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History of LED


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100 years of LED technology development. Follow its evolution since the day of descovery till now.
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History of LED

  1. 1. The first Jooby bulb was born this year. Within 2 years the technology developed and became brighter, more durable and efficient. 1907 It shines! Henry Round is the first to discover and to describe the electroluminescence. He noticed the yellow, green and orange glow when running the current through crystal of silicon carbide. 1923Losev’s Glow Oleg Losev re-conducts the Round’s experiment and studies the nature of the phenomenon. Later it was named as the electroluminescence of a semiconductor junction or “Losev’s glow” The first infrared LED R. Biard and G. Pittman discover and patent the IR LED technology which is still in use. 1961 The Birthday of LED lamp N. Holonyak creates a red led, the first to be made of visible light and becomes “The father of LED” 1962 The first blue LED Elaborated by J. Pankov of RCA company it was dim and expensive but it is considered to give a rise to blue LEDs mass production. 1971 The great apprentice of a great master Holonyak’s ex-student G. Craford creates the first yellow LED and enhances red LED brightness. 1972 Bonus to effectiveness T. P. Pearsall creates high brightness LED to be used for fiber optics and makes them a part of global communication network. 1976 Traffic is under LED’s control R. Deeze invents the first LED traffic light. Now his technology is popular all over the world. 1989 LED revolution LED becomes mobile LED flashlights which are more effective and long lasting than analogs were invented this year. Come together! Citizen Electronics creates the first LED module based on Chip- On-Board technology. Lighting appliances production becomes even cheaper and easier. Jooby’s year The future of Light By 2020 LED lamps are forecasted to become the prevailing lighting technology. Their price will fall by 80%. 1993 Shuji Nakamura, Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano create a bright and a cheap blue light emitting diode. This led to the birth of white LEDs and LED displays and to their mass production. The team received a Nobel prize for their development in 2014. 2001 2003 2014 2016... History of LED