Day Before Halloween Black Friday/Cyber Monday early December SHOPPERS START EARLY 29% of shoppers will research before Halloween Half will research before Thanksgiving Source: Google Holiday survey
  8. 8. MARKETERS HAVE MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY TO INFLUENCE EARLY IN THE SEASON 57% of holiday shoppers don’t have specific products or brands in mind when they begin their holiday shopping 78% of consumers are not loyal to a particular brand Source: Google Holiday survey
  9. 9. WINDOW OF INLFUENCE EXTENDS THRU THE HOLIDAY Source: Google Holiday survey 41% of shoppers will not complete holiday shopping until mid-December 24% of shoppers will not complete holiday shopping until the “last minute” 8% of shoppers will not complete holiday shopping until after Christmas day
  10. 10. SO LONG BLACK FRIDAY, HELLO GRAY FRIDAY Source: Google Holiday survey Last holiday season, shoppers seemed hungrier for a deal than they were for turkey. Black Friday transformed into Gray Friday; the big shopping day’s sales were diluted a bit as retailers began their promotions and deals early. Retailers stretched Black Friday deals and promotions across the whole month of November removing the focus from one big day of shopping.
  11. 11. Week of Thanksgiving & Black Friday 9 WEEK PRIOR 8 WEEK PRIOR 7 WEEK PRIOR 6 WEEK PRIOR 5 WEEK PRIOR 4 WEEK PRIOR 3 WEEK PRIOR 2 WEEK PRIOR 1 WEEK PRIOR 2012 2013 2014 QUERIES PEAKED EARLIER ‘Black Friday’ Query Demand Consumers are researching Black Friday earlier each year 2013 20122014 Source: Google Trends/US
  12. 12. HOLIDAY SHOPPING HAPPENS ONLINE 5 hours 46 minutes Time spent on digital Increased by more than 2 hours in the past three years Source: Google Holiday survey 4 of 5 holiday shoppers consider the internet the most “useful” resource
  13. 13. ONLINE SEARCH INFLUENCES SHOPPERS Shoppers are 1.5x more likely to buy than those who do not use search Source: Google Holiday survey
  14. 14. SMARTPHONE – ULTIMATE SHOPPING ASSISTANT 75% of smartphone shoppers plan to use the phone in-store this holiday season Source: Google Holiday survey
  15. 15. Source: RAM Top Sources For Holiday Shopping Decisions Among Newspaper Readers 61% Coupons 61% Newspaper Ads 56% Online Retail 56% Newspaper Inserts 53% Catalogs 40% Online Reviews 18% TV/Radio Ads 89% Look in the newspaper for THANKSGIVING specials NEWSPAPER IS A GREAT RESOURCE TOO! Source: RAM
  16. 16. Among Newspaper Readers 71% browse ads for gift ideas 58% use ads to compare prices WAYS THEY USE NEWSPAPER ADS Source: RAM
  17. 17. RECAP…BIGGEST DAYS FOR SHOPPING Source: Google Holiday survey SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT Thanksgiving More than 50% started shopping Biggest days for in-store shopping Biggest days for online shopping Days spike in shopping- related to searches on mobile Black Friday Cyber Monday Green Monday Gifts for Dad peak Christmas Gifts for Mom peak
  18. 18. KEY TAKE-AWAYS The Internet has changed the game for the holiday season. Smartphone owners are comfortable using their phone as a shopping companion. There is no shopping season… consumers like to shop early and late.
  19. 19. Want to learn more about reaching holiday shoppers for your business? Contact us today P: 517.377.1124 E: