IDF News From the Front: What our Soldiers Did in June 2013


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The IDF faced challenges in all sectors this month. Click through to find out more.

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IDF News From the Front: What our Soldiers Did in June 2013

  1. 1. News From the Front June 2013
  2. 2. Judea & Samaria : The war against terror continues
  3. 3.  Every month, Israeli civilians and IDF patrols are victims of rock- throwing attacks in the region of Judea and Samaria. These Incidents do not get coverage in mainstream media. Rocks can kill.  June 14: Terrorists opened fire against an IDF vehicle near Hebron.  June 24: Shots were fired at a civilian bus near Nablus. This is the 6th shooting attack against Israelis in Judea & Samaria in 2 months.
  4. 4.  June 26: IDF forces found a large cache of illegal weapons - handguns, M-16 assault rifle parts, dozens of magazines and a wide variety of ammunitions and military equipment in the homes of terror suspects near Nablus.  June 27: Security forces seized weapons including 2 sniper rifles, ammo and military gear from a Palestinian vehicle. Many weapons were seized throughout the month
  5. 5. June 23 : 2 rockets fired from Gaza  Iron Dome system intercepts IDF Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai: “We are prepared for every scenario, but we hope that this was an isolated incident.”
  6. 6.  New Hamas summer camp program, teaching how to to kidnap an IDF soldier  The Prime Minister of Hamas, "there is no future for the Zionist entity in the land of Palestine"  Hamas calls for new force of "Generation of Return" that won’t give up Palestine Hamas Summer Camps Aim to Indoctrinate Youth
  7. 7.  This month was the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking  The day is about much more than preventing drug addiction. It also highlights a pressing international concern – organizations selling drugs throughout the world.  Hezbollah is one of them: the group supports itself through drug trafficking and continues to profit through drug sales Hezbollah is leading a global drug cartel to finance terror attacks
  8. 8. An army connected to its soldiers
  9. 9. The Atrash brothers, Arab Muslims and IDF soldiers, defending their country. They are brothers, they are Arab Muslims and according to them, all citizens of Israel should serve their country in the IDF.
  10. 10. IDF Training
  11. 11.  One of the most extreme scenarios that can take place in the open sea on a ship missile is a fire.  The Israeli navy routinely conducts exercises featuring fire on board its vessels.  An exercise of this kind took place this month. Fire at sea: how to react?
  12. 12. Beret march of a mixed unit of the IDF This month, a beret march took place for a field intelligence unit. This specific unit is a mixed unit, and served by man and woman as equal. Side by side, the combat men and women received their berets with the pride.
  13. 13. The IDF welcomes its new pilots! After 3 years of rigorous training, the IAF Flight Academy’s newest graduates finally received their pilot wings
  14. 14. Get the info from the source: @IDFSpokesperson