Planning and research


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Planning and research

  1. 1. P l a n n i n g a n d R e s e a r c h By Penny, Jessica and Anthony
  2. 2. S y p n o s i s Two sisters Amy (Amy Cotter) and Maya (Maya Ellis) decide to go and party in the woods with their close friends. But was it really worth it when they find that it wasn’t what they expect? They find themselves in a life-death situation with all means of trying to escape this uninvited stranger with them. Their friends have disappeared and all they are left with is their video camera to try and unravel the truth of what happened. Will they survive to tell their tale, or will the memory of Amy and Maya only be left with their video camera? Set in 2011
  3. 3. T e a s e r P l a n Opening shot a close up of the girls getting ready. Fade out – fade back in to them leaving the house- To a long shot of the Girls leaving their house in the corridor. Fade out again to them getting to the party. An establishing shot of the party in full throttle. Lots of Mid Shots and Close ups of people’s faces having a good time at the party. Maybe a few longer shots, of people ‘partying’. Quick camera movement. Blackout 3 seconds lots of panting, Camera is on the floor, sees girl running to help her sister. Long Shot of this. Close up of girls being filmed and being confused. Lot’s of long shots, and deep panting of girls walking and being tired. Trying to find anyone. Girls rest look back at footage, see a dark person on the camera get scared. Close up of this. Lot’s of long shots, and deep panting of girls running. Close up of a dead arms body. From Long shot of Girl falling and tripping herself up. Long shot of Evil Man walking across the trees with his knife. Long shot of the evil man behind the girl, while the two girls are talking. GIRL SCREAMS.
  4. 4. R o u g h S t o r y b o a r d
  5. 6. K e y Q u e s t i o n s <ul><li>Key questions we expect from our audience would be: </li></ul><ul><li>Who are these girls? </li></ul><ul><li>Where are they off to? </li></ul><ul><li>How did they get there? </li></ul><ul><li>Where is everyone else? </li></ul><ul><li>Who’s dead body it is/ is there a connection? </li></ul><ul><li>Who is the stalker? </li></ul><ul><li>Is the stalker the reason behind the death? Why is he doing this? </li></ul><ul><li>Do they survive? </li></ul><ul><li>Why them? </li></ul><ul><li>How did the dead body get there? </li></ul>
  6. 7. M o o d b o a r d The idea of this Moodboard is to give an idea of what we expect our teaser trailer to be like. This is a potential Moodboard of movies we were inspired by to create our teaser trailer ideas. We tend to focus on the Horror/Thriller side as we feel this would affect audiences more if we were to use realistic horror movies as an example.
  7. 8. T a r g e t A u d i e n c e a n d R e s e a r c h Young Adults: 15-25. Standard mark for Horror film ‘15’ My reason being because it’s action packed, with a thrilling edge. Also because with a young teenage cast, It will obviously appeal to younger people as they can relate similar situations. Whereas, older generations might not be able to relate to younger actors, and could easily become disinterested and confused.
  8. 9. G e n r e C o n v e n t i o n s Genre: Horror Film Teaser Generic conventions Mise en Scene : (Costume, props, iconography) Characters Narrative Unknown mudererkiller with vulnerable/naïve protagonist. Any weapons used will be whatever is easiest to find, i.e. a shard of glass, hammer, kitchen knife, maybe even a gun. Victim will be in casual attire/ party outfit depending on the story line. However the marauder may have normal attire like a suit or jeans and a t-shirt with a mask to hide their identity. Girl who is a victim may be naïve and flawed in her actions but over-all a “normal” girl. Extras may be more flamboyant, extrovert. Survival/Escape narrative. Girl and friends leaving for a forest party- like Skins Stalker and victim- (The Strangers/ Scream) Chase scene Life or death situation How will they survive? No escape- difficult to flight Fast cuts and edits between the “stalker shadow” and main character. Voiceover/Narrator. Technical Rules/Codes: Camera techniques, angles, shots. Editing Sound Lighting Establishing shots, of the setting, close ups of dead bodies, close up of girls, close up of the party, long shot of the killer, long shot of the area and the girls. –(Prom Night) Lots of fast cuts, lots of smudge effects to hide the killers identity. Smoke effect, could have some crane shots for an above angle. Pop music for the party- lively music, current music but not too popular and well known. Lots of orchestral, string music throughout, violins, pianos, drums- help bring out the scare factor of the movie. Non Diagetic sounds also to help bring out the ‘documentary’ type effect. Artificial white light, natural light, smoke lights, night lights, and dark natural light Long shots, close ups of girls getting ready to go to a party. Long shots of the setting and areas of the girls walking towards it. Close up of dead body, Establishing shot of the setting. Fast cuts, Constantly fading in and out of black, smoke effect, smudge effect- help create this lucid villain. String instruments, maybe piano- to create a chilling pretense. Light, faint music. Lots of drum bangs from shot to shot- cut to cut Dark natural light, artificial lighting for filming, lots of bright lights for the party.
  9. 10. A c t o r s / L o c a t i o n s / C o s t u m e / P r o p s We will be filming in Penny’s Bathroom and Corridor for the opening Scenes. We will also be filming in Highgate woods for the main footage. Actors will be Amy Cotter alongside Maya Ellis. There will be Minor Roles to Seth Tonkn, and Clarence Adej-Attah Etc and other extras. Highgate Woods Costume, the main two girls will be in standard clothes such as: Casual Tank Top/ blouse Jeans Trainers Hoodies. Boys: Shirt Jeans Trainers Hoodies. For the main evil Guy a mask, and dressed in all black. Will carry a Knife. In black shoes.