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Values as Systems


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Why are values so messy? We think they are important, but we don't understand how to use them well. Are there times when values actually get in our way? Here are some of the answers.

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Values as Systems

  1. 1. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! VALUES AS SYSTEMS Presented by Kathryn Alexander, MA The Art of Leadership - Impact!
  2. 2. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! SYSTEMS DYNAMICS All living systems have a purpose Feedback loops maintain purpose All are composed of interconnected parts that form wholes They are non-linear in cause & effect
  3. 3. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! VALUES Important to our identity All seen as equal Mostly tacit - rarely surfaced of reflected upon They generate behavior Key aspects of every culture
  4. 4. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! PROTECTIVE VALUE SET™ First proposed by Jane Jacobs
  5. 5. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! PROTECTIVEVALUES ! The key value - Loyalty Trust - Obedience & discipline/ honor Traditionally government, military, police, religion Shun Trading Exert Prowess Obedience & discipline Adhere to tradition Be Loyal Take vengeance Deceive for the task Make rich use of leisure Be ostentatious Dispense largesse Be exclusive Show fortitude Be fatalistic Treasure honor
  6. 6. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! EFFECTIVEVALUES SET™ first posited by Jane Jacobs
  7. 7. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! EFFECTIVEVALUES Shun force Come to voluntary agreement Be honest Collaborate Compete Respect contracts Use initiative & enterprise Be open to inventiveness & novelty Be effective Promote comfort & convenience Dissent for the task Invest for productivity Be industrious Be thrifty Be optimistic Traditionally Trading Key value - Honesty Trust - Respect contracts
  8. 8. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! SUSTAINABLEVALUES SET® Proposed by Kathryn Alexander, MA - distilled from nature
  9. 9. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! SUSTAINABLEVALUES Integrity of the whole All actions create the conditions that support Life Right relationship Humans are intrinsic to the web of Life Precautionary principle Dynamic stability Interdependency Optimization Self-organization Diversity Reciprocity Empowerment Co-creation Ecologies Zero waste Curiosity & experimentation Expressed by nature Key value - All actions create the condition that support Life Trust - Integrity of the whole
  10. 10. QUESTIONS? Your Quiz
  11. 11. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! SMALL GROUPS Share a time when you acted on the key value from one of theValue Sets. What happened? Why do you think you got the results you did?
  12. 12. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! IMPLICATIONS ! Create leadership style and culture! Are strategically impactful ! Are a hidden contact for decision-making! Can misalign purposes! Constrain behavior! Can create corruption
  13. 13. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! CONSEQUENCES Lack of consciousness means; Not strategically aligned Poor culture development Corruption & unintended consequences Your Values
  14. 14. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! EVOLUTION? As we have moved (progressed?) from Protective to Effective to Sustainable we have: Expanded our ability to trust Taken more responsibility for our actions Widened our circle of caring The stem is protective, the leaves effective and the blossom (from which seeds come) is sustainable.
  15. 15. WHAT HAVEYOU LEARNED? Please share
  16. 16. © Art Of Leadership - Impact! FOLLOW ON A workbook to help you see your culture Available on Amazon now, Kindle soon