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Top Tips for Healthy Skin All Year Round


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Discover the best ways to care for your skin no matter what the season or the weather. Great looking skin is easy to achieve once you know how. To learn more, visit:

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Top Tips for Healthy Skin All Year Round

  1. 1. Introduction Everyone wants to look great all year round But each season can bring new challenges to the health and radiance of your skin Discover top tips on how to keep your skin healthy no matter what the weather, through winter, spring, summer and fall. 2
  2. 2. Winter and Summer Winter and summer usually pose the most problems for keeping skin healthy, from the cold, dry air and chilly temperatures on the one hand, to the heat, humidity and harmful rays of the sun on the other. Even those with oily skin can end up with dry, peeling and cracked skin Those who already have dry skin can really suffer 3
  3. 3. Spring and Autumn Even the relatively milder spring and autumn can leave your skin looking less than its best if you don't deal with allergies and other skin problems these seasons can bring. These seasons are also the time to get your skin in shape before the harsher weather 4
  4. 4. 1: THE ANATOMY OF THE SKIN The skin has three layers They all serve various functions The skin in the largest organ in your body It keeps your important parts in, and infections and other harmful items out Good skin care is part of an overall healthy lifestyle Illness is often reflected in the appearance of the skin 5
  5. 5. 2: REASONS FOR CHANGES IN THE SKIN The skin changes as we age The most obvious changes are puberty, when the hormones go wild And menopause, when the hormonal activity slows down Sun damage, wind, and so on, can all add up, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors 6
  6. 6. 3: CHANGING YOUR HABITS FOR BETTER SKIN Our skin is an outer reflection of our inner health in many cases It is also a reflection of how good your diet is And your skin care routine It is also directly impacted by bad habits like smoking tobacco, eating too many carbs, and so on 7
  7. 7. 4: TAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN ALL YEAR ROUND A basic daily skin care routine can help keep your skin healthy Some weekly maintenance can also help As the weather changes, you might add or subtract certain elements from your routine You might also moisturize more deeply 8
  8. 8. 5: SUMMER SKIN HEALTH AND SAFETY The summer is the toughest time on our skin, especially if we spend time in the sun, surf and sand Sun protection and sun block are essential The damage that the harmful rays of the sun can do all add up over time Some sunburns can go all the way down through every layer of skin 9
  9. 9. 6: NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR YOUR SKIN ALL YEAR ROUND One of the best ways to care for your skin is to make small, fresh batches of products using all-natural ingredients This is the best way to avoid harsh chemicals, coloring and preservatives 10
  10. 10. CONCLUSION We all like to look our best Healthy skin is the foundation for looking and feeling great Each season, and every weather condition, will pose challenges, but knowing what to expect can help your maintain great looking skin all year round, and no matter what your age 11
  11. 11. FURTHER READING For more information, please visit:  duct/healthy-skin-all-year-round 12