Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Company Introduction


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This presentation provides you an overview of the Asia focus VC arm of Sumitomo Corporation.

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Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Company Introduction

  1. 1. Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited The Asian Private Equity Arm of Sumitomo Corporation April, 2013
  2. 2. Who is SCEA  Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited (“SCEA”) is the Asian private equity arm wholly owned by Sumitomo Corporation (, a leading global trading conglomerate in Japan, or so-called “Sogo-Shosha” in Japanese.  Founded in 2002, SCEA has been investing primarily in the early and growth stage companies in the Greater China and SE Asia, covering both the emerging technology and traditional industries sectors. All investments are 100% financed by Sumitomo Corporation.  SCEA seeks investment return through capital gain as well as business synergies amongst investee companies and Sumitomo's global business network. 2
  3. 3. Sumitomo Corporation - Organization Chart • Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan • $100B+ in consolidated revenues • 140 offices in 65 countries • 750+ subsidiaries and affiliates • 400 year corporate history Mineral Resource, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit Metal Products Business Unit Transportation & Construction Systems Business Unit Media, Network & Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit SCEA 3
  4. 4. Sumitomo Corporation China Sumitomo Corporation China operates in 14 cities with businesses covering Metal, Transportation and Infrastructure, Electronics and Chemicals, Life goods, Energy and Mineral resources. Sumitomo Corporation China offers value from raw material sourcing, manufacturing and processing, product logistics and end-user sales and services. 4
  5. 5. Sumitomo presence in SE Asia Sumitomo Corporation Asia Group is a leading integrated business enterprise that engages in multi-disciplinary businesses across diverse industries. We established our presence in Asia in the 1950s. Office Locations; • 21 offices in 12 countries • 859 employees Business Unit Iron, steel & Non-Ferrous Metal Transportation & Construction Systems Infrastructure, New Industry Development & Cross-function Tubular Products Chemical, Natural Resources & Livingrelated Selected subsidiaries PT. Summit OTO Finance Thang Long Industrial Park Motorcycle finance service company in Indonesia Industrial park near Hanoi, Vietnam Tanjung Jati B Thermal power station in Java island, Indonesia 5
  6. 6. Our Investment Philosophy • We invest in growth and potentiality in Asia. • We invest in regional penetration and global uniqueness. • We prefer revenue generating business model to cost cutting type • We seek business synergies amongst investee companies and Sumitomo group’s business network. 6
  7. 7. Our Global Team Mission * Contribute to creation of new businesses (sources for growth) by capturing new technology and business opportunities * Become a global platform for venture investment throughout the company 2000- Become a "Trading Company's VC" – create new value through synergies Principal Investment Department (Tokyo)  Venture investment into Japan domestic companies with global objectives  Fund operations 2002- Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia (Hong Kong)  Investment into China, Asia and other emerging markets  Investment into environmental, energy, and IT deals  Investment into potential growth cases in traditional industries 1998- Presidio Ventures, Inc. (USA)  Investment into breakthrough technology and business model in the US  Investment into environmental, energy, and IT deals 7
  8. 8. US (Presidio) Investment focus domains Cleantech  Power Generation (photovoltaics, fuel cells, etc.)  Smart  Power Storage Grid (batteries, capacitors)  Cleantech related services TMT  Enterprise IT (storage, security)  Cloud Computing (virtualization, management)  Internet and Mobile Investment Strategy - Pursue startups with differentiated technologies and/or business model. Balance the current strategic fit versus future business potential. 8
  9. 9. Japan Investment focus domains Cleantech  Power Generation (photovoltaics, fuel cells, etc.)  Smart  Power Storage Grid (batteries, capacitors)  Cleantech related services TMT  Enterprise IT (storage, security)  Cloud Computing (virtualization, management)  Internet and Mobile Investment Strategy - Pursue with start-ups/growing companies that have core technology or business model which potentially monetize not only in Japan, but also global market. 9
  10. 10. Our Industry Focus Investment focus domains  Rapid penetration of application driven Consumer/ technologies Retail  Demand for quality and  Business model paradigm shift quantity  Rising of middle class segment SC China Presidio TMT Cleantech  Explicit commitment by government  Sustainable growth of domestic energy demand Manufacturing/ Agriculture  High growth of domestic consumption SC Tokyo/SC Group Investment Strategy Capture fast GDP growth and potentiality in China/Asia. Leverage all the available resources for investees to add strategic values Contribute to SC Group companies through initiating new business opportunities 10
