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University e governance

  1. 1. University eGovernance A Brief Presentation What is eGovernance? • Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is very essential for Good Governance. The application of ICT in Governance is termed as eGovernance. Therefore we can say ‘eGovernance is ICT assisted Good Governance’. Why eGovernance? • eGovernannce connects people and their work by Information and Communication Technology • eGovernance hastens Decision Taking Process. • eGovernance eliminates/minimizes use of paper • eGovernance saves valuable time of the community • Users of the system feel transparency by using ICT standards What? Of University Set up • Universities are backbone to impart Higher Education in India and abroad • They are either affiliated or residential
  2. 2. • Some have independent Institutions within their fold, but their degrees are awarded by the parent University • Usually Universities impart education for Post Graduate and Research degrees University Organization University Central State Private Management Top Management Executive Council Academic Council Board of Studies (Chancellor) (Vice Chancellor) (Dean) Organization(Within) Faculties Library Hostels Laboratories Health Centre VIZ(Science) (Reference) Boys,Girls)(Path,Research) (Medicine) Administration Academic Library Hostels Laboratories Health Centre (Teachers) (Librarians) (Wardens) (Technicians) (Doctors) Non-Teaching Examinations ( Registrar) (Coordinator) (Dep Reg) Admissions Sports and Games (Physical Director)
  3. 3. Hierarchy Organizations Within University Faculties. Library. Hostels. Health Center. Guest House. People Within Chancellor Vice Chancellor Rector Dean Rector Rector Rector Rector Professor Librarian Warden Medical Officer Sports Officer Reader Deputy Lib. Host. Sup.Specialists Lecturer Ass. Lib Doctors Prof. Ass. Lab Ass. Physical Instructor Semi Prof. Ass. Written Communications Letters Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates Representations Biodata email message Verbal communications Phone/ Mobile seminars/ conferences interviews meetings
  4. 4. University Documents • University creates its own documents • University purchases documents • Different Databases of these documents are designed to locate them when needed by anyone in the University for consultation/research/decision making • Primary sources where these documents are created are by Research/Ec/Ac resolutions/Confidential files of an appointee/scanned documents submitted by any vendor/employee of the university for payment or otherwise • Gov/Un/Published Doc are purchased in The Library Distribution of Documents • The Library is the main depository of printed documents and digital documents • Ec/Ac resolutions, Confidential files, decision sheets by Officers are kept in the Administration and in the office of officers WHAT WILL WE DO TO IMPLEMENT e-GOVERNANCE IN THE UNIVERSITY? Segments of Work • Software development • Intranet/Internet protocol
  5. 5. • Database development • Digitization/ Retro-conversion of records (optional) • Web design • Utilization of existing resources • Real time Linking Officers, Departments and Institutions by ICT • Dry run of eGovernance Case study of implementing eGovernance in University Health Centre Organizational set up of UHC