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Genocide in Darfur


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Genocide in Darfur

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  3. 3. Some Valid Questions What’s Genocide? Where’s Darfur?
  4. 4. Genocide is… • The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or ethnic group. • Some examples of genocides include: – Armenian Genocide in present day Turkey, 1915-1917 (Not Recognized by the U.S.) – The Holocaust (1933-1945) – Bosnian Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992-1995) – Rwandan Genocide in Rwanda, 1994
  5. 5. Where’s Darfur?
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  12. 12. (North) Sudan  Population consists of Arab Muslims.  Khartoum, the capitol of Sudan is located in North Sudan.  Janjaweed is the name of the government aided militia that was sent to cleanse Darfur of African Muslims and other rebels that opposed the government. Janjaweed = Devils on horseback.  The government denies funding the Janjaweed.  Omar al-Bashir has been the “President” of Sudan since 1989. Currently indicted by the ICC (International Criminal Court). Still the leader today.  Sharia Law was put in place by al-Bashir.
  13. 13. South Sudan • Is a semi-autonomous region of Sudan, that is religiously Christian and Animist. • A vote is taking place on January 9th for South Sudan’s independence. • The South’s oil revenue accounted for $2.8 billion (60%) of Sudan’s budget. • Civil war between North and South took place when Sudan gained independence from Britain in 1956, with a brief peace between 1971 to 1982. Ended in 2005. South_Sudan.gif
  14. 14. Darfur • Western Region in Sudan the size of Texas. • Drought is common. Little to no vegetation. • Darfur is located in the North, but aided the South during the civil wars. • 99% of Darfurians are Muslim. There are also 40-80 different ethnic groups. (500 in Sudan) • A truce in 2003 between North and South Sudan was when the genocide first began. ge.jpg
  15. 15. List of AtrocitiesList of Atrocities Against HumanityAgainst Humanity  Use of mass starvation and mass forcibleUse of mass starvation and mass forcible displacement as a weapon of destruction.displacement as a weapon of destruction.  Pattern of obstructing humanitarian aid.Pattern of obstructing humanitarian aid.  Harassment of internally displacedHarassment of internally displaced persons.persons.  Bombing of hospitals, clinics, schools, andBombing of hospitals, clinics, schools, and other civilian sites.other civilian sites.  Use of rape as a weapon against targetedUse of rape as a weapon against targeted groups.groups.
  16. 16. ContinuedContinued  Employing a divide-to-destroy strategy ofEmploying a divide-to-destroy strategy of pitting ethnic groups against each other,pitting ethnic groups against each other, with enormous loss of civilian life.with enormous loss of civilian life.  Training and supporting ethnic militias whoTraining and supporting ethnic militias who commit atrocities.commit atrocities.  Destroying indigenous cultures.Destroying indigenous cultures.  Enslavement of women and children byEnslavement of women and children by government-support militias.government-support militias.  Impeding and failing to fully implementImpeding and failing to fully implement peace agreements.peace agreements.
  17. 17. Resistance  There are two main Darfur rebel groups:  Sudanese Liberation Movement (SLM)  Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)  These two groups are currently fighting the Janjaweed as an attempt to try to come to an agreement with al-Bashir.  al-Bashir has denied to talks with the groups and has expelled 13 international humanity aid groups.
  18. 18. Current StandingCurrent Standing 3 Million people are dependent on3 Million people are dependent on international aid in aid in Darfur. 4.7 million out of 6 million Darfurians are4.7 million out of 6 million Darfurians are still affected by the conflict.still affected by the conflict. 400 villages are currently destroyed.400 villages are currently destroyed. Over 300,000 have died in Darfur.Over 300,000 have died in Darfur. – al-Bashir puts the death tollal-Bashir puts the death toll at 10, 10,000. Only 9,000 out of 26,000Only 9,000 out of 26,000 UN/AU troops are in place.UN/AU troops are in place.
  19. 19. Consequences to SocietyConsequences to Society  Political Institution: The government isPolitical Institution: The government is currently funding militias for the systematiccurrently funding militias for the systematic killing of various ethnic groups in Darfur askilling of various ethnic groups in Darfur as an effort to uphold their interpretation ofan effort to uphold their interpretation of Sharia Law (Islamic law within a nation).Sharia Law (Islamic law within a nation).  Economic Institution: Refugees are leftEconomic Institution: Refugees are left with no means of income, with poor to nowith no means of income, with poor to no shelter.shelter. Nomadic and sedentary farming are the twoNomadic and sedentary farming are the two most common jobs available. Part of themost common jobs available. Part of the primary sector of Darfur’s economy.primary sector of Darfur’s economy.
  20. 20. SolutionSolution  Send in the full amount ofSend in the full amount of UN/AU troops needed toUN/AU troops needed to secure Darfur.  Imprison war criminals.Imprison war criminals.  Allow humanitarianAllow humanitarian groups back in Darfurgroups back in Darfur.. • Establish permanent peace agreements with North and South Sudan to end Sharia Law. • Provide education, infrastructure, and government funded housing with profits from oil.
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