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Mz Develpment Process Web Doug

  1. 1. developmentprocessdevelopmentefforts
  2. 2. Table of contentDevelopment process Development process overview 5 Consultative approach & project recommendations 6 Online collaboration 7 Stakeholder interviews 8 Wireframes & UX (user experience) design 9 Graphics & UI (user interface) design 10 Prototyping 11 Technical specifications 12 Project timeline 13Code modules Code library 15 Augmented reality 16 Brand building 17 Calendar functions 18 Charts and graphs 19 Cloud computing 20 Coupons 21 CRM 22 Data transfer 23 Database integration 24 Facebook 25 Flickr 26 Games 27 GPS functions 28 Interactive communications 29 LinkedIn 30 Mapping systems 31
  3. 3. Table of content Music 32 Networking interactivity 33 Office documents 34 Photo and camera 35 Radio 36 Rating and review systems 37 Registration 38 Reservations 39 RSS newsfeeds 40 41 chatter 42 Security 43 Shopping cart 44 SMS text capabilities 45 Social media 46 Surveys and polls 47 Ticket purchasing 48 Voice messaging 49 You Tube 50Promoting app iPhone 52 iPad 53 Android market 54 Blackberry app world 55 Windows Mobile apps marketplace 56Contact us Contact us 58
  4. 4. developmentprocess
  5. 5. development processDevelopment process overviewMobilezapp can generally build custom mobile apps for half the cost and twice as fast as our competition. Our approachto mobile application development is radically different from other mobile application developers. Prior to writing thefirst line of code, we speak with numerous stakeholders within your organization to determine their goals for the mobileapp. We discuss ways to leverage various technologies and understand your platforms to create apps that can assistyour organization toward its end goals. Once we acquire good understanding of the core functions of the app, we createwireframes and design the flow & interaction for app functions. Our creative team then develops a user interface thatis intuitive, easy-to-use and understand and is your brand extension. We develop a working prototype which you caninteract with and understand how the real app will work. The prototype and technical specifications are then used by ourdevelopment team to code up the mobile 5
  6. 6. development processConsultative approach & project recommendationsPrior to developing the application prototype and writing the first line of code, we speak to each of the stakeholderswithin your organization responsible for your mobile apps. We spend time learn their primary and secondary goalsand determine a mobile strategy to deliver same. We gain an understanding of your competitors and study theirmobile strategy. Mobilezapp provides a competitive strategy that analyzes the features, advantages and benefits yourcompetition brings to the market. We provide a detailed report to empower your team with a way to achieve competitivesuperiority in the mobile application space. We provide advice on how we can proactively promote your application toachieve maximum penetration. Ultimately, we work with you to ensure you receive a tremendous return for your mobileapp investment. We are not a mobile application development company - but a mobile app strategy and consultancycompany that delivers mobile 6
  7. 7. development processOnline collaborationThroughout the entire process we work closely with your team. In many ways, your team creates the prototype withMobilezapp. At each step along the way we demonstrate to your stakeholders the process. You can participate as much, oras little, as you wish. If you are so inclined, you can work with us to even go so far as to work with us on deciding which ofthe icons we are goiing to use. For example, if we are adding email functions to your app, there are five different buttonsin our icon library representing the email function - you can tell us which one you like the best. This is also true for thegreat majority of the functions - we have numerous different colored and different sizes of icons. We have a wide variety ofways to to lay-out the buttons on the mobile app device - we can have the functions vertically or horizontally, the order ofthe icons can be changed, we can have a number of validation features, security options and the like. Through our onlineapproval process, you can see the other comments other stakeholders 7
  8. 8. development processStakeholder interviewsPrior to starting stakeholder interviews, we request you fill out a detailed questionnaire. Based on the responses from yourteam, we identify the areas where we need more information and we focus the interviews around those areas. During theinterview process, as needed, we ask your team to provide us with working demos of the products, services and variousbackend components. We brainstorm your team about various app functions. Once we are finished with stakeholderinterviews we will provide your team with a summary of all the goals and objectives for the app. These interviews are keyto our ability to deliver an application that meets or exceeds your 8
  9. 9. development processWireframes & UX (user experience) designBased on the collected information, we identify the core use cases, functions and primary scenarios for the app. Weput together these core use cases and develop a flow to accomplish the desired app functionality. We carefully analyzehow a mobile user will perceive, learn and use the app. We create wireframes for various steps in the flow and analyzeissues like workflow and navigation. We carefully design the user interactivity and experience as the user steps throughthis flow in the application - taking into account the on-the-go nature of the mobile user and making each step easy,efficient and 9
