stomach trophic levels producers nutrients prawn and lobste shrimp crab acoelomates comb jellies ctenophores tetraxons monaxons scleroblasts mgco ca co3 ph u v irradiated sperm fish pieces black and white disk metal disk secchi disc application of biostatistics numerical data mathematics biostatistics structure and function of heart respiratory system alimentary canal cycloid scales placoid scales ganoid scales cosmoid scales diadromous oceanodromous potamodromous integrated fish farming monosex culture composite fish culture polyculture monoculture aphasmidia phasmidia natural selection mutations hardy-weinberg turkey emu duck chicken nutritional fungus virus bacteria lates mrigala rohu catlà freshwater culture brackishwater culture mariculture intestine oesophagus mouth esophagus small intestine salivary glands large intestine pancreas • alimentary canal carbamino-haemoglobin bohr effect alveoli breathing expiration inspiration heart beat diastole systole atria ventricles proximal tubule loop of henle tubular reabsorption juxtaglomerular mechanism myogenic mechanism glomerular filtration • unhygienic handling • ambient temperature texture odour rancidity autolysis spoilage packaging processing traps hooks and lines nets canoes crafts boats electrochemical gradient all or nothing depolarisation calcium ions potassium ions membrane potential chemical synapse electrical synapse nerve impulses a band h zone i band m line z line sliding filament model andropause menopause female hormones male hormones adrenal glands thyroid gland pituitary gland energy requirements of fish energy sources energy metabolism seral stages climax community pioneer community climax communities secondary succession primary succession oogenesis spermatogenesis predation competition parasitism commensalism mutualism coexistence biotic factors abiotic factors flow pattern population pyramid decomposers consumers carbondioxide water oxygen temperature food chain housing poultry extensive loxodonta two horned rhino¬ceros placental mammals marsupials zoogeography continental drift pituitary hypopysation induced breeding microlecithal egg alecithal egg placenta acrosome
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