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Social Media for Effective Networking and Knowledge-building Capabilities


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I co-presented for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) on social media for effective networking and knowledge-building capabilities with a concentration on how nonprofits can utilize LinkedIn as a networking tool. The presentation took place at AICPA's National Not-for-Profit Industry Conference on June 21, 2013 in Washington, DC and covered resources available specifically for nonprofits, groups of particular interest to nonprofit organizations and communications strategies that lead to successful online relationships.

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Social Media for Effective Networking and Knowledge-building Capabilities

  1. 1. #AICPANFP Social Media for Effective Networking and Knowledge‐Building Capabilities
  2. 2. #AICPANFP Welcome Introductions • Stacie Saunders, Social Media & Member Engagement Strategist, AICPA • Joe Kovacs, APR, Marketing Director, Gelman, Rosenberg, & Freedman Our Agenda • An Introduction to LinkedIn • Building a Presence • Managing Information • Getting the Latest News • Finding Job Candidates
  3. 3. #AICPANFP Social Media: Why Bother?
  4. 4. #AICPANFP Social Media for Business CPA Horizons 2025 report • “Understanding and leveraging relevant technology in conjunction with core CPA competencies to deliver superior services.”
  5. 5. #AICPANFP Social Media for Business CPAs using social media … • Gain instant access to relevant information, opinions and products • Deepen existing relationships • Use the newest technologies to connect and communicate with peers, thought leaders and potential clients Your current employees, clients, competitors, associations and vendors already are there. Your future employees and clients already are there.
  6. 6. #AICPANFP Start With Strategy What is your existing client retention and acquisition strategy? What are your goals? How will you measure success? Start small
  7. 7. #AICPANFP An Introduction to LinkedIn
  8. 8. #AICPANFP What Exactly is LinkedIn?  A network where networking never ends  Develop goals before using LinkedIn / it is a tool – Executives/board members: build relationships with donors, partners, media, industry stakeholders, find board members – Finance directors: find other CFOs, controllers to solve common problems and challenges; talk about compliance requirements – Development directors: build fundraising awareness and relationships with donors – Public relations executives: stakeholder relationship building
  9. 9. #AICPANFP LinkedIn for Nonprofits ( One particular nonprofit goal: LinkedIn to find board members through Board Member Connect
  10. 10. #AICPANFP Building an Effective Online Presence for Yourself and Your Company
  11. 11. #AICPANFP Profile: Tell the world your story…
  12. 12. #AICPANFP
  13. 13. #AICPANFP A thoroughly developed profile will tell users you cared enough to develop it and should be taken seriously
  14. 14. #AICPANFP
  15. 15. #AICPANFP Build a Network – Add Connections A list of your email contacts will appear on the screen and you can select whom you invite to your LinkedIn network
  16. 16. Build a Network – Add Connections
  17. 17. #AICPANFP Build a Network – Basic Search Basic search • Search by exact name and you will have a “Connect” button • Add connections following network events
  18. 18. #AICPANFP When you find who you’re looking for, click the Connect icon to pull up an invitation to connect Build a Network – Basic Search
  19. 19. #AICPANFP The generic invitation to connect is one of the weakest features of LinkedIn Build a Network – Basic Search
  20. 20. #AICPANFP A personalized invitation will improve the chance they will accept…though I’m not sure about Mick Jagger Build a Network – Basic Search
  21. 21. #AICPANFP Advanced Search • Search by many criteria, such as title, industry and location • For example: find CFOs/ Controllers/ COOs from the nonprofit industry in the DC region Build a Network – Advanced Search
  22. 22. #AICPANFP Share information with your connections (and see what they share in return) Follow What Your Network does
  23. 23. #AICPANFP Why Build a Company Page When I Have a Website?
  24. 24. #AICPANFP Why Build a Company Page When I Have a Website? Company page details: billboard image, news feed/recent updates, services, company followers People visit LinkedIn for details about many topics, individuals and companies – have a presence! Public relations – let your network know what is happening with your organization Tip: “like” every company post and share it with your connections Drive website traffic