  10. 10. development processGraphics and UI (user interface) designMobilezapp will deliver a mobile application that is not only functional, but looks great too. We believe our creative teamis a secret weapon in our arsenal. We give extensive attention to the needs, wants and limitations of the mobile user ateach stage of the design process. We design the user interface such that the visual precedence relates clearly to the taskimportance. When user directly manipulate onscreen objects instead of using separate controls to manipulate them, theyare more engaged with the task and the app and readily understand the result of their actions. We understand that thelook and feel of the graphics should be an extension of your existing brand. We work with your marketing department toensure that the mobile app visually integrates harmoniously within your 10
  11. 11. development processPrototypingWe take the interaction and interface design and create a working prototype of the mobile app. We develop a webbrowser based prototype as well as a high fidelity prototype that runs directly on the device and incorporates the deviceform factor. The prototype lets you interact with the application interface just like a real app. You can interact with theinterface through clicks, taps, gestures etc just like in a real app. You can get the feel of the scenario flow as you move fromscreen to screen and can evaluate the navigation and various 11
  12. 12. development processTechnical specificationPrior to beginning the code, we must write your technical specification document. The technical spec document are quiteboring to read, extremely detailed, but essential for the development team. While the prototype is an easy way for yourteam to understand the functionality of your app, and can be useful for the development team to understand what youare looking for - the tech spec document is the coding blueprint. This tech spec describes in great detail the type of codeto be written - what sort of databases we will access, what methodologies and algorithms are needed. We spend a greatdeal of time working on the technical spec prior to beginning the coding process. Your team will receive, and approve, thetech spec document prior to us developing the code. This also allows us to provide you with a realistic cost for the build ofyour mobile app. Because we spend such a great deal of time on the prototype, it makes it easier to write an accurate techspec 12
  13. 13. development process Project timeline A typical timeline for the development of your mobile application is given below. Of course, each app is different in terms of functionality, requirements and complexity. Each addition of features, or deletion of features, can alter the timeframe and timeline. Once we receive funding for the proof of concept process it generally takes us a week to collect the needed information for the application requirements through questionnaire and stakeholder interviews. The wireframe and interaction design is delivered within two weeks after finishing the interviews. The graphics and the user interface is delivered by fourth week. And the working prototype is delivered by the end of fifth week. The technical specifications are finalized during the sixth week. Thus - generally within 42 days - we are ready to begin the coding. The code process will take roughly 6 more weeks. Thus the entire process can be delivered within 90 days.PrOTOTYPE STAkEhOlDErS WIrEFrAME & UI DESIgn FUncTIOnAl TEchnIcAl MOBIlE APP PrOjEcT FUnDED InTErvIEW UX DESIgn PrOTOTYPE SPEcIFIcATIOnS cODIng FInIShED - 1 WEEk - - 2 WEEkS - - 2 WEEkS - - 1 WEEk - - 1 WEEk - - 6 WEEkS - 13
  14. 14. codemodules
  15. 15. codemodulesCode libraryThere is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have developed hundreds of applications for mobile devices. Mobilezapp canleverage our existing code libraries to built an app much faster and cheaper. For elements of code we will have to writefrom scratch, we have two options. If you would allow Mobilezapp to add your custom written code to our library forreuse, the cost is roughly half the investment required should the code only be used for your project. You can provide uswith an exemption list of competitors, to ensure anything we provide for you would not wind up in the wrong hands.21 cFr part 11 customizer location based services Qr code/Bar code3rd party API integration Facebook/Twitter loyalty programs radioAudio messaging Form builder Maps ratingsAugmented reality Four square Music library registrationBrand builder gPS capabilities MySpace integration Surveys/Pollscalculator/cost estimator hIPAAcompliance Online reservations Text messagingcoupon delivery linkedIn PcI compliance Ticket purchasingcrM connectivity list builder Photo gallery Web 15
  16. 16. codemodulesAugmented realityAugment reality (Ar) combines real-world and computer-generated data, taking information retrieval to another level.Ar takes full advantage of the smart phone hardware, including the compass, accelerometer, and gPS location, to showrelevant information, typically superimposed on the display, as shown in the Stella Artois app.Augmented reality provides users with the capability to point their mobile device toward a direction and for the mobilephone to automatically pick up icons with geospatial coordinates. For example - if you were standing on the street cornerin new York city at Times Square you could quickly and easily find all of the bars selling Stella Artois beer - or if you wereon a freeway you could find the closest gasoline station and the price of the gas for each and the mileage to reach the gasstation, or you could point your mobile device in a mall and find stores with special offers pertinent and relevant to thetypes of products you are looking for. The ways to use augmented reality is only limited by your 16