  11. 11. Our Regional Focus We currently focus in Greater China and South East Asia due to the favorable macro-economic environment in the region. 11
  12. 12. Size/Type of Investment • Our preferred size of investment is around US$1 - 5 million. • Where we invest:  Early/growth stage companies: we supply them with expansion capital.  Seed stage companies: not our priority, however, will still consider if product/service offered by the company is well accepted by certain customer segments, at least, and start generating solid revenue; imminent profitability is not a prerequisite. 12
  13. 13. Our “NOT TO DO” We have a clear NOT TO DO list: • We do not invest in infrastructure, real estate, buildings. – Too capital intensive, too long time-span • We do not invest in privatization opportunities. – Too political & too many hidden risks • We do not invest in biotech. – Sumitomo has a Bio/Biotech Fund managed by the 3 Sumitomo bio business units where biotech experts will be handling bio related opportunities. • SCEA does not invest in pure concept. Specifically those seed/early stage companies whose products/services are still very conceptual, in most cases. • We do not invest in fund. 13
  14. 14. Why SCEA Our portfolio companies enjoy synergies and all the competitive advantages that SCEA’s parent company, Sumitomo Corporation brings: Sumitomo Corporation’s integrated corporate strength:  Sumitomo Group has a very strong, huge and diversified business network covering almost all industries all over the world - global presence with 140 offices in 65 countries and 750+ subsidiaries worldwide.  Network of multifaceted relations with over 100,000 business partners globally across all industries.  “Sumitomo” is a brand name well recognized in global market.  Expertise in creating business: identifying promising new products, developing new markets, organizing appropriate business operations and execution. On top of capital, we provide our portfolio companies with strong business supports to foster their growth and ultimately, achieve mutual gains 14
  15. 15. Value Added Advantages • Access to global business network of Sumitomo Corporation – with diverse businesses covering wide range of industries globally. • Access to market/industry intelligence. • Marketing support in Japan and worldwide. • General consultation and assistance which helps enhancing business opportunity and improving marketing strategies. • Introduction/referral to Japanese and international key Industrial players. SCEA Portfolio Companies 15
  16. 16. Our Selected Investment Records Company Location Sector Business China Telecom A management consulting firm and channel partner of telecom operators in China, pioneering on the modernization of telecom sales channels. China Internet A leading player in online and DM pets supplies retailing in China. China/HK Information service The world’s leading Chinese news information service provider offering a suite of services and comprehensive solutions for different industries. China/US Enterprise Software & Service A leading In-database data mining company with the world’s fastest, most scalable Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) engine enabling fastest modeling to scoring capabilities China Enterprise Software & Service A first in the industry Live Web Virtual Event provider supporting high quality rich media communications among unlimited number of web audiences. China/HK Internet & Media HK based search engine marketing (SEM) company maximizes advertiser’s online sales and marketing investment through its optimization technology and industry expertise. China Telecom One Net Int’l Ltd.: A Mobile application platform (through preinstallation) of software, entertainment & media advertising, for mass market “Feature Phone” segment in China. Exit Sold in June 2011 16
  17. 17. Our Selected Investment Records Company Location Sector Business Exit China Internet Provider of proprietary Internet Control Gateway (ICG) solutions that ensure legal, compliant, productive, and safe use of Internet at the workplace China Outsourcing HR total solution provider offering HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, HR shared services and technology services China IT service A leading Chinese IT service provider with comprehensive solutions & delivery platform. Listed on Nasdaq in July 2010. Thailand Automobile A Thailand manufacturer of precision-machine parts for motor cycle, automotive, compressor and office appliances. Listed on SET in Sept 2011. China Media A Shanghai based leading In-store TV media network operator for quality retail chains in China. Sold to Focus Media in January, 2008. China Internet Online gaming developer and operator in China, operating both licensed and self-developed games, including MMORPG and casual games. Sold to a strategic investor in June, 2008. China Automobile A China based integrated contract manufacturer of precision components for the consumer electronics, office automation, telecom and automotive industries Listed on Singapore Stock Exchange in May 2006. Sold to Jurong Technologies in March 2006. US/China Semi conductor Designs and manufactures LCoS imager IC and display controller in the US. Sold to Omnivision in March 2010. China Precision Technology Limited 17