  25. 25. #AICPANFP Components of a Company Page
  26. 26. #AICPANFP Components of a Company Page
  27. 27. #AICPANFP Participate in an Online Community of Finance and Operations Professionals
  28. 28. #AICPANFP Groups – Online Communities
  29. 29. #AICPANFP More About Groups Use groups for resource- sharing and networking purposes
  30. 30. #AICPANFP Joe’s Groups
  31. 31. #AICPANFP Groups – Individual Discussions
  32. 32. #AICPANFP More About Groups Tip: don’t take conversations offline too quickly; build online relationships first to establish trust: • Start discussions and comment on active discussions • “Like” discussions and comments • Share resources with your network
  33. 33. #AICPANFP Posting comments to a group will make your comments visible to your connections as well
  34. 34. #AICPANFP Should I and can I join the group? How many members? How old is the group? Does group participation require approval? Group statistics are available on the right sidebar
  35. 35. #AICPANFP Managing Information Flow on LinkedIn
  36. 36. #AICPANFP Gather Information About Your Profession, Not What People Are Eating for Breakfast “It’s not the amount of information in social networks that is the problem, it is the lack of filters.” Be selective about who you accept into your network • Accepting invitations from strangers may devalue your feed. • Look for mutual connections or commonalities from strangers. • Students and newbies to LinkedIn are often okay. • Avoid politics, unless connected to your nonprofit mission. • Cull your list of connections occasionally. They won’t know!
  37. 37. #AICPANFP Manage group engagement Frequency of emails to inbox Level of activity Don’t get actively involved in too many groups Leave group option available
  38. 38. #AICPANFP Using LinkedIn to Access the Latest Nonprofit and Accounting News
  39. 39. LinkedIn Today One difference between LinkedIn and Twitter is that LinkedIn is also a clearinghouse of articles and industry-specific thought leadership.
  40. 40. LinkedIn Today – Channel-Specific Articles Articles range across a variety of industries and topics Subscriptions are available LinkedIn will still show you popular articles from other industries
  41. 41. LinkedIn Today – Channel-Specific Articles Different channels have different numbers of followers Click on the “+” sign to subscribe to a channel
  42. 42. LinkedIn Today Channels Social Impact used to be Nonprofit Management
  43. 43. Influencers Influencers post articles in different channels Can follow posts by influencers from Channels pages or Influencers pages
  44. 44. Influencers Article postings Follow thought leaders to have posts emailed to you Thought leaders have thousands of followers Articles share features of blogs – visitors have the option to comment
  45. 45. New Age of LinkedIn Link to Dan Roth video: w-linkedin-today-works-2012- 11 LinkedIn is becoming more about sharing professional insights Articles have sharing buttons/comments section LinkedIn has been about introducing yourself for eight years; now it is about sharing useful information
  46. 46. #AICPANFP How to Find Job Candidates on LinkedIn
  47. 47. #AICPANFP Post a Job You can buy a single job for 30 days or a package of jobs (5-pack or 10-pack); price depends on what region of the country you are in; track by area code
  48. 48. #AICPANFP Post a Job – How to Develop a Post
  49. 49. #AICPANFP Post a Job – How to Develop a Post
  50. 50. #AICPANFP Post a Job – How to Develop a Post
  51. 51. #AICPANFP Include Recruiter Details? Human Resources – at high risk for connection requests? My HR specialist will accept connection requests from strangers in our industry but not from anyone else
  52. 52. #AICPANFP Post a Job – Share Your Job Postings From the Job page Post on Company page Jobs tab of LinkedIn groups
  53. 53. #AICPANFP Share a Job – Groups
  54. 54. #AICPANFP Company Careers Page – Peace Corps
  55. 55. #AICPANFP Interested in a Company – Company Careers
  56. 56. #AICPANFP Job Postings – Nature Conservancy Job layout How to apply Recruiter contact Share job Save job Job post details (# of clicks) Network connections
  57. 57. #AICPANFP Job Postings – Nature Conservancy Similar jobs Company description “Apply on the Company website” Job postings on job aggregators (SimplyHired /
  58. 58. #AICPANFP Additional LinkedIn Features
  59. 59. #AICPANFP Additional Features and Considerations Recommendations and endorsements LinkedIn Premium LinkedIn Etiquette LinkedIn blog (
  60. 60. #AICPANFP AICPA Resources
  61. 61. #AICPANFP Social Media Resources AICPA’s free social media resources
  62. 62. #AICPANFP Bull’s Eye! The Ultimate How-To Marketing & Sales Guide for CPAs can be found at Social Media Resources
  63. 63. #AICPANFP Questions and Answers