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About Me


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Choice Project for Learning Through Technology. A powerpoint about myself as a teacher.

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About Me

  1. 1. Hi! I’m Emily, but you can call me Ms. Lohse!I’m from Eastport, a small town on Long Island.My family is very important to me. In addition tomy parents, I have a younger sister, a dog, and a ferret.I was a gymnast for ten years; I stopped when I graduated high school.My favorite hobbies have always been going out My family and I out on the boat! on the boat and spending time at the beach.
  2. 2. I decided that I wanted to be a teacher when I was very young. There was a chalk board in my basement, and I would spend hours playing schoolwith my sister. I was always the teacher, and I wouldassign her lots of homework! When my sister would not play with me, I would teach a class made up ofAmerican Girl Dolls and Build-a-Bears. I used to lovewriting out my own worksheets, and when I went towork with my mom I would use the copy machine to make copies for my “class.”
  3. 3. I attended Eastport Elementary School, which was only 3 minutes away from my house.When I first started school there, one building held all students K-12! I went intokindergarten already knowing how to read, soI was ahead of most of my classmates. I loved school and learning, but I was often bored in class because we were learning things I already knew. Because of my ownexperiences in elementary school I understand that not all students learn at the same pace, and I plan to accommodate to students at all levels of learning in my own classroom. I was always excited on the first day of school!
  4. 4. The year of elementary school I remember most is second grade, which is why I’m so excited to be teaching a second grade class now! My second grade teacher was Mrs. Mehan, and I remember thinking she was the greatest lady I had ever met. She had a song to sing for every occasion, which made learning so much fun. And she made each of her students feel special. I hope that I will impact my students the way Mrs. Mehan impacted me.Mrs. Mehan and I
  5. 5. My love for learning continued at Eastport South Manor Junior/Senior High School, which I attended starting in seventh grade. I took wasenrolled in mostly all honors and AP classes, and was always on the Principal’s Honor Roll. As mentioned before, I was a gymnast for 10years, and I competed throughout high school. I was also very active in my school community. I was a member of Key Club, National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, and Iwas Vice President of the English Honor Society. These were all clubs committed to community Accepting the blood drive awardservice. I also organized four school-wide blood drives, and accepted an award at Yankee Stadium on behalf of my school.
  6. 6. I graduated from ESM in 2011 with an Advanced Regents Diploma withHonors. I was ranked third in my class with a GPA of over104. I was also an AP Scholar with Distinction, whichmeans that I received scores of 3 or higher on five or more AP exams.
  7. 7. I attended Marist College beginning in August of 2011 and majored in Psychology and Elementary/Special Education, with a minor in Spanish. I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for my achievement in high school, and was also invited to be part of theHonors Program. I was on the Dean’s List, which requires a GPA of 3.6 or higher. I remained active on campus through clubs including Teachers of Tomorrow, which allowed me tocollaborate with other prospective teachers andgave me extra experience working with children through volunteer work.
  8. 8. I spent many years babysitting, which gave me valuable experience working with children. Iworked for the same family for six years, so I got towatch the children grow up. During my senior yearI also taught gymnastics classes to children ranging from 4 to 12 years old. This was the first situation where I was put in charge of a large group ofchildren. I had to learn to be assertive so that they would take me seriously. I really loved working with the kids though, and they seemed to like me too! Throughout college I gained valuable teaching experience through Field Work and Student Teaching. A letter from some of the kids I taught
  9. 9. I am a very positive person who loves spending time with children, and I am therefore very passionate about my job. I have a strong sense of morals and Iwill be a positive role model for my students. I plan to create an atmosphere of acceptance in my classroom. I want my classroom to be a place where all students feel safe and confident, because I think it is underthese conditions that students learn best. I put a great deal of time and effort into everything I do, so I can assure you that the lessons and activities we will beusing in the classroom have been carefully thought out and planned well. I am creative and enjoy hands-on activities, and I plan to bring these qualities to my classroom as well.
  10. 10. Expect lots of learning this year, and lots of fun! I have somany exciting activities planned for us to do together. In science we will be learning about living things such as plants and animals, the environment, outer space, and energy. In social studies we will be studying the cultures of different communities, the geography of the earth, and a little bit about how the government works. In math we will be counting coins, telling time, and learning fractions. We will also be reading many wonderful books, and we will spend a lot of time perfecting our writing. I also have some pretty excitingfield trips planned! Overall, I think we are going to have agreat year! I am looking forward to learning and creating new memories with all of my students.