  17. 17. codemodulesBrand buildingMobile apps are your brand extensions and properly executed mobile app can add to your brand equity. Many brandshave successfully created mobile applications to enhance customer experience in a way that cannot be achieved throughwebsites. For example, Disney World, has created apps that allow visitors to upload line wait times in real-time. Yahoo! cre-ated a fully functional application for Fantasy Football season, which let customers trade players and make adjustments totheir fantasy teams up until kick-off. Use mobile apps as tool to extend your brand. Mobile apps can enable enhanced andmore engaging experience for your customers with your brand. You can translate the services that your business providesinto a value that consumers can benefit from when they are 17
  18. 18. codemodulesCalendar functionsOur code library includes calendaring functions. view your schedule on-the-go. Our calendaring functions support all therequired operations like scheduling appointments, storing and managing contacts and reminding their users of significantfacts and events through configurable alerts. The calendar acts as a companion to your existing Outlook, google calendar,ical or any other electronic calendar management system. It automatically syncs up with all your calendars, so youhave your mobile calendar anywhere everywhere. It acts like your virtual mobile assistant, automatically notifying yourappointment by customized alerts, text or one-click phone call. Think of it as your high productivity mobile Swiss armyknife - a bundling of variety of helpful tools in a single application using your existing 18
  19. 19. codemodulesCharts and graphscharts and graphs are used daily in the business world and continue to be an important visual presentation are meant to sell, to inform, to motivate, to persuade. charts and graphs can take any boring looking statisticsand display them in a beautiful and easy understandable visual format which is very important when you dealing with thedata on-the-go.We can create dazzling charts and graphs based upon data from your existing data sets. The mobile device provide afantastic vehicle for your organization to be able to analyze and understand sales figures, returns, sales. We can provideyour organization with pie charts, bar charts and line charts for any set of data. You can click on any of the images to havethem blown up or see another view of the data. If you are looking for innovative and creative ways to arm your internalpersonnel with graphical representations of your information directly to their mobile device - give Mobilezapp a 19
  20. 20. codemodulesCloud computingcloud computing is one of the killer applications for mobile apps. generally speaking, invariably all data being used formobile computing is stored in a cloud. As mobile devices proliferate, they will be assessing federated clouds of resourcesrunning on both public and private infrastructure. Many apps require access to computationally intensive resources likelarge database management systems, interactive 3D games, location and mapping services - these are all stored in thecloud. Faster network connections and advanced technologies like AjAX, Adobe Flash utilized by browsers provide meansfor efficient data processing, fast graphics and user interfaces by utilizing backend servers. We offer apps that use all ofthese advanced technologies and provide tight integration with the backend services in the 20
  21. 21. codemodulesCouponsThe days of cutting coupons out of the newspaper are gone. Printing coupons from Internet is an old style. now you canfind the best deals while you’re on the go.One of the most exciting uses for mobile apps is the distribution coupons. coupons can be delivered based upon locationof the mobile device through SMS text messaging. We can create great looking coupons to promote your goods, productsor services. We have built a number of coupon delivery systems. The code we have built can be leveraged to provide aneffective and less expensive way for your organization to offer discounts and special deals. We can track the number ofindividuals who are looking at your offers, those who accept, and the locations the coupons where 21
  22. 22. codemodulesCRMcustomer relationship management (crM) is all about managing the relationships with your customers, includingpotential customers. crM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve single goal: get and keepyour customers satisfied. crM is a strategy to help you learn more about your customers so you can focus and developstronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. It’s very hard to run a successful businesswithout a strong focus on crM. After all, it’s all about the customer. Successful crM involves many different areas of yourcompany, starting with sales, of course. But also various other customer-facing areas, like marketing and customer service.view opportunities, track leads, and manage your pipeline to grow your business while on the go. crM mobile appdoes more than help you manage sales prospects — it keeps you up to date with critical information and services foryour customers. let us know what features and functions you would like to see in regards to crM. We have a numberof different elements that can assist an organization with keeping track of sales leads and opportunities. We can buildenhanced integrated functionality to 22
