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Value sensitive design

Mobile technology in young children's everyday life is inevitable. Studies show risk for this sensitive age. How to design devices for kids that are not only unobtrusive, but also support natural development and learning?

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Value sensitive design

  1. 1. Value Sensitive Design for Early Childhood Justyna Zubrycka, Connected play designer Toymaker, Co-founder of Vai Kai
  2. 2. of children under the age of 4 use mobile devices. None of these devices are made for children. 97%
  3. 3. A study found that too much time spent with screen media could have damaging impacts on early childhood development. Source: Official Journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics
  4. 4. Parents from IT elite raise their children low-tech "Actually we don't allow the iPad in the home. We think it's too dangerous for them in effect." Steve Jobs, 2 years after releasing iPad
  5. 5. Screen Media Use, by Income, 2011-2017 Source: Official Journal of The American Academy of Pediatrics Average time 0- to 8-years-olds spent daily (hours:minutes)
  6. 6. How technology should be harvest in order to serve young children?
  7. 7. Early Childhood Development approach • Child respected as an autonomous learner • Attention to physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing • Importance of child-directed play in the cognitive aspects of learning
  8. 8. Design principles for young children Sensory - rich Personalised Open - ended Child- centered
  9. 9. Outcome?
  10. 10. Digital heart in a wooden body VaiKais are digital wooden dolls responding with adorable murmuring sounds and a hearbeat that can be felt.
  11. 11. VaiKai Time Companion with Playful Timer and Alarm Clock guides a child to develop sense of time through play.
  12. 12. Safety, security, privacy and societal insights: Kaleidoscope of the Internet of toys internet-of-toys.html
  13. 13. #HellNoBarbie There is no level of legal or ‘technological’ protection that you can apply to Hello Barbie’s recordings to keep them safe.” - Dr. Jeremy Hansen, CISSP, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Norwich University
  14. 14. Dr Dylan Yamada-Risa has studied the effects of Vai Kai digital companions on five-to eight-year-old's. Key finding: children’s emotional interactions with the dolls were triggering unique caretaking play patterns — an essential aspect of developing emotional intelligence and imagination.
  15. 15. Enhancing digital literacy and creativity Key findings: digital mastery is not aquired by digital exposure. As long as children cannot get inventive, digital media will not teach them anything.
  16. 16. One interesting fact is that companies are looking at ways to incorporate technological features to the most common traditional toys and games. Vai Kai is a great example presented at the Spielwarenmesse® 2016. It’s a line of intuitive connected wooden toys that combine tech and tradition. - Maria Costa, Child Consumer Expert Recognised by industry
  17. 17. Trust from parents I felt in love with Vai Kai the moment I saw them. As a mom I struggle with buying the classic toys I love that evoke imaginative play and the hyper stimulative tech toys that bombard us at every corner. I think Vai Kai is a perfect blend of the two. - Elizabeth C.
  18. 18. It’s the child who, making use of all that she finds around her, shapes herself for the future. Maria Montessori
  19. 19. Thank you Dziękuję Danke Gracias Takk @JustynaZubrycka @vai_kai