  18. 18. Our Selected Investment Records Company Location Sector Business Exit Thailand Automobile Thailand auto parts manufacturer supplying critical rubber parts to tier one OEM brake makers and wiper blades for the aftermarket. China Semi conductor Fiberxon Inc.: A China based global supplier of high-speed data communication products for networking and storage applications. Sold to MRV Communications in November 2007. China Semi conductor A Wuxi based ICs manufacturing, foundry management and operating services for China and the international markets. Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in August 2004. Malaysia Consumer Leading regional manufacturer of branded disposable diapers for babies. Sold to a Swedish Company (SCA) in March 2004. Thailand Consumer Operates convenient store chain (franchise of US 7-11) in Thailand. Listed on Thailand Securities Exchange in October 2003. Taiwan Financial service Provides both equity & debt financing mainly for IT industries in Taiwan. Malaysia Internet / Outsourcing Leading SE-Asian Internet based recruitment service provider. Listed on MESDAQ in November 2004. 18
  19. 19. Recent investment (ICT) Company Location Sector Business Our Investment stage US Storage High performance SSD for Enterprise (IPO filing) Early-Middle -Later US Enterprise Software & Service Cloud management platform Early-Middle US/Israel Enterprise Software & Service Next gen CDN Middle US Enterprise Software & Service Platform to mange public/private cloud infrastructure (Acquired by Citrix on July, 2011) Middle US/UK Internet & Media Ad server solution for publishers, advertisers & networks Middle Israel Storage Zero data loss over Asynchronous replication Early China/HK Internet & Media SEM/Social media marketing in HK and PRC Early-Middle China Enterprise Software & Service Web virtual event/conference service Early China/US Enterprise Software & Service Business analytics software for big data Early China/HK Information service Media & marketing intelligence service with the largest China content DB Middle 19
  20. 20. Recent investment(Clean Tech) Company Location Sector Business Our Investment stage US Solar Next gen solar cell (GaAs)with high efficiency and lower cost Early-Middle US Solar OPV (organic photovoltaic) technology Early US Fuel cell Distributed power generator built with solid oxide fuel cell Later UK Fuel cell low cost Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells Early US Batteries New generation of rechargeable lithium batteries Early US Bio fuel biology-based renewable energy company from a variety of input material Early US Bio fuel Developing proprietary crops and processes to transform the economics of producing renewable chemicals/fuels from non-food cellulosic biomass Early 20
  21. 21. SCEA-Selected Exits IPO (Nasdaq) June 2010 Acquired by MRV Communications July 2007 Acquired by Swedish Company(SCA) March 2004 Acquired by OmniVision April 2010 Acquired by Jurong Technologies March 2006 IPO (Thailand Securities Exchange) October 2003 Acquired by a strategic investor July 2008 IPO (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) August 2004 Acquired by Focus Media January 2008 IPO (Nasdaq(Malaysia)) November 2004 IPO (Thailand Securities Exchange) September 2011 21
  22. 22. Presidio Ventures-Selected Exits Acquired by Dell July 2010 IPO (AIM) September 2006 Acquired by Lucent Technologies September 2000 IPO (Nasdaq) December 1999 IPO (Nasdaq) November 2009 IPO (Nasdaq) February 2008 IPO (Nasdaq) September 2005 Acquired by NetApp June 2005 IPO (Nasdaq) August 2000 Acquired by CMGI November 1999 IPO (Nasdaq) July 2000 IPO (Nasdaq) July 1999 Acquired by Sun January 2008 Acquired by Citrix October 2007 Acquired by Cisco April 2005 IPO (Nasdaq) February 2004 Acquired by RedBack Networks March 2000 IPO (Nasdaq) April 2000 IPO (Nasdaq) April 1999 Acquired by Microsoft January 1999 Acquired by Yahoo September 2007 IPO (Nasdaq) December 2001 IPO (Nasdaq) January 2000 Acquired by CA October 1998 22
  23. 23. Japan-Selected Exits IPO (Mothers) Sep 2012 IPO (Hercules) May 2009 IPO (Mothers) September 2005 IPO (Mothers) Jun 2012 Acquired by Senshukai April 2008 IPO (Centrex) July 2005 IPO (Mothers) Mar 2012 IPO (Mothers) October 2007 Acquired by HRM January 2005 IPO (Mothers) March 2010 IPO (Mothers) October 2006 IPO (Mothers) October 2006 23
  24. 24. Contact Information Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited Office Address: 6509, 65/F, The Center 99 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong Shanghai Representative Office: 10F, Shanghai World Financial Center, 100 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 200120, China Tel: 86-21-6146-1888 ext. 2224 General Inquiry: Sophronia LOW (Executive Secretary) Tel: (852) 2295-0300 Fax: (852) 2295-0600 Email: Managing Director: Genichiro HIGAKI Direct: (852) 2295-0868 Investment Professionals: Francis WONG Kensuke KAWATA Jacky CHU Josephine CHAN Preston ZHOU 24