  23. 23. codemodulesData transferOver the past four years, we’ve built a number of different vehicles for transferring data from mainframes, Pcs, andservers to mobile devices. There is no limit to the amount of data we can transfer - however speed is always important.Thus, we have developed a data transfer module that takes information such as large image files and compresses thefiles prior to their transfer. A 20 MB file can be compressed to less than 2 MB - thus what would normally take minutes totransfer can be accomplished in seconds. We also built encryption algorithms to ensure the data could not be read byanyone “listening the airwaves.” This is particularly useful with military or financial data transfers. Our code takes the files,compresses and then encrypts, when the mobile device receives the information, it validates the user based upon theirunique user ID and then downloads the data - we can require unique passwords for each file, can validate the user basedupon their gPS settings, and can provide summary reports to officers, managers or 23
  24. 24. codemodulesDatabase integrationMobilezapp has extensive experience working with backend databases and offer streamlined mobile app integration withbackend corporate databases. We understand the issues involved in deploying a distributed mobile solution and databasesynchronization. There are times when programming successful two-way data synchronization between mobile clientand backend server is too complex and other times configuring the database management system to filter relevant datato mobile database is a challenge. Mobilezapp has experience in technology to solve such issues and provide a seamlessintegration between mobile clients and backend 24
  25. 25. codemodulesFacebookFacebook has an enormous user base. With Facebook you have an ability to reach more than 500 million potentialcustomers world-wide, choose your audience by location, age and interests, test simple image and text-based ads anduse what works. People treat Facebook as an authentic part of their lives, so you can be sure you are connecting with realpeople with real interest in your wonder that Facebook addition and integration to the mobile app is one of the most requested features. The abilityfor individuals to “like” a product, feature, or location via their mobile device can assist with promoting any brand, productor service. In Mobilezapp we can integrate the Facebook to your 25
  26. 26. codemodulesFlickrFlickr is one of the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. With its photo managementand organization technology it becomes easy to share your photos and videos with other individuals. Flickr canindirectly assist your business in promoting and selling your products and goods and create overall good impressionabout your 26
  27. 27. codemodulesGamesWhile games are not a mainstay with Mobilezapp, we have created a number of games for branding purposes. We canleverage our library of code to assist your organization with innovative and creative ways to enhance your brand. Wecan develop any type of game you might wish either through our in-house development team or through our partners- these games can range from simple single player stand-along gaming system to a sophisticated multiplayer gamewith complex 3D 27
  28. 28. codemodulesGPS functionsMobilezapp has created number of mobile apps that leverage the gPS capabilities of the mobile devices. The app caninclude functions like getting maps, directions, ability to pinpoint your current location, ability to find things nearby. Forexample one of the app that we have built allows us to receive a listing of each of the retail location of the chain store andprovide directions to each store. Our extensive library of code can empower your organization with the ability to releaseyour mobile app in half the time and half the half of 28
  29. 29. codemodulesInteractive communicationsOne of the primary reasons users have a mobile phone is to stay connected with friend, family and colleagues. Many appsin this category use the built-in functionality of smart phones, specifically the phone text messaging and email. Otherwidely used communication apps, such as Skype, Tweetie, and Facebook, support social networking and collaboration.common features in such apps are message creation, message management, contact management and alerts. AtMobilezapp we have built many apps in this 29
  30. 30. codemodulesLinkedInlinkedIn is one of the most popular networking site used by business executives in the world. linkedIn mobile appis a good example of an app in productivity category. The users turn to linkedIn mobile app to find information, getreferences, stay connected with other people in their network, search for prospective job candidate - all this while on-the-go. We have built many customized productivity applications like linkedIn and we can utilize our extensive softwarelibrary to build your productivity 30
