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Landscape project2 april2014


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Landscape project2 april2014

  1. 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast Asia Foundation of Natural and Built Environments CONSTRUCTED LANDSCAPE [ARC 3343] Prerequisite: None Lecturers: Normah Sulaiman & Cherng Yih _____________________________________________________________________ Project 2 – 30% (Individual-30%) Sustainable Landscape Submission date – 27th June 2014 Introduction The aim of the second project is to introduce implementation of sustainable landscapes, technologies, community and green cities planning. Student will need to select a site and explore how they can improve or implement sustainable landscape on site. Learning Objective 1. To introduce different types of landscape as a sense of value and focus interest in designed environment Learning Outcome 1. Explain cultural landscape and the role of landscape in creating sustainable communities and urban spaces Tasks Phase 1A You are to conduct a case study on the green cities planning as listed below. In this case study, you will introduce the cultural landscape and implementation of sustainable landscapes, technologies and green cities planning principles. Conduct a thorough research on the keywords of green cities, community, sustainable cities and how it benefits the economy, social and environment. • Copenhagen • Chicago • Seoul
  2. 2. • Singapore • Auckland • Amsterdam • Barcelona • Stockholm • Melbourne Phase 1B Individually, you will be selecting a site in Kuala Lumpur (as listed below) and conducting research about each neighbourhood context within 2km radius. Research includes on the interaction of spaces, human activity and their responses that can be relate to the given site. You also need to study its existing cultural landscape, connectivity, circulation, context and built form of each area. Selected Site RAPID LRT : Kelana Jaya, Wangsamaju, Taman Jaya, Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek RAPID Komuter : Subang Jaya or Bank Negara KL Monorail : KL Sentral or Bukit Bintang Phase 2 : Individual Booklet Individually, you will need to study TWO elements such as parks, streetscapes, pocket parks, plazas, playgrounds and waterfronts within the site given in depth. You will explore how you can improve its cultural landscapes and implement sustainable landscapes, technologies, community involvement and green cities planning principles within the site. You are to design an A4 pamphlet (8 pages max.) that introduces your site, ideas and how you can improve it to be more sustainable. Submission Requirement • A4 Pamphlets – Maximum 8 pages • Soft copy submission**: Scanned works in a CD format with proper cover and information according to groups* Submission date – 5th May 2014 Works submitted late will yield 10% mark reduction. For works submitted later than two working days, no assessment will be done. *Students may opt to compile soft copy works according to local site or green cities group. **Please use the proper CD cover, with a proper cover inlay of your submission details. Please do not use soft CD cover. Schedule Week 8 - 19th – 23rd May – Briefing and Site Study
  3. 3. Week 9 - 26th – 30th May – Tutorial – Findings on case study and site study Week 10 - 2nd – 6th June - Tutorial – Findings on case study and site study Week 11 – 9th – 13th June - Tutorial – Findings on case study and site study SEMESTER BREAK (16th – 20th June) Week 12 – 23rd – 27th June - Submission Day and Briefing on Project 3