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Corporate brochure for applied oceanography specialist Tidetech to take to marine trade show METS in Amsterdam.

Words by me. Design by Dermot Heneghan.

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Tidetech mets brochure

  1. 1. www.tidetech.org DOWNLOAD THE OCEAN
  2. 2. APPLIED OCEANOGRAPHY Tidetech applies the science of oceanography to create data models that benefit a range of maritime users. Collating, analysing and calculating a vast array of inputs and observations, Tidetech produces accurate oceanographic data including tidal streams, ocean currents, sea surface temperatures and wave forecasts. Tidetech’s data is used onboard with a vessel’s own navigation systems for optimal route planning, fishing and yacht racing. Tidetech can integrate its data with navigation systems, software and applications offering significant efficiency benefits to the end user.
  3. 3. Tidetech commercial navigation products provide oceanographic and meteorological data enabling ships and superyachts to increase efficiency and save fuel. Using ocean currents, validated by sea surface temperatures, captains can plan more efficient sailing times, owners and companies can reduce overall bunker costs and environmental effects can be reduced. Wave forecasts allow captains to route their vessels around difficult sea conditions for maximum passenger comfort. TIDETECH INTEGRATION Tidetech can adapt its data to work with onboard navigation equipment whether using existing bridge systems or supplying custom software. TIDETECH IN ACTION Tidetech is working with the world’s largest cruise-line company to help reduce high bunker costs and meet its environmental obligations. SHIPS & SUPERYACHTS
  4. 4. Tidetech fishing products provide data that enables recreational anglers and professional fishermen to find and catch more fish. Using sea surface temperature information, Tidetech’s data enables the identification of ideal conditions and locations for particular fish species. Anglers can use this data to plan their trip and be in the right place, at the right time. TIDETECH INTEGRATION Tidetech can adapt its data feed to integrate with electronic charts, chartplotters, multi-function displays and mobile devices to enable anglers to enjoy a higher success rate. TIDETECH IN ACTION Tidetech is working with the commercial Tuna industry to produce low-bandwidth data for use aboard fishing vessels to improve efficiency and reduce costs. FISHING
  5. 5. SAILING Tidetech sailing products provide tactical data enabling sailors to increase their competitiveness. Whether inshore tidal racing or offshore ocean racing, Tidetech’s ocean currents, sea surface temperature, tidal streams and wave forecasts allow savvy navigators to gain a performance edge. TIDETECH INTEGRATION Tidetech can integrate its data directly into electronic charts and navigation software. Tidetech delivers its data in GRIB format that can be downloaded into chart plotters and multi-function displays. TIDETECH IN ACTION Tidetech is technical supplier to the 34th America’s Cup, the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race and a national sailing team competing in the 2012 London Olympic Games.Watch our VOR video
  6. 6. • Your product will offer more by incorporating the worlds best oceanographic data • Your users will have the opportunity to save fuel, go faster, catch more fish, be greener and be more efficient with their on-water time • Tidetech is already integrated with several leading navigational systems • Tidetech is used by leading events, companies and professionals in the marine industry • Tidetech’s scientists are highly- regarded, pre-eminent oceanographers • Tidetech has in-depth expertise in data cataloguing, visualisation applications (desktop and web) and integration with third-party hardware/software and web platforms. WHY INTEGRATE TIDETECH
  7. 7. THE TEAM BEHIND THE SCIENCE Dr Roger Proctor – Science Director BSc (Maths), PhD (Physical Oceanography). Previously Research Scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, UK, 1979 to 2008; Research specialist in coastal oceanography; published over 70 peer- reviewed journal papers and more than 100 other publications. Roger’s role is to source the best available ocean data from authoritative sources for use by Tidetech and to establish the strengths and limitations of this data. He also produces in-house tidal and wind/ wave/current models. Dr Roger Flather – Modelling consultant Bsc (Maths), PhD (Physical Oceanography) Research Scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, UK, 1974 to 2006; Research specialist in coastal oceanography; published over 90 peer- reviewed journal papers and more than 100 other publications. Roger advises Tidetech on tidal and modelling issues and contributes to new in-house model development. He was responsible for operational tide/ surge forecast modelling in the UK for 30 years, including development of the UK Government’s storm surge model, which informs decisions on whether to raise or lower the Thames Barrier in London Matias Bonet - Principal Developer Technical Engineering in computing systems, Senior Engineering in computer systems, PhD in Computer Science (In progress). Matias has spent five years developing oceanographic information systems and web browsers both in Europe and Australia and is a specialist in sensor networks. Matias was the specialist on oceanographic data management at IMEDEA (Instituto Mediterraneo de Estudios Avanzados, Majorca, Spain) from 2007 to 2009 and was responsible for Oceanographic Data Management at OceanBit from 2009 to 2010. Penny Haire - Managing Director Penny has 20 years experience as a skipper and navigator with specialist knowledge of the theory and practice of electronic navigation and yacht racing performance systems. She was formerly the Chief Examiner and Instructor for the RYA/ Yachting Australia National Yacht Training Programme and Chief Instructor for the RYA Yachtmaster scheme. Penny’s role is the intermediary between the science world and the marine industry, understanding the requirements of the sailing community and translating this into the requirements for scientific information. Read more about the team
  8. 8. Like us on Facebook for updates T: +61 7 3129 2183 M: +61 4 3763 3748 E: info@tidetech.org www.tidetech.org