  31. 31. codemodulesMapping systemsMapping applications are one specific use case that is built on top of the gPS capabilities of the phone. The built-in gPScapabilities in the phone provide accurate location information which form the basis for many applications that can beengineered around it. Mapping is one such popular application which can deliver things like directions to any locationrelative to you phone location, things of interested relative to your phone location etc. In many such applications, themobile app uses the phone location information and communicates with a backend server with mapping database whichdoes computations, which are then visually displayed on the phone. At Mobilezapp, we can deliver a customized mappingsystem for your 31
  32. 32. codemodulesMusicMobile apps for music player fall into category of immersive apps which often provide fully customized user experiencefor which there are no standard controls outlined in the interface guides for any platforms. Other music apps like musicstorage, music sharing are more utility apps which allow users to quickly do a well defined tasks. At Mobilezapp, we hadbuilt mobile apps with multiple use cases for music and can utilize our software library to build your app at half the costand twice as 32
  33. 33. codemodulesNetworking interactivitySocial networking is the byword of the present times. Users are becoming part of the ever-increasing social networkingcommunities and often times having multiple virtual identities. And most users are mobile and on-the-go. At Mobilezapp,we have software libraries for social networking apps which can take the whole experience of networking to a higherlevel. We can do custom social networking apps for any platform. We can do custom application where multiple userscollaborate, participate and work on various functions simultaneously in a 33
  34. 34. codemodulesOffice documentsThere are mobile apps that let you view and edit office documents on your phone. OfficeSuite Pro is such example.It is a complete feature-rich mobile office solution, allowing you to create, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel andPowerPoint files and attachments, as well as to view PDF files on your Android based phone. The software utilizes the mostcommonly used desktop document formats and also includes a File Browser and integration with google Docs to helpyou manage your local and remote files. Another example is Documents to go, which also allows to keep the documentformatting intact between iPhone and Pc. It also offers features like predictive text, landscape viewing and editing,character formatting, bullets and numbers, tables, embedding graphics etc. At Mobilezapp, we have extensive experiencedeveloping such productivity apps for custom business use and can integrate the app with the specific businessworkflows as 34
  35. 35. codemodulesPhoto and cameraAt Mobilezapp, we have capability to develop highly customized mobile apps for camera and photo functionality. Wecan build apps that let you take photo from your built in camera, manipulate photos like apply various fun and beautifulfilters and share online with your friends on Facebook or Tweeter or any networking site – all this while you are on-the-go. Some of this functionality is highly desirable and is an effective tool for real estate agents, apartment managers, salesrepresentatives or anyone who wishes to show products or services in a picture 35
  36. 36. codemodulesRadioMobilezapp has the ability to quickly and easily add radio functions to your mobile app. We can build custom audioplayers that use the FM radio streams and also develop apps that use internet radio streams. The apps allow users to selecttheir station by directory and category or add their own favorite streams. Users can also pick from their favorites or theirrecently played stations. We can also integrate social networking features to let users share links to a station stream withtheir friends. We can integrate various other streams like fire and police scanners, hazard warnings from national WeatherService, sports talk radio and various international stations from Europe, Australia, canada and 36
  37. 37. codemodulesRating and review systemsAt Mobilezapp, we have built custom apps that allow users to review and rate services and products. The mobile appseamlessly integrates with the backend system and provides an extended way for users to give their inputs. As an exam-ple, Yelp mobile app let users search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and then read reviews from the active communityof locals in the know. We can provide customized rating systems that are more intuitive and visually easy to understand aswell as can apply charts, graphs to represent the rating 37
  38. 38. codemodulesRegistrationImagine tradeshow participants and exhibitors being able to register for the show using the mobile app and being able tocapture, qualify and manage the tradeshow leads anywhere with their mobile devices. Exhibitors can follow up instantlywith tradeshow leads via a text, email or phone call and can send updates right from the tradeshow floor to headquarters,customers and prospects. At Mobilezapp, we can build a custom app that lets users register online and manage the datain a highly productive way which integrates with the any business workflow. And we can do this all much faster and at farless cost than any other mobile app development company in the 38
