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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Global Service Learning Project ProposalJacqueline Smith, Terrence Veal, Angela Williams, and Kimberly McDonald EDL/510 June 18, 2012 Stephanie Moreno
  2. 2. Global Service Learning Project ProposalGlobal service learning opportunities can bridge gaps among students from all over the world. Theseopportunities allow for students to proactively make a difference for communities across the globe. Students can be exposed to issues and real-world problems that students in other parts of the worldare facing in their communities. In the following, is a proposal for a global service learning project forAmerican students to learn about and contribute to the lives of refugee students around the world.
  3. 3. Global Service Learning Project: Ideas Considered Children Helping Children UNICEFJUMP( Juveniles Use Media Power) Making Children to Children
  4. 4. Global Service Learning Project: Rationale for Chosen Idea After researching a number of global service learning projects, including the aforementioned list of projects, the learning team chose RESPECT INTERNATIONAL. RESPECT INTERNATIONAL appealed to the team as a distinct global service learning opportunity for students for the following reasons :To increase awareness of refugee issues among non-refugee students inparticipating countries.To build bridges between non-refugee students and refugee students through pen-pal letter exchange.To encourage students to act to raise awareness of refugee issues and to raise somefunds for their refugee school.
  5. 5. Global Service Learning Project: Outline for Key Points
  6. 6. Global Service Learning Project: Implementation in the Classroom The online form must completed Respect International will package letters from refugee students and forward them A video will be watched in class focusing on refugee- related information After the class is registered, RESPECT International will stand as the connector. Letters will then be exchanged be tween individuals and read in the classrooms. In most cases aid will be requested by the refugees and the class can decide as a class how they are able to contribute
  7. 7. Global Service Learning Project: Effects on Global Learning
  8. 8. Global Service Learning Project: Effects on the World The creation of a worldwide network The possibility of educating individuals across the globe Being able to grow along with individuals across the globe Taking actions in helping refugees in many countries In many ways students can become zoned into their own issues and become closed to the world around them. By developing a relationship with people across the globe students have the opportunity to engage in different cultures and obtain a broader worldview.
  9. 9. Conclusion Global Service Learning Projects are very important to ourteachers and students. It gives us a true picture of who we are as individuals, and allow us to help those around the world who are in need help. Global Service Learning Projects allow for teachers to expose to students the value of respecting the differences in others, particularly the unique cultures and beliefs of those across the globe.
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