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  1. 1. By: Boriz Alvarez Issac Cabrera
  2. 2.    Rabies is a viral disease It causes inflammation in the brain It is a zoonotic disease, which means that it can be transmitted to humans from other species
  3. 3.  Rabies is cause by the virus Lyssavirus
  4. 4.    Rabies may be carried by a wild animal, most of the time by stray dogs, pigeons, and rats. You are almost certain to become infected if you are bitten by an animal that carries the virus You may still catch it if you come into any other form of physical contact with said animal
  5. 5.    Do not come into contact with stray animals If you see an animal, like a dog, acting strangely, avoid it at all costs Make sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap after petting any animal, even if you know it is clean
  6. 6. •     •              In the first stage of rabies, which is also the longest stage, symptoms include: Change in tone of the dog's bark Fever Loss of appetite Subtle changes in behavior The second stage lasts only 2 to 4 days, and is followed by the animal’s death. Symptoms are: Craving to eat anything, including inedible objects Constant growling and barking Dilated pupils Disorientation Erratic behavior Episodes of aggression Facial expression showing anxiety and hyperalertness Irritability No fear of natural enemies (e.g., wild animals may not be afraid of people) Restlessness Roaming Seizures Trembling and muscle incoordination
  7. 7. •     •          During the first stage, symptoms are very similar to those of the flu, such as: general weakness Discomfort Fever Headache During the second stage, symptoms are very obvious. If your rabies go untreated and you reach this stage, death is virtually inevitable. Symptoms are: Slight or partial paralysis Anxiety Insomnia Confusion Agitation Abnormal behavior Paranoia Terror Hallucinations
  8. 8.    If you are bitten by ANY wild animal, there is already a possibilities that the rabies virus has been transmitted to you After being bitten by the animal, seek immediate medical attention The doctor will give you a “rabies shot”
  9. 9.  o o There are two kinds of rabies shot that you will be given. The first is: A fast-acting shot (rabies immune globulin) to prevent the virus from infecting you. Part of this injection is given near the area where the animal bit you if possible, as soon as possible after the bite. A series of rabies vaccines to help your body learn to identify and fight the rabies virus. Rabies vaccines are given as injections in your arm. You receive five injections over 14 days.
  10. 10.      Vaccinate your pet dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets against rabies Keep pets under supervision Do not handle wild animals or strays Immediately contact an animal control officer upon observing a wild animal or a stray, especially if the animal is acting strangely If bitten by an animal, wash the wound with soap and water for 10 to 15 minutes and contact a healthcare provider to determine if post-exposure prophylaxis is required
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