  39. 39. codemodulesReservationsAt Mobilezapp, we have extensive experience building custom reservation systems for restaurants, hotels, airlines, rentalcars, cruise liners and multiple other industries. choose your route and itinerary from the app and book your flight ticketson-the-go, get flight schedule notifications on mobile. choose the hotels displayed on an interactive map, browse thehotel slide tours and book the room, share the information via email or text and even update the calendar with yourtravel information. The mobile reservation system for your business extends your brand and provide today’s’ ultra mobileconsumer the critical means of reaching your services while on the go. At Mobilezapp, we can develop a customerreservation system for your needs and can seamlessly integrate with any backend database that you current 39
  40. 40. codemodulesRSS newsfeedsWe can integrate various rSS feeds to your mobile app. We can also develop a customized mobile news reader applicationor a customized news and feed reader module within your mobile app. And can optimally integrate various relevant rSSfeeds to the app. The capability of rSS integration provides for instant and constant access to relevant news and articlesand our customized rSS feed readers make it easy to consume the news on-the-go. having relevant information and newson the finger tips at all times is powerful tool to enhance the business 40
  41. 41. codemodulesSalesforce.comWe have a solid understanding of and the API’s available for mobile app developers. We can build custommobile applications that meet the specific requirements of your sales staff. We can leverage multiple features, advantagesand benefits provided by platform to integrate the single cloud computing platform to any mobile appplatform. The platform provides a true hybrid mobile experience by combining the reliability of the devicebased application with the broad capabilities of the 41
  42. 42. has recently introduced a new business technology called chatter. It is a way business and sales executivescan collaborate and communicate on sales deals, much in the same way as end users use Facebook. With chatter stayconnected to the people and records that matter the most and never miss any important development even when youare on the move. chatter also provides a feed reader - get instant access to your feed no matter where your business takesyou. Quickly look up contact information for the co-worker and connect with email, call or text right from your mobiledevice. We have experience working with APIs and can build a customized version for sales collaborationfor your sales 42
  43. 43. codemodulesSecurityWith the proliferation of the mobile devices and use cases, security is becoming an increasingly important aspect inmobile application development. At Mobilezapp, we take a systematic approach to mobile security - maximizing isolation,locking down internal and removable storage, working with sandboxing and signing and encrypting sensitive userinformation. Where possible we use APIs in the OS to build safeguards for example, iPhone APIs to prevent overflow andSQl injection attacks. We employ private and public key cryptography and enforce fine-grained security policies whilebuilding applications for any mobile 43
  44. 44. codemodulesShopping carthow can you make sure that your products are available to buy from whenever you customer are and anytime?Mobilezapp offers the ability for you to add a shopping cart function to your mobile device for far less investment thanyou would spend working with any other developer. We can assist your efforts to find a capable host, payment gatewayor merchant account. We have the ability to integrate with your existing accounting systems or merchant account. Ourshopping cart code and system can integrate with real-time order management solutions as well as your warehouse toprovide shipping information. We offer detailed reporting for the number of transactions per day, average sale price andmuch 44
  45. 45. codemodulesSMS text capabilitiesWe can leverage the power of mobile phone’s SMS capabilities to build data exchange and control capabilities forvarious application control functions. We can build user-to-user SMS messengers, phone-to-server communications viaSMS, SMS notifications to another mobile phone and even SMS voting systems. We can use SMS commands to allowthe user to control the application on one mobile phone from another mobile phone. We can leverage SMS capabilitiesto build custom mobile marketing campaigns. There are multiple ways we can build custom apps and functions aroundthe phone’s SMS 45
  46. 46. codemodulesSocial mediaAt Mobilezapp, we understand social media better than anyone else. We have extensive experience building andintegrating social media functions into mobile applications across most any mobile platform that exists today. We canbuild custom social media widgets for your mobile applications or integrate with most any well known social networkingsites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, linkedIn, Myspace and others. You can be connected and share information withfriends, co-workers, check status, look up information while 46
