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First issue of VILS News,

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Vils activities

  1. 1. News Vol. 1, No. 1(January, 2014) Contact us: Address: A-48, Freedom Fighters’ Vihar, IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068, E-Mail: Mobile: +91 9350859428 Editorial This is the first issue of Vee Institute of Library Science, New Delhi, News. This issue presents a brief description of its activities. From the next issue we are introducing a column in which your views regarding VILS News will be published. Kindly send us by E-Mail Jitendra Varma VILS Activities Vee Institute of Library Science, New Delhi Vee Institute of Library Science is an initiative by a Group of Librarians, to help Libraries to provide best services to users. We are concerned with their technical services, application of international standards for cataloging and classification. We have already developed a Library Software, with eGovernance, Web.2.00 and Library.2.00 tools. VILS is engaged in
  2. 2. 1. Designing VILS-Krishna.2000 2. Implementing eGovernance in Universities 3. Arranging Lectures, Conferences and Seminars on current themes of Library and Information Science 4. Modular Teaching on Library and Information Science 5. Taking up outsourcing work of Cataloging, Classification and Acquisition of Documents Director Mr. Jitendra Varma, M. A., M. L. I. Sc VILS Consultants 1. Mr. Jitendra Varma -- Senior Consultant , ex Consultant, JNU, IGNOU 2. (Mrs.) Kanan Bala Varma, -- Senior Consultant, Formerly Librarian, National Institute of Transport, Dar es Salaam and Un expert for Library matters, Tanzania VILS Advisors 1. Mr. Girija Kumar, ex Librarian JNU 2. Mr. B. N. Rao, ex Librarian JNU 3. Dr. (Mrs) Neela Jagannathan, ex Librarian IGNOU VILS Office bearers 1. Dr (Mrs) Shilpi Varma, Managing Director 2. Mr. Nitesh Gopal Saxena, Sales Executive(Products and Services) 3. Mr. Jitendra Varma, Head, VILS Teaching 4. Mrs. Kanan Bala Varma, Incharge, VILS Library & Reader VILS Teaching
  3. 3. VILS Software VILS has already developed a Library Software named Krishna.2000 It has following modules 1. Acquisition 2. Cataloging 3. Articles’ Indexing and Press Clippings 4. Cataloging Internet Resources 5. Serials Control 6. Issue and Return of Documents 7. OPAC 8. Reference and Bibliography VILS eGovernance VILS is very proud to take up the consultancy to implement eGovernance in Universities in India. About University eGovernance What VILS proposes to implement eGovernance in Universitties? Segments of Work  Software development  Intranet/Internet protocol  Database development  Digitization/ Retro-conversion of records (optional)  Web design  Utilization of existing resources
  4. 4.  Real time Linking Officers, Departments and Institutions by ICT  Dry run of eGovernance VILS Platforms VILS is very keen to provide a platform to 1. Arrange lectures of eminent scholars on current topics of Library and Information Science 2. Conduct VILS Annual Conference on an important theme of Library and Information Science 3. Announce and conduct Quarterly Seminars on different topics of Library and Information Science VILS Teaching The Teaching Department of VILS is headed by Mr Jitendra Varma, former Librarian and Teaher of Library and Information Science in India and Abroad. The Department offers three level modular teaching to students and working library professionals of Library and Information Science Modules and Sub modules Modules: MLIS Course Information and Society 1. Information, Communication and Society 2. Information Sources ,Systems and Services 3. Information Processing and Retrieval 4. Fundamentals of Information Communication Technologies 5. Information Communication Technologies: Application 6. Informatics and Scietometrics
  5. 5. Library Systems 1. Management of Library and Information Centers 2. Academic Library System(Elective) 3. Public Library System(Elective) 4. Preservation and Conservation of Library Material(Elective) Library Research 1. Research Methodology(Elective) 2. Technical Writing(Elective) 3. Project/Dissertation(Project) Modules: BLIS 1. Library and Society 2. Library Management 3. Library Classification(Theory) 4. Library Classification(Practice) 5. Library Cataloging(Theory) 6. Library Cataloging(Practice) 7. Reference and information Sources 8. Information Service 9. Information Technology(Basic) The Institute is starting its Teaching Department very soon. It is proposed to teach Library and Information Science to students of Distance education, on modular basis.