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The ‘Data Driven Video Business’

Data & insights from video can make your business more successful.

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The ‘Data Driven Video Business’

  2. 2. But can you measure key metrics reflecting your video business performance – across subscription, advertising or transactional business models? EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT DATA… DATA & INSIGHTS FROM VIDEO CAN MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE SUCCESSFUL Can you use consumer insights to drive engagement, revenue and optimise ROI?
  3. 3. ‘DATA DRIVEN MEDIA COMPANY’ Enhanced Operational Monitoring & Analytics Content Commissioning & Acquisition Content Recommendations Personalized Customer Experience & Communication Carriage Agreements, Content Packaging, Promotion & Scheduling DATA ENABLED MEDIA ORGANISATION Content Distribution USES CONSUMER INSIGHTS WITHIN ALL ITS CORE BUSINESS FUNCTIONS
  4. 4. BUT THERE ARE SOME CHALLENGES… Alignment across all departments on the KPIs which measure success – and impact the bottom line? Once data collection is underway, how can you use that data within the business quickly and effectively, and view and measure the outcome Creating a platform which collects and makes data available, tools to enable the business, as well as creating and retaining digital skills within business and technology teams CLEAR, SHARED MEASURES OF SUCCESS BUSINESS AGILITY CAPABILITIES AND SKILLS
  5. 5. What people and operating model changes are needed? What capabilities, technology platforms and business services are needed? What process, delivery model and governance changes are needed? ORGANIZATION & TEAM TRANSFORMATION, NOT JUST TECHNOLOGY
  6. 6. DATA & INSIGHTS FROM VIDEO CAN MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MORE SUCCESSFUL, but this means using consumer insights to measure and drive key business metrics It is critical to MEASURE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE ACROSS ALL CHANNELS, AND USE THIS TO INFORM COMMERCIAL DECISIONING in real-time, whether in call centres, marketing channels or to optimise ROI, test new approaches - measure effectively and adapt SUCCESSFUL ORGANISATIONS ARE INVESTING NOW IN PEOPLE, PROCESS, AND ENABLING CAPABILITIES; operating models and skills which drive data driven culture, ways of working which support ‘fail fast’ and hypothesis-driven delivery, and next-gen data and analytics platforms FINAL THOUGHTS
  7. 7. Copyright © 2017 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture logo is trademark of Accenture. ABOUT PULSE OF MEDIA The Pulse of Media study is based on a collection of hypotheses developed by Accenture subject matter advisors, strategy consultants, architects and engineers working in the field. These hypotheses have been screened against inputs from an array of sources including the 2016 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey, third party data analysis, academic literature, the flow of venture capital funding and dialogue with industry commentators, operators and disruptors. To explore more, please visit This document is produced by consultants at Accenture as general guidance. It is not intended to provide specific advice on your circumstances. If you require advice or further details on any matters referred to, please contact your Accenture representative.

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Data & insights from video can make your business more successful.


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