  47. 47. codemodulesSurveys and pollsSurveys and polls are the most widely used and effective ways to reach a large audience and elicit their preferences.common high-level goals addressed in user surveys include these: assess interest in proposed features, assess preferencefor an overall product/service/feature direction, gather demographic information, qualify qualitative research findingswhich can be useful if you are making critical decisions based on qualitative data and would like to understand thepervasiveness of the findings.If your organization wishes to leverage the power of the mobile devices to provide surveys and polls, Mobilezapp canassist your efforts. We’ve already built a wide variety of polling applications and the ability for users to take surveys. Wecan integrate this system with SMS text capabilities to alert users who sign up with your systems to take polls by locationor time and date. We offer the ability to take surveys and polls directly to the pockets of billions of consumers to gettheir true reaction to a good, product or service vs. waiting for them to sit at their computer and answer questions. Theinformation you can obtain through a mobile device is more timely and thus more 47
  48. 48. codemodulesTicket purchasingAt Mobilezapp we have designed ticketing software for airlines, concert halls, promoters, sporting events and toll roadsystems. Provide your customers with an ability to purchase tickets, vouchers or prepay any sort of event right from theirmobile devices while on-the-go. Our software can tie into any back end database you may have. We work with Oracle,SAP, MYSQl, MSSQl, and dozens of other databases. We can process payments through American Express, Discover,Mastercard, vISA, PayPal and other payment gateways. Our extensive experience and existing code allow us to deliver amobile app faster and less expensive than any other mobile app developers would 48
  49. 49. codemodulesVoice messagingMobilezapp offers integration with voice recognition functions in your phone. Enabling voice recognition in mobile appscan result in better user experience and the user can rely on speech input. This opens up many new use cases and appslike voice search apps, voice to text apps, voice command apps etc. As an example, you can send “tweets” to your Twitteraccount from your mobile app just by speaking into the 49
  50. 50. codemodulesYouTubeYouTube for mobile means having millions of videos right in your pocket. Features like browsing, uploading and searchingvideos make the app as a must-to-have tool. If you are real estate agent, fashion designer, architect, builder or the onewho wishes to quickly and easily share the videos then look no further - Mobilezapp can integrate YouTube directlyfrom your mobile app. We can customize the YouTube integration to fit seamlessly from your mobile app functions andplatforms and leverage the immense capabilities of this “cloud” 50
  51. 51. promotingapp
  52. 52. promotingappiPhoneApple iPhone app store has the World’s largest collection of mobile apps. It has more than 425,000 apps for iPhone andthe number is only growing. Mobilezapp has extensive experience developing apps for iPhone across various industriesand categories. We have also assisted multiple clients in having their apps made available through Apple app store and inpromoting the app such that it is among the top rated apps in the 52
  53. 53. promotingappiPadApple’s iPad app store also has growing number of apps for iPad - 90,000 apps and growing rapidly. iPad apps enablemultiple fun use cases likes movie editing or writing a book. There are great opportunities to create new cool apps in thiscategory of devices. It presents yet another option for you to extend you brand experience to your customer in ways thathas never been done before. We can assist with developing and promoting your iPad app so that you get top return onyour 53
  54. 54. promotingappAndroid marketWe’ve got a long-standing relationship with the google team. Thus, when google announced they were going to bringthe Android platform to the smart phone category, we were amongst the first developers to embrace the technology.In less than two years we have successfully launched dozens of Android apps. In addition to creating your Androidprototype and writing the code for your Android mobile app we offer turnkey promotional services. One element ofthese promotional programs is to ensure your app is prominently featured in the Android Market. We understand theapplication and approval process. We can save your organization time, and effectively ensure your Android app is atremendous 54
  55. 55. promotingappBlackberry app worldOnce your BlackBerry app is created, we will work with you to ensure it is prominently featured on the BlackBerry AppWorld site. We have long-standing relationships with research In Motion, makers of the BlackBerry. We understand howthe organization works and what they are looking for when promoting apps on their website. We have the ability totake your finished product, upload it to the BlackBerry App World site and fill out the proper paperwork so your app isadmitted, and promoted quickly and easily. There are also a number of different sites that promote new BlackBerry apps.Mobilezapp not only can create your app, but can also work with you to promote it 55
  56. 56. promotingappWindows Mobile apps marketplaceWindows Phone marketplace has been making continuous progress over these recent years and has been adding growingnumber of apps also. With the Microsoft’s on the verge of releasing new version of Windows Phone with improvementsin user interface - the marketplace is going to be abuzz with new apps and new opportunities. We have working relation-ship with engineering teams in Microsoft Windows Phone project. We can assist in promoting your app in Windows Phonemarketplace as 56
  57. 57. contactus
  58. 58. contactusLet’s get this party startedGive me a telephone call, send me an email, text me, hit me up on Facebook, tweet me, connect with me on LinkedIn,send me a smoke signal - but let’s hook up.Doug MonahanFounder & Chief Executive OfficerAustin, 58